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Well I've been working part-time on an adult medical acute care unit and am currently on maternity leave. I'm not planning on returning to my previous employer and am currently updating my resume for interviews after my new little one arrives. My qestion is this....I have 1 year medical experience and not sure what to do with my resume....Do I leave my clinical experiences from school on since I've got so little "real-world" experience or take them off? I feel funny leaving them on but will my one year nursing job experience be enough? Nursing is a second career for me so I still have my other professional job listed from my pre-nursing life. What do you all think? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Oh, also, what do I do about references? I can easily give one reference from my pre-nursing career, but I'm hesitant to use references from my current employer. I haven't told them I'm leaving just in case I don't find anything I'm more interested in. While I hated working there, I don't want to burn any bridges...KWIM? I honestly don't think they'd have anything negative to say about me. I was a good employee but don't have any concrete feedback from my unit manager since my Maternity Leave started 6 days before my 1 year anniversary. I really don't feel like I can even use any of my co-workers because word spreads like wildfire!

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No student experiences on a resume UNLESS extra course beyond standard curriculum....otherwise looks like PADDING resume.

List your prenursing life on resume. Any HR/hiring Mgr will want to contact nursing reference and will be concerned if you don't have at least one nursing reference. Will contact HR at facility to check date of hire---standard.

First career reference needed to check long term reliability/work ethic etc...

Tons ideas:

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