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  1. Kyla.ann

    Lone star college fall 2011

    The tiebreaker comes into play when you have two or more people with the same cut off score. For example, lets speculate that last time at Cy-fair, the cut off was 11.652. If two applicants had 11.652 but one scored 100% in math, and the other scored 85%, the one who got the 100% would get in, the other would be an alternate. Same applies this time only now they use different portions of the test as tiebreakers. Hope that helps. :) Good luck guys!!
  2. Kyla.ann

    I love being a nurse :)

    FINALLY!!!! I am so happy to see a post like this. Thank you so much for sharing your love for Nursing!!
  3. Kyla.ann

    NS Wish List

    I am starting NS in January and since Christmas and my Birthday are right around the corner, I am trying to think of some things that I might need or that might be super helpful during NS that I can add to my wish list. :) Can you experienced students give me some hints as to what has been a lifesaver for you during NS or what you wished you had?
  4. Kyla.ann

    My Clinical Experience is Boring!

    I know how you feel. Mine was the same way (and I was only there for 4-6 hours at a time). I went in expecting to be ran ragged with things to do but in reality, there wasn't much at all other than feeding the patients. By the end of our time there, my instructor ended up grabbing a bunch of us students, finding an empty room, and we practiced skills on each other. We didn't get to do catheter care and things like that obviously, but we got to practice quite a few skills that way. (ROM, changing occupied beds, transfers, we practiced bed baths with clothes on, etc) Maybe see if your instructor is willing to do that with you when things get slow?
  5. Kyla.ann

    Do the STEPS is skills testing have to be EXACT?

  6. Kyla.ann

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    FINALLY I get to post here!! I passed!!!!! I am now a fresh CNA. :) I had female pericare, handwashing, communication, making an occupied bed, and blood pressure. I was supposed to get a complete bed bath (YIKES) but there wasn't anyone available to do it on so they changed it to pericare. So now the job hunt begins... I start RN school in January so I am hoping to find PRN work somewhere.
  7. Kyla.ann

    Do the STEPS is skills testing have to be EXACT?

    Yep, it all depends on how strict your state is. I just passed my CNA exam in Texas and I did some steps out of order and still passed all 5 skills. Some things definitely have to be in order. Like complete bed bath, you have to wash the eyes first, then face, etc. If you go for the feet first then obviously you will fail. ROM for example, at least in my state, does not have to be in order as long as you get all exercises in. I'm sure if you use common sense then you will pass with no problems. :) GOOD LUCK!
  8. Kyla.ann

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    Hey Sara, do a search in FB for: LSC - CyFair Nursing Class of 2012 (Spring) Make sure you get the right one as there are two of them. Ours says (spring). Just request to join from FB and I will get you approved. :) If you can't find it let me know and I can try to post the direct link again.
  9. Kyla.ann

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    just a few additions :) fruitypebble [color=white]_ 12.0 [color=#ffffff]___cyfair - accepted 4monsters[color=#ffffff]_____ 11.9132[color=#ffffff]_cyfair - accepted ammmyjjj[color=#ffffff]_____ 11.9132 cyfair - accepted kmbrlyw [color=#ffffff]______ 11.9132 cyfair - accepted zui8ter[color=#ffffff]_______ 11.9132 cyfair amylulu[color=#ffffff]____[color=#ffffff]_ _ 11.826 [color=#ffffff]_cyfair - accepted bugalove [color=#ffffff]___ __11.826 [color=#ffffff]_cyfair wzamen01[color=#ffffff]____ __11.826 [color=#ffffff]_cyfair - accepted kolbee [color=#ffffff]____ __ 11.826 cyfair - accepted flamed94xp [color=#ffffff]____11.826 cyfair - accepted emmy76 [color=#ffffff]____ __ 11.825 cyfair - accepted amethystjsmn[color=#ffffff]__ 11.7448 cyfair j.o.mama [color=#ffffff]____ _11.74 cyfair - accepted momof5kiddos[color=#ffffff]__ 11.739 [color=#ffffff]_cyfair - accepted fabjulev[color=#ffffff]______ 11.6596[color=#ffffff]_cyfair - accpeted kyla.ann[color=#ffffff]_____ _11.652 [color=#ffffff]_cyfair - accepted bug's husband 11.652 cyfair - accepted franksl482 [color=#ffffff]____11.612 cyfair - alternate reeshul [color=#ffffff]_____ _11.5884 cyfair countyourblessings 11.52 cyfair tsheen86 [color=#ffffff]____ _11.4784 cyfair tmrine [color=#ffffff]____ __ 11.4784 cyfair blue river [color=#ffffff]____11.43 cyfair -------------------------------------- luvtosow[color=#ffffff]______11.9132 kingwood jpchouston[color=#ffffff]___ 11.826 [color=#ffffff]_kingwood jpinkard [color=#ffffff]_____11.826 [color=#ffffff]_kingwood-accepted goopkat[color=#ffffff]____[color=#ffffff]__ 11.7932 kingwood-accepted kekaiser [color=#ffffff]_____11.7392 kingwood lilgto [color=#ffffff]_______11.7392 kingwood buggybug[color=#ffffff]______11.652 [color=#ffffff]_kingwood destinedtobea 11.652[color=#ffffff]_ kingwood jneedlenazi [color=#ffffff]__11.652 [color=#ffffff]_kingwood mks1014 [color=#ffffff]______11.652 [color=#ffffff]_kingwood-accepted songbird1 [color=#ffffff]____11.5652 kingwood tammyw31 [color=#ffffff]_____11.5652 kingwood lapwill [color=#ffffff]______11.526 kingwood
  10. Kyla.ann

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    Gotcha Angie!
  11. Kyla.ann

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    YAY!!! Congrats!! Can't wait to see who all from Kingwood made the list! Good luck everyone!!!
  12. Kyla.ann

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    That's GREAT! I'm sure you are in too. The mail system is wacky. Hopefully your letter will be in your mailbox tomorrow. :)
  13. Kyla.ann

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    Well, I guess. Of course you can be my friend!
  14. Kyla.ann

    Lone Star Spring 2011

  15. Kyla.ann

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    I wasn't sure. I probably miscalculated. I just added two years but I think we will graduate in December right? I will change it.