NCLEX in two days....prayers please...

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I take my nclex in 2 days and i really do not know what to do with myself until then. i answered questions and i am not sure how much more i can retain until test day.....prayers are greatly appriciated because i really need them to remain positive and peaceful to pass this test :loveya:

I'll be praying for all of us, who will be taking the NCLEX Exam.. mine is tomorrow, pray for me please... could anyone tell me about the PVT? thanks
u will be in my prayers too. Goodluck. We can do this. :)
I'll be praying for all of us, who will be taking the NCLEX Exam.. mine is tomorrow, pray for me please... could anyone tell me about the PVT? thanks

God bless to your test tomorrow.. ill pray for u as well.. mine will be on wed, hoping for the best.. God is good all the time!!! st. Jude help us..

Thank you all for your support. I take my test on weds. aug 15th. I put in two days because it was after to everyone taking their exam tomorrow....i will be praying for you tonight so let me know how it goes.....and to those taking it with me on weds. tomorrow we need to just relax....I checked into a suite to get away from my kids to have a piece of mind....i plan on spending tomorrow by the pool with one of my best friends.....and of course pray, pray, praying for us to be at peace and to be confident and we WILL ALL be RN's soon!!!!! Keep me updated.... :loveya:

What are the odds? I asked God to give me a sign if I should reschedule, last night our tv sparked just as i was turning it off, this morning our power is just going crazy on and off I wanted to call to reschedule because i cant help but think about all.these problems ive been having since last week but phone too of course was down only the the electrical stove and fridge were on. Oh heck although its mostly an electrical problem il take this as a positive sign. Don't ask me why. Lol.

nurse 671 you will be in my prayers, you are going to pass!! and you are going to be a nurse !!!! good luck tomorrow, although you dont need it ,, because i know you will pass

Just watched a couple hurst videos this am and then reading over the study guide from allnurses. Going to take it tomorrow at 8 am. Hoping I will pass! Good luck to all!!!

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Heh1052, I have yet to meet anyone that left that place thinking that they passed, so please do not despair. Do the Pearson Vue Trick. Take your time in answering questions. I found it easy to eliminate two choices and it ended up between 2, so put use of the Kaplan's decision tree. Take your break if anything go to the loo, it will allow you to stretch. Good Luck.

Does anyone know whrere I can watch the hurst video online for free? Some one gave a link before and accessed it. However, I lost the website and forgot :(

Tomorrow is the day that ive been waiting for.. plzz pray for me and those taking the test tomorrow as well.. lets do this!!! God is with us all tbe way!! God is good.. St. Jude help us..

Praying, praying , praying !

Blessings to all of us who are taking our exams tomorrow :saint:. May God grant us peace and serenity and may He open up our minds and pour out all the answers we already have within us! I've done all that I can do. There's nothing left but to get a good night's sleep, so that I can wake up refreshed and ready to pass the NCLEX.

God Bless and have a peaceful sleep tonight :kiss

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