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I am starting NS in January and since Christmas and my Birthday are right around the corner, I am trying to think of some things that I might need or that might be super helpful during NS that I can add to my wish list. :) Can you experienced students give me some hints as to what has been a lifesaver for you during NS or what you wished you had?

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iTunes gift card! So you can buy applications and stuff.

Since I am now finishing school here in 3 weeks, this is what I would want based on my experiences were I starting this mess all over again:

1) GREAT shoes -- mine were a pair of white asics for clinicals. great the first semester...not so much as time on my feet increased.

2) Itouch --okay so my parents gave this to me for my bday which was a month after nursing school started. It was a lifesaver. My preceptor from my sr. practicum just bought herself one simply to get Epocrates on it as she loved mine so much.

3) good stethoscope -- i have a littman

4) if you're not a coffee drinker like me...a travel tea mug you can steep tea in -- great for the mornings. get it going and its ready to drink on the way to the hospital...plus tea doesn't give you nasty breath like i think coffee does

5) all of the Reviews and Rationales series.

6) an understanding boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse if this applies -- my BF has been with me since the beginning...he was great about leaving me be when i needed to study or picking me up when i got super stressed out from school

I'm also starting nursing school January and i'm so excited I cant wait to start. My wishlist consist of.....

1) Littman Sethoscope (my boyfriend is getting it for me :heartbeat)

2) Comfortable shoes

3) Saunder's Comprehensive NCLEX Review Book

4) Wall Calendar

5) Pen light

6) Second Hand watch

7) Love and support from family and friends (I think this is the #1 thing)

Everyone has had great suggestions, I also recommend an ITouch or Iphone, it has been a lifesaver and was actually required by my program. Lots of restaurant giftcards for places close to work and home would be a good idea since you will rarely have time to cook or grocery shop. I live off of hospital cafeteria food (between work and clinicals) and drive through food now.

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