NCLEX in two days....prayers please...

Nursing Students NCLEX


I take my nclex in 2 days and i really do not know what to do with myself until then. i answered questions and i am not sure how much more i can retain until test day.....prayers are greatly appriciated because i really need them to remain positive and peaceful to pass this test :loveya:

Hey-ooooo to those who just passed the nclex! Congratulations on your accomplishment. Can you guys break the nclex down, what type of questions did u guys have and what were the majority of the questions about.....I'm taking mine the 27 and I am terrified to take it and I not even feel confident no matter how hard a study. Thank you :)

Ahelene, that is great, I am in Florida too. Does it not look nice to see your license number?Congratulations.
Sensual, it surrrrrrre does! :-)
It makes me feel awesome that someone took the time to listen to it. I am so happy you felt the way I fet when I first heard it. I have played it several times since. I put it on my favorites in YouTube and also put in on my Facebook to share. You could have dance with your husband and jump with joy. Our journey does not end with passing the boards, now it begins with job search; which we all know it is tough. Some of us want to go to specialty nursing and will soon realize how difficult this will be. We need to keep this moment VERY present, we did not give up, we kept going - and going and going - and remaining humble throughtout will be great because we will eventually have students shadows us; and we all remember how some were not happy about having students, and ultimately percept.GOD is good INDEED!!!
P You are so right about that! We can never forget and must remember to pay it forward!
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