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  1. Christine2009

    How to prepare myself for the LVN program?

    Find out from your school what book they are using for A&P and start studying that or just go to the bookstore and get an A&P book. Knowing A&P is vital to your success in the program!
  2. Christine2009

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts LVN (Concord CA)

    As far as the books go, you have to get them through the school. It is included in your tuition. The books they use for the prereq class are: Memmler's Human Anatomy in Health and Disease and Calculate With Confidence. Module 1: Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, Memmler's Human Anatomy in Health and Disease, Calculate with Cofindence, Williams Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy Module 2 & 3: Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing Text and Study Guide, Core Concepts in Pharmacology Module 4: Foundations in Mental Health Care, Maternity Nursing: An Introductory Text, Pediatric Nursing: An Introductory Text As far as the WIA program goes, you have to be or have been on Unemployment in order to qualify for the program. I live in Alameda County so Contra Costa County might have different requirements. The best thing to do is to call the office and ask what they require. It is a very lengthy process mind you and I started the process this time last year and recieved approval for the program in April of this year! HTH!
  3. Christine2009

    Hardest course in Lpn

    For me, hands down is Pharmacology! All the drugs we need to know for class and clinical is killing me...I should buy stock in the company that makes the 4x6 index cards because I buy around 300 (3 packs of 100 cards) them just about every month for all the drug cards we have to make!
  4. Christine2009

    How to prepare myself for the LVN program?

    Study up on your A&P! You will revisit it through out the program!
  5. Christine2009

    Gurnick Modesto or Xavier Stockton LVN program?

    Here is my email address if you have any questions or need help on your classes. I am almost half way thru Module 3, so feel free to shoot me your questions if you need help christinegardner@marykay.com
  6. no I am still in school. why not volunteer somewhere where LPN's work to see the day in the life of an LPN. For me there was no question about what I wanted to do. I want to go on to get my RN, but going for the LVN first b/c it is easier to bridge into an RN program here in CA than straight applying.
  7. Christine2009

    TCN/ISU lpn-bsn program info?

    look in the Distance Education thread for info on this program...I am planning on going through ISU for my RN once I finish my LVN because of the flexibility to do the classes online while working. To find out if the program is accepted in your state, check with your Board of Nursing to see.
  8. LPN's do everything an RN does except that we do not push meds in an IV line, or make the initial care plan for the pt. We work mainly in LTC's or clinics, and RN's work in hospitals. As far as pay goes, it depends on your state. Here in CA, they start LPN's anywhere between $26-$30 an hr depending on where you work. HTH!
  9. Christine2009

    Student Drama! HELP

    Are you there to get your LVN or make friends? Stay out of the drama...who cares if your class likes you or not! My class is full of high school bs and so sick of it, but I keep remembering the reason why I am there...to get my degree and move on to bigger and better things...If I make friends along the way, great...if not, oh well at least I got what I came for. Drama will be everywhere...at your job, school, ect. focus on your goal of becoming the best nurse you can be and do not worry about what your class thinks of you...you are there for you! Keep your head up, stand proud and get it done:nurse:
  10. Christine2009

    Don't know what to do

    try outlining the chapter and answer all the objectives in the chapter...answer all the questions at the end of the chapter...utilize the online website that comes with your book if available...also you might want to try the A&P coloring book...overall, A&P is pure memorization, just stay positve and try different study techniques you might also want to talk to the director of the program since you already spoke with the instructor and did not get a clear answer on how to pass this class, the director might be able to give you study techniques as well... HTH! and best of luck to you...
  11. Christine2009

    Help Please! I can't figure out this dosage problem

    Gurinick uses Calculate With Confidence 5th Edition...this book is awesome and trust me when the program starts, you will have alot of time to learn the calculations stuff...you learn it in the prereq's and Module 1. I am not good at math either, but found what works for me and that is how I do it...the instructors always confused me so I had to tune them out and just do it my way...as long as I came up with the same answer, who cares how I do it right? lol...what campus are you going to again? I have no problem helping you when you guys get to this part in the class and show you the way I do my problems. Just PM me and I will give you my # so you can call me with any questions.
  12. Christine2009

    Should I drop out?

    Why are you thinking of giving up when you just started? I understand you are depressed and questioning whether you can do this, but you have not given the class enough time. Give yourself a break...you are just begining the journey. Correct what you did wrong, elvauate your study habits, talk to your instructor and go for it...:redbeathe
  13. Christine2009

    Help Please! I can't figure out this dosage problem

    1.) 50 units = 50mL 500mL/50 = 10mL 10mL/20mL= 2 units Answer: 2 Units 2.) 25 units = 25 mL 250mL/25mL = 10mL 10mL/1mL= 10mL Answer: 10 Units HTH!
  14. Christine2009

    Anyone attending Gurnick Academy LVN program??

    You are right! But, they taught us MONA not MOAN b/c you want to administer nitro before the ASA for the MI pt. As I said I am losing my mind...lol...I so need a break!