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BacktotheBeach has 8 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN.


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  1. BacktotheBeach

    Case Management Interview!!!

    Well, I was offered the position today, at the same rate I make as a staff RN. This will be a salary position, though, 40 hours instead of my .9 FT. A little more vacation and no weekends or holidays. They would not negotiate on the salary. Does this sound normal?
  2. BacktotheBeach

    Case Management Interview!!!

    Would love to hear some replies on this as well. I just had an interview within the same hospital system I'm currently employed in for CM position and am hoping for a bit of a pay raise.
  3. BacktotheBeach

    Pharmacology for Dummies

    I like the Made Incredibly Easy series.
  4. BacktotheBeach

    IV push failure - how I am failing

    index this is actually an icu guide, but it has so much good information in it for any beginning nurse. Check it out. The peripheral IV chapter is fabulous, lots of pictures and information and is downloadable as a word document.
  5. BacktotheBeach


    I would call and ask HR, we have no way of knowing. But usually it would mean 3 shifts a week.
  6. BacktotheBeach

    How many steps do you take a shift?

    I average 12,000 on a 12 hour shift.
  7. BacktotheBeach

    Nursing shoes that aren't clogs

    Alegria makes some nice nursing shoes and they have some styles that are not clogs. They are very comfortable and have lots of cute colors, but can be expensive.
  8. BacktotheBeach

    Graduation Role Call Spring 2014

    I do not have a final grade posted either. I emailed the prof and she said it should be up by Friday. Dipolomas take 6-8 weeks.
  9. BacktotheBeach

    OU RN-BSN: using old book editions

    I have frequently used the last edition for the required textbooks. In many of my classes the TA has even posted corresponding chapters in new and old editions. I found I always needed the books as the discussion board posts need the material to discuss and quote from. I would make sure to have the current APA book, or use Purdue OWL. Half.com is a great place to buy your books used. I did this and frequently sold them back five weeks later for close to what I paid. They also rent books.
  10. BacktotheBeach

    Graduation Role Call Spring 2014

    count me in, got my new badge at work that says BSN!!!!
  11. BacktotheBeach

    RN-BSN Program at OU

    I just finished last week, so happy and excited to be done. It will be great to just work and have a life! In retrospect, it was a great choice. The price is right and they do make it do-able for working nurses. The five week format is wonderful and it flies by. Its true what the above posters said about the TA's, but overall, all my graders were pretty fair and consistent. I also agree that PERRLA is the way to go! I would definitely choose OU again.
  12. BacktotheBeach

    4560 Gerentology Fall 13

    Someone asked on our discussion board and the TA said there is not one posted.
  13. BacktotheBeach

    4560 Gerentology Fall 13

    my TA posted that the IADL is on p 97 of 4e. Sorry she didn't mention the pain inventory.
  14. BacktotheBeach

    4560 Gerentology Fall 13

    I did something similar. Doesn't week 5's paper seem like we will just be repeating everything and adding a nursing diagnosis? I am even thinking about cutting and pasting all the assessment findings into it!
  15. BacktotheBeach

    4560 Gerentology Fall 13

    Week 5 will be easy, we've done most of the paper already, haven't we? We're just repeating everything AGAIN. My kick in the butt is to get this baby done and enjoy time off from OU!
  16. BacktotheBeach

    4560 Gerentology Fall 13

    I didn't do the page number with the citation. These TA's are so different, who knows! I got a 50/50 it's already graded.

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