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  1. I was called to a code. The floor nurses were dropping an NG tube. Another nurse was doing CPR The chest compressions caused the NG tube to emit this huge gust of coffee ground emesis that flew all over me. It was in my hair, all over my clothes, ev...
  2. CRNI salary

    My hospital only paid for med-surg and critical care certifications and it was 75cents per hour
  3. religion and interviews

    As a devout Mormon, I worked my Sabbath (Sunday) for years and I really missed church. Eventually I was able to schedule myself to have Sundays off although I worked night shift on both Friday and Saturday 12 hour nights to be able to have Sundays of...
  4. omg I forgot to give report!

    Having to give report to 4 nurses is raising my hackles a bit. Why on earth did the person making assignments for the next shift not make the assignments so it was nurse to nurse on all the patients or two nurses max? Having to give report to 4 peopl...
  5. nurses not using stethoscopes

    I had a patient attempt to strangle me with mine. She had dementia but it was scary as heck. Still had it around my neck afterwards though. In ICU I felt like I needed it handy.
  6. nurses not using stethoscopes

    I find a short assessment helps the patient feel like you are looking out for them. It gives them confidence in your ability to keep them safe. It makes them feel like you know what you're doing. You can also do some teaching while you're doing it. ...
  7. Refusing to change/toilet pts

    Well only one CNA on a floor. Scrolling on your phone is not taking care of business. As for being overwhelmed with being at the bedside, PICC lines was but one of my duties. I was Cross trained for PICC lines. I stayed to help the CNA because being ...
  8. Refusing to change/toilet pts

    Actually she said "call me when you're ready" and then went to sit at the desk. The patient was a large lady that I believe needed two people to do it safely. She was certainly fine with me doing it.
  9. nurses not using stethoscopes

    Those examples are horrifying to me. Wow
  10. How to respond to "am I dying?"

    Well I'm Scottish so I can say it. Very true statement though
  11. How to respond to "am I dying?"

    I would turn the conversation around. Talk with them about what is going on factually and honestly. I wouldn't answer with a yes or no. More something along the lines of here is what is going on right now, this is what we are doing to change the bad ...
  12. If not nursing what other career would you have done?

  13. nurses not using stethoscopes

    It is actually illegal to chart an assessment you have not done. The patient's chart is a legal documentation of the care provided and the assessments made. By charting heart, lung, and bowel sounds you are stating what your assessment revealed. You ...
  14. Refusing to change/toilet pts

    I'm a PICC nurse who did lines on evening and weekends in my facility. I went in to do a PICC and was using the floor RN as my assistant. When we went into the room, I detected the odor of stool, checked and sure enough our patient was dirty. I told ...
  15. NTI: What's a Scromper, Nurse Blake?

    I was in health care back in the mandatory dress, white hose, and lace up shoes day. Totally impractical