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32 yo, nurse for 12+ yrs, licensed in NY and PA

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  1. sunnygirl272

    Home Health Nurse Safety

    Hi, Julie! Welcome to the board! I work in home care also. Luckily, I do not have to do beeper call. I do assigned visits on my weekends. Let me ponder the topic a bit, and come back to it.. ~SunnyGirl
  2. sunnygirl272

    V Codes

    We don't have a coder either...it's VERY hard to get into this Vcode mindset now that we are SUPPOSED to use them. ugh.
  3. sunnygirl272

    MI symptom debate

    My mother (also a nurse) never had any Sx that she attributed to cardiac....until she coded at work...thrombolytics failed...after a day or 2 int the unit, and finally being transferred to a Syracuse hosp,(local hosp doesn't to caths...)...the cath showed 2 areas of scarring, one at the apex with a muscle aneurysm...they pondered doing a muscle resect along w/ her cabg and aicd placement, but ended up using the pads to reinforce that area.
  4. sunnygirl272

    what qualifies?

    it's medicare. venipuncture alone is not a skilled nursing need. you may feel the client needs continuing monitoring...but medicare will not allow payment for monitoring a stable client just in case something ges wrong..even though you know it will go wrong eventually...
  5. sunnygirl272

    Girl gives birth in chatroom,talking to me!

    just think...she (or he) now has your address, and directions to your door....
  6. sunnygirl272

    Strange things that you saw when you were a student

    Saw a dermoid cyst during my lab rotation...
  7. sunnygirl272


    We had an obese bipolar client w/hep c....she would've given you the shirt off her back, but who knows when that shirt had last been washed, or the back she took it off of, either.... she had a bird of some sort, used to fly freely through the house. and land on the head of whoever. I finally told her to "put the @#$%@ bird away before i get there or you can go without your shot!" she did. anyhoo...her curtains were light blue at one time. they had become light blue with irregular white strips. I think you can see where this is going. She had also once in a slightly manic phase decided to cook eggs....when the nurse arrived, every pan she owned was strewn haphazardly along the counter. Seems every time she tried to cook those eggs, Snoopy the Poop Machine (not his real name) would fly over and let loose over the pan. She always made us brownies and cookies. We always took them. Then returned the empty container a week or so later and told her how good they were. Would've really hurt her to think we wouldn't eat her cooking...
  8. sunnygirl272

    Typical Day For A Home Health Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    1) yes, stick it.... 2) couldn't she have been admitted for rehab? shoulda been soon enough after hospital d/c to still get in , right?
  9. sunnygirl272


    food i accept...whether or not i consume it depends...if ya know what i mean..... i nevernevernever accept money.....
  10. sunnygirl272

    Hypothetical Question re: prn meds

    OOOhh...that's a toughie....will await replies.... i would want to give the other 1mg....but dunno if that flies......maybe call the md? we know they love it when we call them....
  11. sunnygirl272

    Total knee and drain question......

  12. sunnygirl272

    Did I do the right thing?

    screams of chf...ya done good, sweets....
  13. sunnygirl272

    Two 5 year olds

    seems to me to be normal curiosity... why are you upset that a little boy wanted to do this, but not upset that a little girl did? why do you feel you are required by your license to do something? I would definately talk to the other mom though....
  14. sunnygirl272

    Don't Tell Mom/dad/wife

    i can see if the patient is demented...in those cases, they aren't really gonna get the jist anyhoo...but it is just so wrong to not tell an adult pt their own diagnosis/prognosis. pssssttt.....hipppaaaaaa?
  15. sunnygirl272

    Any nursging Schools affected by SARS

    I do not understand this....???????? also welcome to the board!!!!

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