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  1. 2ndCareerRN

    WI law re newborn erythromycin and vit K?

    Her best bet is to talk to her OB, as had been said. Now a little ancedote, we just flew out a 2 week old with neonatal sepsis. The parents declined everything at birth. No e-mycian, no Vit K, no Hep B, nothing...nada. Did this cause the sepsis? Hard to tell, but it sure didn't help. I believe all newborns should at the very least get Vit K and e-mycian ointment. That is my 2 cents worth on this. bob
  2. 2ndCareerRN

    Vegetarian being asked to dissect a cat !

    ITA, and will add. Another reason is that irresponsible humans like the kittens, but when they get older they are tossed aside for various reasons. Once that happens they are free to breed, and overpopulate areas. And when that happens other animals in the immediate ecosystem become victims. bob
  3. 2ndCareerRN

    Administering CPR

    Although I don't do the actual compressions that often, I am there when it is done. While the aide or EMT is doing compressions, I set up the monitor, slap on pads, get IV access and all the other things that need to be done during a code. If all of that is done, I have been known to seperate a rib or two in my time. It sure does make compressions easier, and more effecient, if the ribcage has more "give". bob
  4. 2ndCareerRN

    Husband/wife in the Navy? Stationed in CA

    Go to Spain....you can always visit those other places when living in the US. But to live in Spain.....something that should not be passed up. bob
  5. I usually put in a number that equates to 10-15 minutes before the fluid infusion is done. That way, if I am busy, the pump beeping will cue me to change the bag. That way there is not a period of time that the fluid is not infusing. Others may do it for other reasons. bob
  6. 2ndCareerRN

    The VA Medical Center Pay

    Somebody was blowing smoke up your "you know what". Most new grads (RN)are hired as a GS7, and that is nowhere 60K yr. It is easy to find out how much they pay. Look at a job announcement for a position your are looking at and then go here http://www.opm.gov/oca/05tables/indexGS.asp it has base pay rates and locality pay. This will give you a good idea. I believe (but not sure) that most LPN positions are GS5. There may also be a special pay scale for the position. I know my base is greater than what is listed. bob
  7. 2ndCareerRN

    Are small jokes accepted?

    Frankie, One small bit of advice........ Keep your day job. Unless you can read people 100%, in a matter of seconds, it is best to leave the jokes behind during clinicals. bob
  8. No more craziness here on full moon nights than on other nights. It is always crazy. bob
  9. 2ndCareerRN

    need info. on Chronic Airway Obstruction

    Google...is your friend....and so are some other search engines. You should be able to find something in there to help you out. good luck bob
  10. 2ndCareerRN

    Which PDA to purchase?

    HI, Try a search on titles only and put in PDA. You will see about 8 pages of related posts. bob
  11. 2ndCareerRN

    Questions for Navy Reservists

    As a reservist you will have to go to Officer Indoctrination School in Newport, R.I. You may also be able to enter at an advanced paygrade, rather than as an Ensign. Talk to a Nurse Recruiter. Do not bother with the local recruiters. The phone is your friend, in fact, you may be able to talk them out of a free trip to observe Navy Nurses in action. Jacksonville is pretty nice this time of year, a nice beach close by. Go to this site and look around. This is the course you will take. You will not go to OCS because the medical corps are not line officers. https://otcn.netc.navy.mil/ois/index.cfm good luck, bob
  12. 2ndCareerRN

    Anyone use epocrates for PDA?

    I have the free version. I also have the Davis Drug Guide on mine. I use the DDG quite a bit more. Epocrates doesn't seem to have as much info. An example I ran into the other night was with pyridium. The doc would not give any to a 10 year old because epocrates said there was no pediatric dosing. DDG listed a pediatric dose. This doc in an arrogant SOB who does not listen, and cannot make a decision unless he pulls out his PDA. So the girl didn't get any pyridium. bob
  13. 2ndCareerRN

    Your opinion: VA benefit cuts...OK or Not OK?...Take the Poll

    While it is not ok to cut bebefits, it is permissable, and expected that the VA use their money more wisely. Does that mean some people will not receive the care they believe they deserve. Of course it does. But with the number of service connected diabled vets, it is the duty of the VA to care for them first. Non-service connected, and people who feel they deserve free health care because they did their few years of active duty, have to realize that they are at the bottom of the pile. And very little money will trickle down there. So, has there been a cut in the VA budget? I have been out of the loop, has there been an actual cut. Or just a restructuring of benefits? This is all I could find. I could not find anything reputable about the upcoming budget. A lot of chest beating, and accusations, but nothing solid. But, I didn't spend a long time looking either. http://www.factcheck.org/article144.html bob
  14. 2ndCareerRN

    Should there be a limit on trying to pass NCLEX?

    That is the way NCLEX is supposed to work. But, what of the person who takes 4 tries and still fails. They will have seen an extra 1060 questions. Questions you can't see by doing Kaplan or anything else. They are the real questions. Although there are many, many questions available for the test, eventually there will be repeats. That is where the averages catch up. If you have seen 5-10% of the questions from prior tests, and can recall them, you have an advantage over those who take the test a finite number of times. As far as a poor test taker. My god, they just finished nursing school. Don't you think they may have had to take a test or two, and learned some test taking strategies? I will still stick by my feeling that 3 times and then remediation should be the norm. If failed the 4th time, perhaps a formal remedial nursing course, much like nurses who have been away from nursing for several years are required to do before obtaining a license. bob
  15. I often see where people have failed NCLEX 3 or more times. Some states require a remedial course of study after failing so many times. Arizona will allow multiple times in 1 year. In Kansas, you must petition the board if you take more than 24 months after graduation to pass NCLEX. In Louisana you can only take the NCLEX four times in four years. In Michigan, it is 3 years or a max of 6 tries. South Carolina is 4 tries in one year and then remediation. http://www.virtualnursinghome.com/licensure.htm Most of the states do not have a limit for retaking the NCLEX. You can keep going and going and going. Eventually the law of averages will catch up, and the test will be passed, IMO. So, how do you feel about the number of times a person should be able to take the NCLEX exam? Remember, this is the same nurse that will be taking care of you or your loved ones. Should remedial education be required after 3 tries, 5 tries, a certain time frame? This is a harsh world, there are some people who should not be nurses, and if the NCLEX is one way to prevent that, then I am in favor of a 3 try limit, followed by remediation and then one more try to pass. I feel that the practice of allowing unlimited re-takes does nothing to advance the practice of nursing. bob
  16. 2ndCareerRN

    Indian Health Service Story

    I can't tell if you got a bum rap or not. There is only one side to this story. I don't understand why the IHS would want to single you out when they have a lot more problems than what you alluded to. Perhaps you should look into a lawyer who will work on a contingency, and take them to court where the story can be told. One last thing, paragraphs are your friend. It got hard to follow your story at times with it all jammed together. bob