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  1. Preparing for nursing school

    You can start watching some nursing YouTube videos like registered rn and maybe reading up on some health issues either online (i like medical news today) or get a year old nursing textbook. The CNA thing should be very helpful seeing how hospitals a...
  2. Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    I'm wondering if you shouldn't suggest she go back to school to become a nurse since she has an interest in learning all the proper procedures. I used to think I knew a lot medically before I actually went to nursing school and found out the breadth ...
  3. Med-Surg: Survival Tips

    Watch Cathy Parkes and registered rn on YouTube. They have both helped me so much!
  4. Profanity in the workplace

    This post made me laugh since we had just been discussing this issue in my clinical. One of the students came back from her ER rotation asking the instructor if ER was known for their potty mouths. Up on the oncology floor we hadn't really encounter...
  5. Nursing school is rough. 25% of my class failed out this 3rd semester. I have always been a 4.0 student but was happy to get a low B. I have to agree that practicing questions and reading the rationales helps a lot to understand what the question is...
  6. My community college nursing program does take students straight from high school as long as you did chemistry and did well on it. So technically no pre reqs. As I am a returning student, I had to do math and chemistry again as pre reqs tho. Other co...
  7. What Does A Graduate Nurse Do?

    My nursing instructor is always telling us by day 53 after finishing nursing school we have lost half the information we learned. I'm planning to take NCLEX as soon as I can.
  8. I vote for accidentally huffing the markers she was always using, along with anemia from the excessive bleeding and being a vegetarian maybe she wasn't eating a balanced enough diet to make iron, so was already low on oxygen carrying capacity.
  9. First semester- feels like drowning

    I was pretty discouraged after my first fundamentals exam got me the worst mark of my life, when I studied hard and was used to being a 4.0 student. And then the second one too... I went to my teachers embarrassed and they were thrilled with how I wa...
  10. Mom Wants Me to Become an RN as Backup... But I Don't

    Hi! You sound kind of like me back in the day! I did a music theory bachelor's and planned to teach and have a private studio for piano while performing at weddings and other events as well as being involved in a lot of church music groups. And I di...
  11. When the Patient Refuses Hospice

    My sister was in this very situation. Immunotherapy has given her her health and life back. Glad the team was willing to listen and facilitate this patient's desires, and that you were able to support her husband as well.
  12. Ways to get patient-care experience before nursing school?

    There's a thing called nurse tech where you babysit patients, so I'm told. Doesn't require extra training and you can do it part time or prn. I have two friends doing that while in nursing school and they enjoy it, and feel like it has given them a w...
  13. Nursing School

    I just finished my second semester of ADN nursing school and found it to be a lot easier than fundamentals! Maybe I started to get the hang of tests where every answer is right, or maybe as nursej22 said it was a better fit with my interests to do ma...
  14. Just tell me to hang in there

    Exact same thing happened to me! In my case it worked out well, because my sister got cancer and I was able to spend a lot more time with her than I would have at school. I ended up feeling grateful I hadn't been able to get in, even though I was poo...
  15. I also wish I hadn't bought ANY of the books they told me were a requirement. I only used the ATI books that were an actual requirement. The rest weren't needed or used, except a care plan book which I got an older edition on eBay and it worked just ...

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