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I just go an early Bday present :biggringi .. My husband ordered me a PDA for my bday, which is the 20th of this month...

I got a Handspring Visor Edge... It is a pretty shiney red.. :)

I can't wait to play with it.. I have it charging now... :roll


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originally posted by nurs2b


i just go an early bday present :biggringi .. my husband ordered me a pda for my bday, which is the 20th of this month...

i got a handspring visor edge... it is a pretty shiney red.. :)

i can't wait to play with it.. i have it charging now... :roll

happy early birthday to you!:cool: enjoy your present!

jschut, BSN, RN

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I have a Palm125. It's the best!

Have fun with yours! :)

Julie :)


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I have a Visor Neo---mine is shiny blue. I love it.

Have fun with your new toy, and happy early birthday.


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I have Palm VIIIx, I Love it Happy birthday

nursedawn67, LPN

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I don't have one myself..but enjoy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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i have a visor the pretty


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Happy Early Birthday!!! I want one eventually...but I'm waiting till I get into my program full time and will have more of a need for one! Let us know how you like it!!!

prmenrs, RN

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I ordered a Palm 130 yesterday--free overnight shipping, and came w/bonus road atlas and car charger. Promise you'all will help me w/ it later, ok? :D :D


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Wow.. This lil thing is SO neat... I have already downloaded Epocrates (of course), a BMI calculator, ABG calculator, IV Drip Rate calculator.. Lab values guide.. :)

Anyone know of a good "FREE" reader that some programs require??


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For a reader, download the trial version of iSolo, it will keep working past the 30 day period, if you are inclined to keep it.



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Happy Birthday:balloons: !!!!!!!!!!


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