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ashleyisawesome is a BSN, RN and specializes in LDRP.

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  1. ashleyisawesome

    St. Luke's School of Nursing

    Haha WOW!, I graduated 8 years ago, but I do vaguely remember the critical thinking test. It wasn't knowledge based or really something you could study for. It was literally just critical thinking questions. I think they gave you a few paragraphs of ...
  2. ashleyisawesome

    39 IOL

    Have you read the ARRIVE study? 39 week eIOLs are becoming more common due to the study saying it actually reduces the risk of c-section and still birth in primips, regardless of bishop score. I am not sure if ACOG has officially changed their recomm...
  3. ashleyisawesome

    Insulin drips patients on L&D

    My unit's protocol is that anyone (with diabetes) in active labor who has 2 blood sugars in a row that are over 100 gets put on an insulin gtt, and yes we titrate them on our unit. The patient is automatically 1:1 and gets hourly blood sugars until t...
  4. ashleyisawesome

    Baby Nurse Responsibilities

    Our charge nurse is usually the designated baby nurse (though if multiple deliveries are going on at once or charge is busy, she can call another nurse to go be baby nurse). In a vaginal delivery we "catch" the baby, do initial resuscitation, assign...
  5. ashleyisawesome

    On-call requirements

    We used to take 16 hours of call per 6 week schedule in 4 hour increments, they have recently changed it to 8 hours. Only part time nurses have to do it (.9 or less), and if you do charge you don't have to sign up for call. We get paid $5/hr to sit a...
  6. We throw a pulse ox on them and assess the pulse continuously through the test dose and until they lay down. I cycle B/Ps q3m starting when the test dose is given and switch it to q15 when I think they are stable (usually about 20-30 mins after they ...
  7. ashleyisawesome

    What to expect during L&D???

    A lot of it will vary based on provider/facility. You will likely be admitted through OB triage either because your water broke or you have been having contractions and your cervix has dilated enough that they think you are in labor. If you come in i...
  8. ashleyisawesome

    Any nurses that have started and transferred out of L&D?

    I have coworkers that have gone on to work in the OR, PACU, NICU, ED, Dr Offices, ICU, med/surg, peds, psych, home health, and probably some other areas I'm not thinking of. L&D is a varied specialty and you will learn a lot. You can spin the exp...
  9. ashleyisawesome

    Labor and Delivery Staffing Question

    Where I work, we are 1:1 in labor most of the time, 1:2 is an exception only when we are slammed and there is no other option. We are usually 1:3-4 in antepartum and we do continuous monitoring in those assignments if needed. We do sometimes take mor...
  10. ashleyisawesome

    Current Labor and Delivery Nurses: How did you get your job?

    I applied for L&D right out of nursing school and didn't get any call backs. I ended up working in med/surg for 3 years and applying for OB/NICU/Peds jobs sporadically during that time with no call backs. Finally one day my current manager was de...
  11. ashleyisawesome

    PPROM In preterm patient

    If I worked at a place where there wasn't a physician on the floor at all times (ie, had to call them from home or another floor in the hospital), I might consider a sterile vaginal exam to make sure there are no presenting parts in the vagina or a p...
  12. ashleyisawesome

    What does your assessment look like?

    When I admit a new patient or get them for the first time, I usually listen to heart/lungs/bowel sounds. Check for edema, feel pedal pulses, check for clonus, do a homans test, ask about pain, ask if they are having head ache/blurred vision, assess t...
  13. ashleyisawesome

    Postpartum Nurses being the Baby Nurse?

    Yeah, this is one of the changes I don't really mind at all. We get a lot less babies with low temps/sugars now that we do this, and breastfeeding retention is better (I am sure this also has to do with rooming in and better breastfeeding education f...
  14. ashleyisawesome

    Postpartum Nurses being the Baby Nurse?

    When I first started, we did it like you currently do it. Labor nurse (usually the charge nurse, the moms primary nurse concentrated on mom) did resus/apgars (always straight to the warmer after cord was cut), we grabbed a weight and foot prints in t...
  15. As someone who precepts, I prefer a nurse with experience, even in a different specialty. They already know how to start and IV, put in a foley, prioritize care, talk to doctors, etc. I can start just teaching them OB stuff instead of teaching them h...