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  1. Required nurse minimum in night shift PACU Help!!!

    Everyone says Aspan standards are quidelines and that they are more like suggestions on how to run the units.. But when a lawyer gets involved what do you think a lawyer is going to pull out and use... Our hospital dances around this also... Lately w...
  2. Back up PACU nurse on call

    During the week after 1130 we have a primary call person and a secondary call person.. But basically the secondary person will never be called unless things are just out of hand... Weekends its pretty much the same..
  3. Family Visitation in the PACU

    We usually don't allow family in the recovery room... I don't feel it's a place where family belongs.. No privacy, totally in HIPPA violations. Families like to be nosey and watch other things, and things do not always go smoothley...
  4. PACU for me?

    I personally would say the biggest issue is when a patient wakes up fighting, trying to get up, and you are physically trying to hold them down.. is that going to be possible with your neck???
  5. Provigil for shift workers

    Wow.. what an interesting conversation... I see both sides... But as a person with Narcolepsy, who actually "needs" the medication I cannot take it... It DOES cause and increase in HR, mine would run 130s-140s after taking, and it did cause a crash i...
  6. 7:30am to 4PM, and back to work mid to 8s

    Our hospital, if you work day shift, then if the night shift has holes days is required to cover it... so your schedule can be all mixed up... They do it since working day shift is a priveledge
  7. Nursing Assistants in PACU

    It would be nice to have an assistant in Pacu.. Heck, it would be nice to have a secretary..
  8. Here I come Ortho!

    Save your back.... Do not try to lift or move people by yourself.. No matter how small they appear....
  9. Pediatric Discharge Criteria

    usually if they are awake and screaming.. I want mommy... We get mommy and then they can go :)
  10. We're in the "RED"

    I'm so tired of hearing this from our hospital... We are a non-profit hospital that basically takes anyone, so obviously we end up eating alot of the cost for treatments... Well the suits that work upstairs have decided that since we are in the red, ...
  11. NG tube placement

    Nice to know I'm not the only one.. People at work think I'm crazy... I would much rather drop a NG tube than start a foley any day... Most of my co-workers are quite happy to trade out :)
  12. Boniva-Fosamax = atrial fibrillation ?

    Ok, I looked and it had nothing to do with AF.. They have noticed a trend of Esophageal Erosion in these patients..
  13. Boniva-Fosamax = atrial fibrillation ?

    I will have to check tomorrow.. but our hospital will no longer administer those drugs, probably b/c of that connection... But I will read the memo tomorrow
  14. Should I report this CRNA?

    So is it not normal for you to remove airways from your patients??? Our CRNAs leave patients with us intubated all the time... We remove airways.. and have even replaced oral and nasal airways when needed?
  15. If you were/are overwhelmed as a new nurse...

    Just realize that the real learning begins in the real world.... School prepared you for the basics, but its totally different when its right there in front of you.. Learn everything you can from preceptor... They will be more than willing to help yo...