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  1. Ortho_RN

    Required nurse minimum in night shift PACU Help!!!

    Everyone says Aspan standards are quidelines and that they are more like suggestions on how to run the units.. But when a lawyer gets involved what do you think a lawyer is going to pull out and use... Our hospital dances around this also... Lately we have been running a PACU with 3 RNs with 25-30 case loads and these cases range from simple cystos to craniotomies and everything in between.. We are suppose to have no more than two appeach... We get intubated patients VERY often and they are "suppose" to be 1:1 until airway is out, but ha they arent.. Peds cases are suppose to be 1:1... ICU cases are suppose to be 1:1... But it never works that way because we are so short staffed... Night coverage is one person, with a backup person for an emergency.. We are to utilize the OR nurse if needed.. Hard to do if they have another case... We all love our jobs but are tired of getting the shaft and putting our licenses on the line and we are looking at who we need to contact ourselves
  2. Ortho_RN

    PACU for me?

    I personally would say the biggest issue is when a patient wakes up fighting, trying to get up, and you are physically trying to hold them down.. is that going to be possible with your neck???
  3. Ortho_RN

    Night Shift...............

    Ok, well I will be the negative one.. :) I HATED nights!!! I'm also a new grad, and started at night due to the shift differential.. But it literally kept me sick.. (didn't help that I found out later that I have Narcolepsy) I'm married but with no kids, so I thought it would work out well, and maybe it would if we did 12hr shifts, but we do 8s so that is 5 days that I have to work nights, and when I was off all I wanted to do was sleep... Pros.... Less people running around... Family, Physical Therapy, Case Managers, DOCTORS Cons........ Usually a heavier pt load on nights, less help when needed, and a messed up social life.. Good Luck. Everyone is different.. Its worth a shot..
  4. Ortho_RN

    Question about FMLA

    Well I haven't called in FMLA in a while, but the next time I do, I am gonna request that they do not use it, and see if they listen :)
  5. Ortho_RN

    Question about FMLA

    I have FMLA for my migraines... And when I call in and use it, my work automatically uses any vacation time that I have to cover for the call in... IS that normal?? Do your jobs do that for you that have FMLA... If I call in more than one day they will use my sick pay... I don't want them using my vacation time, I'm not worried about the pay, it just seems like they are wasting my vacation time.. Thanks :)
  6. Ortho_RN

    I Passed Boards!!!!!!

    Congrats.... Just proves that the cut off number means nothing :)
  7. Ortho_RN

    Went on hospital tour...but....

    YUK.... Our hospital doesn't have that policy, but they do have the policy where if you were day shift then you have to work night shift "as needed" to cover for lack of staff... It sucks.. Unless you are good at flip flopping around, I would try to do them in a row...
  8. Ortho_RN

    I Passed!!! Yes!!!

    Congrats... I am so happy for you... I remember when I took mine in February how much of a relief to get that PASS was... :) Now off to other stresses (at least these pay money) :)
  9. Ortho_RN

    265 questions, I'm terrified!

    I had to answer all 265 and I passed, so don't fret..
  10. Ortho_RN

    What Really Scares Me

    I'm sure you did fine.. But they have changed the retake to 45days..
  11. Ortho_RN


    Tony good luck on the rest of your tests.. I'm sure you will be fine... That test was also a tough one for my class...
  12. Ortho_RN

    Unusual test policies

    Actual doing the test this way is a good thing... We did it also in my nursing program.... It just gives you a chance for extra points... And it also lets you know how you did, before you get your score back... And when we challenged a question they also researched and seen how many missed it... We also had to have the exact source of where we got other answers from... Its not a bad way to do it
  13. Ortho_RN

    hourly pain meds vs PCA

    But it DOES matter who pushes the button.. You are right, you cannot get too many doses.. But if someone isn't hurting and have respirations of 12, and the family keeps giving the button a push, you can eventually have respirations of 8... We have had that happen, and end up Narcaning a patient.. I like PCA pumps.. But they CAN be abused..
  14. Ortho_RN

    Leaving Med/Surg

    I understand where you are... I just graduated in December, and am working on a Orthopedic floor.. And I hate the hospital more and more everyday... But I think its this floor... This floor is so chaotic and you are always running... When I get pulled to other floors things are much less chaotic.. Still busy.. Just not crazy... So I'm thinking before I take that huge paycut (I have a new Nissan Titan in my future) then I might transfer to another floor... Good Luck to you
  15. Ortho_RN


    Sorry, but that one exam doesn't mean squat is WRONG for some programs... Like Mine... If you made less than a 75 on a exam you had to retake it ( a much harder version) and if you made less than 75 on that one then you are out...
  16. Ortho_RN

    Nurses with disabilities

    Well I just recently found out that I have Narcolepsy.... I was feeling tired all the time, but chalked it up to being a new nurse working night shift... Dr. said nope definatley Narcolepsy and he ordered me to get off of nights.. Which I happily did... But my Unit Manager, thinks its funny to make me work several night shifts during the schedule.. She just doesn't understand how it physically affects me, nor does she care... They do make medication for it, but I am trying to get pregnant, so we are doing the day shift, having a set sleep schedule kinda thing... I also have chronic migraines, which Thank god for FMLA!!