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  1. I agree with you which is why I didn't even participate in the poll. This response of mine was in response to the following.
  2. I know what the title of this thread is.. however this was the question she asked in her post.
  3. Taken advantage of for placing a suppos when you were already back there? Nope not at all. I would consider you being taken advantage of if they handed you all there medications and said hey can you administer these and do there assessment while you're with them. I have inserted suppositories for other nurses, because I was in the better position to do so during repositioning. I have also had other nurses help me out and do the same. Thankfully, we are all team players and see that every patient is our patient regardless of the assignment.
  4. First a little background on me. I graduated May of 2013, and after many failed attempts to get into the hospital setting I accepted a position at LTC facility. I loved working as a nurse and I enjoyed the residents, however I was offered and ultimately accepted a position at a hospital based acute Rehab unit for SCI's. I am currently in orientation and will start on the floor in the next couple of weeks. I am nervous about the transition. I will be working nights and expect to have around 9 pts. I am looking forward to any advice on making a transition. What should I expect? What should I brush up on? What meds should I familiarize myself with? Any and all advice is welcomed!
  5. crazytonurse

    Assisted Living - What EMAR software do YOU use???

    Point Click Care... The most widely-used EHR for Long-term Care | PointClickCare
  6. crazytonurse

    Want to hear your pet peeves in LTC nursing

    to many!!
  7. crazytonurse

    Does Nursing School=No Life Literally?

    Most certainly not. I had a life outside of nursing school. Don't get me wrong, I did study but not the 4 hours a day that most claim. I put my duties as a wife & mother before anything else. When everyone was settled in for the night and snuggled up in bed, I would use that time to review lectures, and prep for the next day, and honestly that was an hour a night max. I did study more a few days before an exam but not so much that my family noticed. I graduated with a B+ average and passed Nclex the 1st time. Nursing school is hard and can be demanding, but as long as you are organized and plan accordingly you can still have a life outside of school. Good luck!
  8. crazytonurse

    New Grad RN with 2 upcoming interviews.. need advice

    The interview at LTC yesterday went well. The first lady I spoke with acted as though I already had the position giving me my schedule and telling me how much she liked me and that she thought I would be a great addition to their staff. I then met with the DON and it was kinda of awkward, no nursing related questions. When we initially set down and she said " Have you tried the hospitals?" Which I thought was awkward, but I guess her reasoning is that I am an BSN. They said they would give me a call by the end of next week. So only time will tell, I am now trying to pull myself together for the ICU interview.
  9. crazytonurse

    New Grad RN with 2 upcoming interviews.. need advice

    Thank you both for your inputs. I appreciate the sound advice, and regardless of any position I have ever applied for I am always professional. I have always heard that you should not flaunt other interviews that you have lined up for fear of coming off to cocky. Being that my interview at the LTCF is less than 24 hours away I do not feel it would be in the best light to call and postpone.
  10. Hi fellow nurses! As the titles states I am a new grad RN. Graduated in May and passed Nclex 1st time in July. My ultimate desire is to be an ICU nurse, and I also I did my practicum in ICU. I have applied everywhere for every type of position for the past few months just wanting to gain any experience. I have my 1st job interview lined up for tomorrow at a LTCF. Although, LTC is not where my passion lies, it is the chance to gain experience. I also landed an interview just this morning for new grad position in the ICU. So I am super excited about that possibility. I know that the chances are slim to be offered a position tomorrow at the interview but I wanted to be prepared just in case an offer comes before I have my interview next week for the ICU. So here is where I need the advice. How should I go about handling this. I do not have any experience with applying to multiple places before now. Thank you in advance!
  11. Congrats! That is the same pop up I got.. and just found out via quick results that I passed and am now a RN!!
  12. crazytonurse

    Pearson says... Pearson vue trick not accurate

    Well it was accurate for me! I took my nclex Tuesday, got the "good" pop up and just found out I passed!!
  13. crazytonurse

    Cut-off and pass? Anybody?

    Not understanding what your asking. Consumed 6h?
  14. crazytonurse

    Took NCLEX yesterday.. got the pop up!!!

    I took my boards yesterday at 8am. I desperately wanted it to shut off at 75, as I have never had the stamina to sit through and concentrate for the longer exams. Well I ended up going to question 234 before it stopped. I was in shock and wanted to keep going. I honestly believe there was no way I passed. I got about 30-40 sata, 5 EKG, a ton of priority and conference questions. Around noon I was done, when I got to the car I tried the trick but was interrupted by someone needing to use my phone. When I tried to finish the trick the page said there was an error in the program. When I got home 20 minutes later I tried again and this time I got the good popup. I have since done the pvt at least 10 more times and have gotten the pop up each time. It says "Our records indicate ...... please please please let this trick work. I don't want to have to sit through that again.
  15. crazytonurse


    Yes.. I submitted my app with fee and paid pearson back in March. Nothing is updated, I even called & emailed and have gotten nowhere and with no return messages.
  16. crazytonurse


    I graduated a month ago. My school finally sent my transcripts the beginning of June and I am still waiting for my ATT.