NCLEX in two days....prayers please...

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I take my nclex in 2 days and i really do not know what to do with myself until then. i answered questions and i am not sure how much more i can retain until test day.....prayers are greatly appriciated because i really need them to remain positive and peaceful to pass this test :loveya:

Omg.. I feel you. I test 2 days from now too. :( I feel like rescheduling my test but at the same time I feel like I did my best to study and I just want it to be over. Goodluck to both of us and all who are taking the exam. May we recall nessecary information that we learn when we need it. May God be with us during our exam.

Good luck with your exams. Take a deep breath whenever you start to feel anxious and take breaks.

Thank u all! And to Nurse671 im praying for you as well! I wanted to reshedule to but i am just gonna go take it and be done.....and PASS! U too!

God bless and Good luck for the both of you! You can do it!

Good luck to you all!

Be sure to take the day before your exam OFF! Absolutely NO STUDYING! Go shopping, watch a movie, exercise, etc.-- anything that will take your mind off the NCELX. Doing this really helped me feel relaxed and confident.

Reeta116 & nurse671, I'm testing the same day as well. Today's my last day of doing whatever I can. After that I'm just going to review the study guide and my lab values and leave the rest in God's hands. We can do it!! I'm taking everybody's advice to Breathe and take breaks. I think I'm going to take a break every 25 questions. I think that will help me to remain focused and fesh. Lord please keep your hands on us as we take our exams and open up our minds so that we can pull out the knowledge that we already have to be able to answer each question accurately and confidently!

Good luck everyone...

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Prayers prayers prayers! Good luck to everyone!

Ill be taking my test also 2 days from now... i dont really now what i feel, its just wierd. I feel like throwing up.. well hoping for the best.. God bless.. He will guide us and be with us throughout our examination day.. lets pray and pray and pray.. st. Jude please help us..

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you will be just fine....breathe, and think them have 5h, no need to feel rushed at all.....Good Luck! :)

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