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  1. Hooligan

    Post Acute Care Nursing

    I was just offered an evening shift position at a post acute care "medical resort." Does anybody have experience working as an RN in a facility like this? I am used to the busy hustle and bustle of 2nd shift, and have always worked on an acute care med/surg peds unit. How different is it working in a facility like this? I have been working as an Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology high school teacher for the past several years and would be returning to nursing after about a 5 year break. I'm very interested in taking the position, but I do worry about burning my bridges with my current job. I was planning on asking my potential new employer if I could shadow someone during a 3-11 shift so I can see how things run and what a typical night would be like. It's a big decision to leave my current job, mid year and I don't want to make it blindly. It appears to be a really nice facility but in the back of my head, I keep hearing my dad..."if it seems too good to be true..." I have no problems working hard during my shift, but I do take issue with working in unsafe conditions, which is one of the reasons I left nursing for teaching. Sadly, the pay in teaching is really making me reconsider things... Any thoughts?
  2. Hooligan

    I'm in a Quandary

    Thank you to those who gave their sincere, thoughtful replies. I will take the summer to enjoy my kiddos and likely the break will help ease things a bit. I will give things one more year and evaluate my situation a bit more then. I have had a rough couple of years, with the things going on in my personal life and I'm sure that is adding fuel to the fire. I'm just hoping for a more peaceful next year, both personally and professionally. Again, thank you all for your input.
  3. Hooligan

    I'm in a Quandary

    Hmmm...very good suggestions here. A basket wouldn't work though...someone could take somebody else's phone and there is a liability issue there. We are not allowed to take phones away from students either. If there's damage, even before we get our hands on it, the student could accuse us of damaging it and we are then liable for the damage to the phone. Sadly, this is a policy in place from past history. A teacher confiscated a phone from a student and the phone already had a cracked screen. When the teacher gave the phone back the student accused the teacher of cracking the phone, and because the teacher couldn't prove that the damage was done prior to taking the phone, the teacher was responsible for replacing/repairing the damaged phone. Think documentation, documentation, documentation. But, perhaps I could find a way to enforce the peer pressure angle. Thank you for the helpful suggestions.
  4. Hooligan

    I'm in a Quandary

    In a perfect world, yes...but we can't afford that. If I could find a way to cut the pathetic $36,000 a year I make, I would. Sadly, this is the bare minimum I can afford to make.
  5. Hooligan

    I'm in a Quandary

    I am so sorry this was so long...I just really needed to get this off my chest. If you read this whole thing, thank you. If you have any input, again, thank you.
  6. Hooligan

    I'm in a Quandary

    A little history...I am an RN and worked as an adult med/surg and pediatric nurse part-time for a little over 5 years. Almost 4 years ago, my hospital did a mandatory switch to 12 hour shifts and I was always a 3-11 girl since it worked out well for my family at the time. The kids were younger at the time, and one was just entering pre-school and working a 12 hour shift on either end was not conducive to our family life. My husband's job requires night time on-call once a month and he needs to be able to leave at any given time. We need a bit more stability and home front coverage than 12 hour shifts can provide. At this same time though, as if by some divine intervention I was contacted by my local high school asking if I'd be interested in teaching Anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology for their Career and Technical Education program. I thought I was in heaven! No more weekends or holidays, summer break with my kids and if there was a snow day, no worries! I work in the same district they attend so absolutely no impromptu childcare needed. Everything sounded great! The pay was not ideal, but I justified that thinking that I made about the same working part-time as a nurse as I would if I considered my summers off as part-time work and the pay schedule based on years of service and education would eventually "catch up" in the pay department. The thing is, our district has been experiencing budget cuts and I have only received one raise after my first year and I'm now finishing my 4th year of teaching and still only making what a 2nd year teacher would make. I have been assured that my position is safe and is not on the chopping block...unlike our unfortunate culinary teacher who has been cut and will not be returning next year. What I did not anticipate was the sheer overload of after school work during the school year! My God! I had no idea how much uncompensated, extra work teachers do at home in addition to what they do in the classroom! I never cried in nursing...this job brought me to tears from just utter exhaustion and the transition from nursing to teaching was rough. When I got to the school, there was no program in place and I was making everything from scratch. Hours upon hours of making PowerPoints, work sheets, and studying. I had to relearn in great detail a lot of the A&P I hadn't reviewed since nursing school so that I could effectively teach the material in a way that high school students could understand. Needless to say, much of that has improved and I am a very good teacher. My frustration comes from being so sorely underpaid for the amount of BS I have to do. Also, if the current referendum doesn't pass for extra funding to pay the teachers, I'm looking at not getting a raise in the near future. My students are driving me crazy as well...perhaps it's just this year, but I feel as though the kids are getting worse and worse. They have no drive, don't want to study, and can't manage to stay off their frickin' cell phones and are not punished adequately for using them. They are becoming increasing disrespectful and argumentative and again, for the pay, I question if it's all worth it?!? It's not just me either...all of the teachers are complaining about the students and about how this particular group is just awful but according to the middle school, the next group is going to be worse! Don't get me wrong, the kids aren't juvenile delinquents or anything, but they are coddled in a way like I have never experienced before. They are not disciplined at home or at school and it is apparent by their unwillingness to do their work. They expect you just to crank open their skulls and pour the knowledge in like soup from a can. I have a handful of students who I'm very fond of and I feel as though I would be letting those kids down, but bottom line I have to do what is best for myself and my family. The problem is though, that I'm not sure what "the best" really is. To further complicate things, I was recently diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy and was unable to drive for several months. During this time, the school librarian picked me up every day and drove me to work. I work with great people, and I live only about 5 miles from the school and the school is a pretty small school with a small-town feel, which I love. If I went back to nursing, what happens if I have another seizure and can't drive again? This situation only complicates things. On the plus side, my own children will attend high school there and I like knowing that I'm part of the community and making a difference on that level. I like seeing my students at the store, and get a kick out of seeing them at their after school jobs when my family and I are out. The overall scheduling works well for the family, but the day to day demands of the job are taking a toll. I used to be the mom who would plan special birthday parties for my girls, sew their Halloween costumes, and make their lunches. I haven't attended a field trip or been able to be room-mom or do any of the things I want to do for my own kids. With nursing I was able to do that. Granted, I missed out on every other Holiday and missed out on every other summer weekend which worked when they were small and didn't realize that Santa came on a certain day. I just honestly don't know what to do. I also find that I get resentful towards my students when they complain about doing activities for class that I took time away from my family to create/plan for them! Ugh...I just don't know...I do feel though that I need to make a decision soon. I've been off the floor for 4 years, and each year I stay away, I lose my marketability in the nursing field. I have thought about going back to nursing part time and taking an online FNP program through Simmons College and just moving on in nursing, but then I just keep thinking, what if I regret leaving the teaching gig...maybe it's just a bad year...maybe things will get better... My husband is no help whatsoever. He is supportive of whatever decision I make God bless him! He would welcome more pay, of course, but bottom line, he just wants me to be happy. Unfortunately, the only time I'm happy is during the summer when I'm spending time with my kids. I hate the hustle and bustle of the school year and I feel like I miss out on so much! I feel like I had a better work-life balance in nursing even if the scheduling was erratic. I feel as though I have gone from one marginalized career into the next. What's next?...Social work? Anyway, I realize this post is just one long pity post...so I apologize for that...but does anybody have any thoughts?
  7. Hooligan

    I could use a little advice...

    OK...so here's my dilemma...I am currently a pediatric and woman's health nurse working in an under served low-income community hospital. There are days I hate my job and days I love my job...so overall I would say I tolerate my job. The perks to my situation is that I am a 0.5 evening shift nurse now and I bump my 5 days together so I can get 9 days in a row off and spend those days as a stay at home mom to my 2 little girls. My husband has a flexible work schedule so we currently need absolutely no daycare. My oldest just started Kindergarten and my youngest is 2-1/2. I currently LOVE my schedule and my home life the way it is now HOWEVER, my dream job has always been to work L&D and I've recently had a 2nd interview (they passed me up the first time the job came around but gave me a peer interview the 2nd time the position was offered) for a LDRP position at what appears to be a great smaller hospital in a decent community. This position is everything I want EXCEPT for the shift (3rd) and the FTE's (0.8...4 days/week). I would be working much more than I do now and I would have a TON to learn and need to do a lot of work related reading even after I got home. I'm torn between loving my life and tolerating my job and loving my job and tolerating my life...it seems like an easy decision, right?...stay in my current job and keep looking...the right job will come along at the right time...but the hospital I'm currently employed at appears to be on shaky ground. The new nurse manager for the hospital is awful and constantly changing our staffing, uniforms, reporting methods, charting methods, it's ridiculous! Furthermore, funding for our peds unit is deplorable and we don't really have all the equipment we need like continuous pulses ox machines, hand held pulse ox machines, etc... Also the level is professionalism is embarrassing. Nurses drop F-bombs loudly and repeatedly in the nurses station, staff are constantly on personal calls on their cell phone or texting in the halls. We can never get anything from pharmacy that we need in a timely fashion and diagnostics even when ordered stat are a joke! I'm actually embarrassed to admit I work there! Furthermore, our pediatric unit does not have a true unit manager...we are co-managed by another med/surg unit manager and they don't seem to understand or care about the needs of our unit. We are a small and overlooked unit and it is sometimes quite scary. I genuinely like almost all the people I work with (bad working habits aside) and can almost always find someone to work for me if I need them to and have almost always had a fantastic schedule...I'm so torn with what I should do... There has been a lot of talk about unionizing throughout the hospital since many of the other units are finally starting to deal with the same BS we've been dealing with for years now. The census is frequently so low hospital wide that other units are finally losing their CNA's and secretaries and are being forced to do primary care and unit secretary work that a lot of other nurses are beginning to rally together. But I honestly don't know that it will make much of a difference. Oh, and another thought to consider...If I take this new job that is in the area that I want to be in and that values and encourages continuing education...I will have to put my youngest in daycare which will eat up all the extra money I will be making by taking on more hours. So I will be working 3 more days in a pay period and making the same or possibly less money than I make right now. I know it's only temporary and soon my littlest will be in school but I am the type of mom who likes to cook, sew, make Halloween costumes, and decorate birthday cakes, etc.. I'm afraid I won't have the time for all these things and be able to live my home life as fully if I take this new job. I'm stuck in a cross roads between professional development and family life and i don't know what to do. I really think that if things weren't so abysmal at my current hospital I really wouldn't be as torn but I think that not only is this a great position, it's in general, a better run hospital where I would actually have a future. Sigh....so what are your thoughts?...
  8. Since graduating nursing school almost 5 years ago, I have been wanting to work L & D but could never find an opportunity. Even the hospital I currently work in is demanding 2 year previous L&D experience. I was continually running into the old problem of needing experience and not being able to get it. It's extremely frustrating! Well, I finally got the call today...I have an interview on Friday for a L&D position!!! I'm so excited but on the other hand, I'm terrified that I want it so badly and that I won't get it. My whole nursing career outside of school has been med/surg and peds. The last two years of which have been on a Women's Health and pediatric unit. Now that it's here, I feel completely unprepared for a L&D interview. It will be with the HR girl and the L&D Unit Manager. What can I expect out of the interview? Is she going to give me scenarios and expect me to tell her what I would do in a given situation? How much am I going to be expected to know about L&D? I mean, should I brush up on my L&D info and give my Maternal Nursing book a good going over or am I making to much of this. Bottom line, I just want to be prepared! I am a quick learner and have not doubt that given the opportunity, I would make a terrific L & D nurse. I just want to be sure that I get that opportunity. I know my response to the "where do you see yourself in 5 years" question because L&D is the only area of nursing I have even considered getting an advance degree in. So that one I've got covered! Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated! I really, really want this job!!!! Thanks! Bean
  9. Hooligan

    Transfusing febrile pt.'s

    Hello Everyone! I have a quick question...what is your hospital's policy on transfusing pt's who have a pre-existing fever. I had a pt. last night with a large necrotic abdominal abcess. her H& H was 8.2 and 22....something and she's scheduled to go for an I&D of the wound today. She had a fever while the infectious disease Dr. was there and I asked about getting an order for Tylenol or Motrin for the fever. The I/D Dr. didn't want to write an order for antipyretics because he felt the fever was therapeutic and only wrote the order for pt. c/o aches and pains. In this same group of orders, he wrote for the pt. to get her 1st two doses of antipyretics 1st then the transfuse the 2 units of blood. After the abx went in, the pt's temp was 102.8. I called the primary doctor who ordered the blood originally, and let notified him of the fever. He said to give 2 tylenol and go ahead with the transfusion. When I told him what the I/D dr. said about the fever and not wanting to medicate it he said ok. then go ahead and start the transfusion. I decided to give the Tylenol first for pt. c/o aches and pains and proceeded to hang the blood. During the transfusion her temp started to come down and at the 1 hour mark she was 101.1. So what is your hospital's policy on hanging blood on pt.'s with a fever? ~Bean
  10. Hooligan

    Need some resume advice

    Well I've been working part-time on an adult medical acute care unit and am currently on maternity leave. I'm not planning on returning to my previous employer and am currently updating my resume for interviews after my new little one arrives. My qestion is this....I have 1 year medical experience and not sure what to do with my resume....Do I leave my clinical experiences from school on since I've got so little "real-world" experience or take them off? I feel funny leaving them on but will my one year nursing job experience be enough? Nursing is a second career for me so I still have my other professional job listed from my pre-nursing life. What do you all think? Thanks in advance for any advice! Oh, also, what do I do about references? I can easily give one reference from my pre-nursing career, but I'm hesitant to use references from my current employer. I haven't told them I'm leaving just in case I don't find anything I'm more interested in. While I hated working there, I don't want to burn any bridges...KWIM? I honestly don't think they'd have anything negative to say about me. I was a good employee but don't have any concrete feedback from my unit manager since my Maternity Leave started 6 days before my 1 year anniversary. I really don't feel like I can even use any of my co-workers because word spreads like wildfire!
  11. Hooligan

    Davita Employees.....

    Wow! Thanks for all your input. I for some reason thought that chronic outpt. care would somehow be "safer" than the acute inpt. arena. One of the major reasons I'm leaving my current facility is because I fear for pt. safety and don't really want to be associated with them if/when something bad happens. It's nice to know I should probably just steer clear of Davita altogether. Thanks again!
  12. Hooligan

    Davita Employees.....

    Hi, I'm currently on maternity leave and considering changing jobs and not returning to my med/surg floor. I just finished up my 1st year of nursing and HATE feeling like a Jack of all Trades. I'm hoping that a specialty will be more up my alley. I'm really interested in dialysis nursing and recently saw a position available at a Davita branch near me. The position is for full time evenings....can anyone tell me if Davita hires part-time? I don't mind 2nd shift, but full time is something I'm trying to avoid considering I'll have a newborn and a 3 year-old at home. That's one of the thing I love about nursing is the flexibility of scheduling but it doesn't seem like you get that with dialysis....or am I wrong?
  13. Hooligan

    Would you do it?

    Thank you all for your replies! I will definatly submit my resume. Thanks again!
  14. Hooligan

    Acute Rehab vs. Med/Surg

    I'm currently on maternity leave and do not plan to return to my original place of employment when it's over. I was working on a very busy adult medical/peds unit. This was my first year out of nursing school and have not been terribly happy with my hospital or unit. I'm currently looking at another hospital and they have positions available for acute rehab and med/surg. Can someone explain the main differences between the two specialties. From what I've read so far, the main difference is the lenght of time you have with your pt's. Which for me seems like a good deal....especially since I'm part time. I rarely ever had the same pt.'s more than once. On my adult medical floor we had tele pt's, hung blood, did peritineal dialysis on occasion, had pt's with wound vacs (never had to place them or anything), CBI, etc....from what I've read in some of the other posts, acute rehab seems to be more of those same kind of pt's only you have a higher nurse/pt. ratio. Why is that? In my last hospital we would have up to 6 on evenings and that was more than enough for me. At 6 I felt I was tapped out and there were way too many nights where if I managed to pass all my meds and my pt's were breathing I did an ok job. I don't like feeling that way. Anyway, if someone could enlighten me more about the differences between acute rehab and adult med/surg I would appreciate it. Thanks! ~Bean
  15. Hooligan

    Pregnant nurse here

    Wow! I can't believe how lucky some of you have been while pregnant. I'm currently on Bedrest/Maternity Leave and have been since 29 weeks. The others on my unit could really care less about my being pregnant. I always got the split on the unit which is the section of rooms that fell in between both our nurses stations so I'd end up walking up and down the hall all night. Furthermore, we have a computerized meds amin system and have to drag a Computer on wheels around with us for all meds and IV's hung. It was never even a thought to not assign MRSA/VRE and otherwise cootied pt's to me. I ended up going into pre-term labor and was hospitalized on Mag sulfate, steroids for the babies lungs and sent home on terbutaline q3hrs. My Dr. said I could go back to work on Light Duty but at my hospital, you are only entitled to light duty if you are injured on the job. Furthermore, i am 2 hours shy of qualifying for Long-term disability so I had to take my Family Medical Leave Early. My hospital and unit are completely unsympathetic and unwilling to work with you. Needless to say, I will NOT be returning there. I'm using this time to seek employment elsewhere. Don't let this scare you though, everyone is different and it would appear that as my husband says I'm "not very good at being pregnant." I got Pre-eclampsia (sp?) with my first daughter so perhaps he's right. I may very well have an inhospitable womb! ~Bean
  16. Hooligan

    Would you do it?

    OK, so here's my situation.... I'm currently on Bedrest/Maternity leave with baby #2. Due mid January, I am currently on leave from a part-time position on a very busy adult med-surg/peds unit. This is the end if my 1st year nursing after nursing school and the thought of going back to that unit makes me want to cry. I have a rare good night but most of them are atrocious!!! I feel staffing is unsafe and most nights feel as though I was fortunate that I passed all my meds and left all my pt's breathing. This is NOT what I had in mind when thought of Nursing. We have lost many seasoned nurses and have a high turnover rate with new employees. I feel like those leaving are fleeing like rats on a sinking ship and wondering myself if I should jump ship. So here's my dilemma.... My Aunt works for a school district as their head learning disability honcho and alerted me to an opening for a School nurse at one of her schools. It's a junior high school in a rougher neighborhood. The principal is not a very authoritative figure but is being replaced after this year. The current school nurse is resigning because she's decided she doesn't want to work any more and since her husband is a pharmacist, she doesn't need to. Anyway, the position will be available around the time I'll be finishing my maternity leave. Here's the thing....the school does not want a certified school nurse....which I'm not. I'm assuming it has to do with the fact that they wouldn't have to pay as much. I know school nursing jobs are hard to come by so I was thinking that this would at least be a foot in the door. I could then work on getting my certification and eventually move to a better school at a later date. Any thoughts on this? I know the obvious pros to school nursing, time off, no weekends, holidays etc.... The cons I've come up with are the pay cut, need for daycare during school year for 2 children (one a newborn), working more hours during the work week, the unknown....I know very little at this point about school nursing. I've worked in the professional world prior to nursing and am eager to resume those hours again but financially, the pay cut will be hard right now. Are School nursing jobs really that hard to get that it would be better to get in now and take the hit just to get the foot in the door and get experience while waiting for a more desirable district to become available? Also, what about the fact that the school does not require a certified school nurse? Is this a red flag I should be alert to? Any thought, input, advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance! ~Michelle