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I am starting NS in January and since Christmas and my Birthday are right around the corner, I am trying to think of some things that I might need or that might be super helpful during NS that I can add to my wish list. :) Can you experienced students give me some hints as to what has been a lifesaver for you during NS or what you wished you had?

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More $$$$$$$

A good stethoscope, like a Littman. An Ipod touch for nursing apps.

Yea, and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$

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Good shoes

Good shoes with good arch support, a stethoscope (mine is a cheapo one but it's been fine for first semester), more than one set of scrubs, some kind of smartphone for nursing apps, good deodorant (My clinic site is always a billion degrees and I've sweatthrough my scrubs ewww), and a coffee maker ;)

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1. $$$$

2. Litman Stethescope

3. Coffee Pot

4. Medical Dictionary (Stedman's or Taber's are my fav)

5. Good Shoes (a major must have)

6. Saunder's Comprehesive Review for the NCLEX (valuable study resource)

7. Laptop

8. Extra pair of scrubs

9. Date Book (Franklin Covey is the best I think because you can keep everything organized)

10. Sleep :)




enough said!

Anti-Aging Cream (assuming it actually works!)

Starbucks gift card valid for the whole duration of NS

New Drug-Med/Pathology Application for handheld device (iphone, palm, etc.)

NCLEX-RN Review books - aids in studying (short cut to important information for lecture)

Stress Balls with Aroma Scents to decrease stress

Classical music to decrease stress

Gym membership to decrease stress and stay healthy (increase oxygen to the brain for studying!)

More extra scrubs (emergency scrubs to leave in the car when a last minute change in plans... that say you need to prep for ICU tomorrow and need to be in full uniform for prep)

$ for future review courses after graduation (it will be expensive, I promise you!)

Part-time boyfriend (He understands you aren't as available and knows when time off from school with him is re-energizing and a de-stesser! :smokin:

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Great Idea !

For his last Birthday I gave my son a handwritten 3 x 5 index card, with all kinds of freebies on it.

(like a no homework night, stay up late, day with Mom.....)

For us:

- last minute excuse to the Inlaws on Sunday to Study- alone , you go to your parents house.

- Foot rub with that really good lotion

- Someboy else do the laundry - all the way, even putting it where it goes.

- picking up all those "well I didn't see it things -that can be missed like an Elephant"

just a myriad of little things that we love, and get out of it's for stuff we hate to do, but do.

but the best for me would be:

Listen when I speak, please respect that when I say I need to study, that I really do, don't check every

10 mins to see if I am done yet.

When I say I'm worried about a particular test- don't argue with me that I know You're so smart, you

aced it - just wallow whth me.

All the tech suggestions are good I love my laptop and ipod touch. It's nice to have all your email forwarded to a mobile device because you'll never miss an email from your professor. I love my laptop because every class is web-enhanced. MS Onenote is a great little program, keeps me from printing out massive amounts of powerpoint presentations. Epocrates is a great app. More money is a good idea as are a Starbucks gift card if you like coffee. My personal recommendation is one of those big desk calendars. I take all my syllabi and write all the reading assignments down. As well as tests and projects all in red ink. It really helps to see the whole month at once, as well as cross off the reading as I do it. Also maybe a massage here and there if you have the extra dough? It can be really nice after a stressful week, and your shoulders are right beneath your ears :D

Congrats on your admission and good luck!

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Aww I love your thread since I wanted to ask the same question :) I start ns in January as well and my birthday is also in Jan. so my husband is getting me my stethoscope for xmas and my parents are getting me some of teh supplies i need :)

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maybe a value pack of nice smelling hand sanitizer.. i like to carry my own around, and victorias secret has really nice smelling ones like love spell and amber romance.. much better than that alcoholy (i know that not a word.. lol) smell of the stuff they have in the hospital..


printer ink

3 ring binders

good shoes

a good stethoscope

a large wall calendar/dry erase calendar to organize assignments and due dates on

a good watch with a second hand for taking vitals

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