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  1. Would you ever ask another nurse to give your pt a suppository?

    I agree with you which is why I didn't even participate in the poll. This response of mine was in response to the following.
  2. Would you ever ask another nurse to give your pt a suppository?

    I know what the title of this thread is.. however this was the question she asked in her post.
  3. Would you ever ask another nurse to give your pt a suppository?

    Taken advantage of for placing a suppos when you were already back there? Nope not at all. I would consider you being taken advantage of if they handed you all there medications and said hey can you administer these and do there assessment while y...
  4. First a little background on me. I graduated May of 2013, and after many failed attempts to get into the hospital setting I accepted a position at LTC facility. I loved working as a nurse and I enjoyed the residents, however I was offered and ultim...
  5. Assisted Living - What EMAR software do YOU use???

    Point Click Care... The most widely-used EHR for Long-term Care | PointClickCare
  6. Want to hear your pet peeves in LTC nursing

    to many!!
  7. Does Nursing School=No Life Literally?

    Most certainly not. I had a life outside of nursing school. Don't get me wrong, I did study but not the 4 hours a day that most claim. I put my duties as a wife & mother before anything else. When everyone was settled in for the night and snug...
  8. New Grad RN with 2 upcoming interviews.. need advice

    The interview at LTC yesterday went well. The first lady I spoke with acted as though I already had the position giving me my schedule and telling me how much she liked me and that she thought I would be a great addition to their staff. I then met ...
  9. New Grad RN with 2 upcoming interviews.. need advice

    Thank you both for your inputs. I appreciate the sound advice, and regardless of any position I have ever applied for I am always professional. I have always heard that you should not flaunt other interviews that you have lined up for fear of comi...
  10. Hi fellow nurses! As the titles states I am a new grad RN. Graduated in May and passed Nclex 1st time in July. My ultimate desire is to be an ICU nurse, and I also I did my practicum in ICU. I have applied everywhere for every type of position ...
  11. What are the chances of me passing the nclex PN with 85 questions?

    Congrats! That is the same pop up I got.. and just found out via quick results that I passed and am now a RN!!
  12. Pearson says... Pearson vue trick not accurate

    Well it was accurate for me! I took my nclex Tuesday, got the "good" pop up and just found out I passed!!
  13. Cut-off and pass? Anybody?

    Not understanding what your asking. Consumed 6h?
  14. Took NCLEX yesterday.. got the pop up!!!

    I took my boards yesterday at 8am. I desperately wanted it to shut off at 75, as I have never had the stamina to sit through and concentrate for the longer exams. Well I ended up going to question 234 before it stopped. I was in shock and wanted to...

    Yes.. I submitted my app with fee and paid pearson back in March. Nothing is updated, I even called & emailed and have gotten nowhere and with no return messages.