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  1. nurse671

    Is my husband being unreasonable?

    Maybe your husband have been witnessing lots of crime lately and is being paranoid or protective?
  2. nurse671

    I paaaaasss nclex-rn thanks god aleluyaaa ))

    :) Congrats to you!! I knew you could do it.. :)
  3. nurse671

    November and December NCLEX-RN test takers

    Hello! Sorry I havent been on skype sold my netbook and I havent downloaded skype but you have been in my thoughts and prayer. I want to pm you but your inbox is full.. Hope to hear from you. marg
  4. nurse671

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "Now now I know you want to win this years Halloween Costume but you might want to get rid of the smell"
  5. nurse671

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "You know its a little too early for Halloween but what the heck do you any treats with yah?"
  6. nurse671

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Hmmm. Your giving me ideas of what I should be this coming Halloween.
  7. nurse671

    let go on first day because of OSHA :(

    That's really weird!!!!
  8. nurse671

    First post on this page!

    :w00t: Congrats!
  9. :yelclap: Thanks for sharing your story. Would love to read more of your blog.
  10. nurse671

    Did Saunders really help for NCLEX RN?

    I agree with Zazak the contents are really good. The ones on the red font, pyramid and boxes are extremely important pay attention to those. The questions are way too easy but if you have enough time answer them :) good luck on your review. :)
  11. nurse671

    My daily log for NCLEX-RN exam

    AspiringRN2b Just dropping by to show some support... :redpinkhe WISHING YOU THE BEST IN YOUR REVIEW.
  12. nurse671

    My review log for NCLEX-RN exam.

    one1morestep you can do it girl. Dont give up :nono:you have come so far. Keep doing daily questions. You got this.
  13. nurse671

    My review log for NCLEX-RN exam.

    I have pass the nclex too. Im so thankful I joined this log and met really awesome people. :) your kaplan scores are not bad. goodluck on your review. you got this.
  14. :uhoh21: I can totally relate. Its been 6 years since i graduated (sigh). I just recently pass the nclex too with only 75q At first I was excited then I realize well geez who will want to hire me I don't have experience at all. Oh well we can't bring back time we can only move forward. One thing I have learned when I was preparing for the nclex is if you truly want something and you give it your 101% best you will get eventually get it. Good luck to you! Don't listen to that voice saying you can't do it. Marg
  15. nurse671

    Little Brother

    That was nice. Thank you for sharing your story. :)
  16. nurse671

    New grad...first major screw-up!

    Thanks for sharing these awesome documents. :redpinkhe This is why i can't get enough of allnurses.com theres always something to learn.