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OB-nurse2013 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Labor and Delivery.

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  1. OB-nurse2013

    FNP Program...scam or worthwhile?

    I am in an fnp program and have many friends that are fnp. It's a very versatile degree, and definitely not a waste of time.
  2. OB-nurse2013

    OB meds

    Nobody is going to want to do your homework for you. We've all been there and I know nursing school sucks but all you learn is so important
  3. OB-nurse2013

    Was It Worth It?

    No I would not change bring a nurse. I've thought about changing careers but truthfully I will never leave nursing. I'm constantly learning. They one thing would change though is that I would not have changed jobs and I left a really good job which if I could have gone back and changed that I would.
  4. OB-nurse2013

    L/D RN learning to scrub for c/sec

    Both labor and delivery units I've worked on the rns scrubbed all sections. Honestly i wad very nervous to learn but I actually feel in love with it. I love the scrubbing and i love theor.
  5. OB-nurse2013

    Delayed Cord Clamping

    One of the facilities i work at also does this and I asked the same thing and freaky didn't get answer.
  6. OB-nurse2013

    So 39 weeks is the full term cut off now?

    I just want to say I agree with many of the response. I am baffled but the fact that you're an ob nurse and feel this way.
  7. OB-nurse2013

    Labor - how do you organize your day?

    This is how I do it. I write a quick snapshot of info on pt on a little square of paper. Then I go to my room introduce myself, do my assessment then and then go around my room make sure I have everything I need and that everything is set up. I also get things ready that I know I'm going to need eventually. This of course is all my ideal. It doesn't always work that way depending on my assignment or the acuity of my pt. You'll get your flow dint worry
  8. OB-nurse2013

    Hating L&D

    Its hard to say I started in labor and delivery and that's all I've done. It's really rough the first few months and i think partly that it is different then e expected. Most people really don't understand what it's like. I would give it time and maybe try out the NICU?
  9. OB-nurse2013

    L&D/ NICU prep

    I agree i love that book and used it when i started in labor and delivery
  10. OB-nurse2013

    Did I make the right choice?

    It sounds like a very good fit for you. Unfortunately that's the only thing i can say as i left a great job for public health and realized right away it was very much not for me and i am now headed back to the hospital lol
  11. OB-nurse2013

    Newborn Baths

    Also just so everyone knows the op is student so we are doing her/his homework
  12. OB-nurse2013

    Newborn Baths

    12 hours of life
  13. I started in L&D as a new grad
  14. OB-nurse2013

    Delayed cord clamping

    Our midwife pt.'s do this but not our reg pts. We don't normally care from the midwife pt.'s because they actually have their own unit so we only get them as overflow.
  15. We have care for normal to very high risk pregnancies on my unit. We scrub and circulate sections. I had a 12 week orientation.
  16. I think this is something far off t be worrying about. You are so early in your nursing journey. You may or may not end up in L&D. You may have clinical in it and hate it. You may like it but discover something you like far more. There are so many other things. I deal with it the same way one deals with the many hard things we see. I, personally, treat them as I would any other patient. There are many hardships people face and it's not my job to judge them. Many people make mistakes, sometimes those are the people that may need the most help. Also you are not going to generally know who really does or doesn't use. Most people are not going to tell you they smoke, drink, or used illicit drugs. You aren't going to drug screen every pt. Things are just different when it's you and that patient one on one. You see them for a lot more which also makes it easier. Just because someone is pregnant and has a substance abuse problem doesn't make it any easier to get clean. Just try to keep an open mind and heart, do your best and it's not that hard.