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    The Patient I Failed

    To the OP, I am sure deep in your heart you know that you DID NOT fail your patient, but right now it is hard to see. We all have here rallied together here and embraced you to tell you that because you need to hear it and feel it at this time. You wrote it beautifully, you have honored your patient. The lack of education of some lay people is what drives them to make such decisions, I fear this daughter will regret this at some point, and I can only hope that she too will find someone to console her. Hugs.

    The Patient I Failed

    I am so sorry you have to go through this. Especially, you being a nurse and know exactly what this is doing to your mum. How can your sister not know that this is just prolonging the inevitable, and making her suffer? Sending you a virtual hug, that God have mercy on your mum.

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ophthalmology

    Frances, it is wonderful you found your place in ophthalmology as an RN. Having worked in this field myself for close to 25 years shows how much I enjoy ophthalmology. Now that I am an RN because of you, I hope to also find a place in it in another scope. Here is hoping

    Exit Strategies For Nurses Who Deal With Overly Talkative Patients

    Where I work in ophthalmology, we are not so bound by what we can say, however, we get patients that are chatty and those 65 plus patients that we see a day per doctor do want to have that personal time with us technicians. I usually tell them "it was so nice seeing you again (insert name), I better get going, the doctor is waiting for me to finish so he can come in and see you". This works like a charm. As for when I work in the floor, I suppose one can know which ones are the chatty ones, if the team is a cohesive one, alerting some co-workers in the team (after all just telling one to come to the rescue may not be successful in case they have the same issue at the same time....LOL) to come and get me in five minutes or page me, is the tactic I may want to use. Definitely, I will not use the fainting one....LOL

    Nurses With POSSIBILITIES: Changing Our Perspective on Disability

    What about new nurses that may have gotten ill while in the program and have now graduated? The only positions I can think of is the of navigator, but those actually require experience. To the one that replied with being homeless twice, I am so sorry you had to go through that... with your experience have you tried working a desk job at a medical office? I wish you the best of luck.

    Are You An Innie or An Outie? Personality Testing And You

    Is this test for free? I am sure I am an extrovert on the results, I am not shy and I talk to everyone...LOL

    Drawing the Line: Shutting Down Verbal Abuse

    Canes, thank you so much for stating the guidelines, as a novice, I heard so many times of "nurses eat their young". I will keep them in mind in case I come across someone trying to disrespect me.

    A Note of Deep Concern and Worry

    The OP is correct, there is help out there, there is no shame in grabbing the helping hand. YOU MATTER! Sending lots of hugs and love.

    Why In The Heck Should I Be A Loyal Nurse?

    I never heard of interning for that long, or not getting a job as an RN after successful completion. It must have been a kick to your stomach to be passed like that. I hope you were able to at least use that experience you learned and gotten a better place to be employed at. I am not sure we; new graduates, have much choice at the moment. I will literally kiss the ground when I get a job, just to get the experience to hopefully have a choice at the end where I want to work. I was at my last employer for over 24 years, and yes I agree, at the end of the day is about the bottom line, money. My time there can tell you that I like to settle in a place, but this has taught me to now, just make sure to be loyal to my needs, without compromising of course the care of my patients.

    Why In The Heck Should I Be A Loyal Nurse?

    Where are you Aurora? I wish to meet a manager who will give me the same chance.

    Why In The Heck Should I Be A Loyal Nurse?

    Sheesh, I do not want any of you experienced nurses to drop dead to take your position. I just want a shot at a new opening...we new graduates deserve a chance to work too and here in South Florida, experience will always get the job before us new graduates.

    Is My Nursing License At Risk?

    Wow, I clicked on the very first one and there were 7 charges against this person....WOW.

    Is My Nursing License At Risk?

    This reminds me of a very importan email I got from ANA...I am pasting it along here, because we all need to get involved to make our conditions better. Granted, I am a new graduate with not job, but this change is imperative for us...It is easy, just fill your name and it automatically goes to your senator and representative. This bill will help us with patient ratios....something baddly needed to lessen these errors. https://secure3.convio.net/ana/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=403

    Is My Nursing License At Risk?

    Question: Can one report management for unsafe patient ratios, the stress that brings on the nurses that they cannot take a break, and still get docked for it?

    Nursing Interview Questions (Part 2)

    Is this for real? Because the idea is fantastic if I get a job 50 miles from my house....LOL....wait, where will I shower? Mmm....the gym close by, to which I will hopefully have a membership comes to mind. I may be able to find a job a little further north from where I live then