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  1. 88nursinglove88

    what to do??

    I am doing a pediatric private duty case on a child with a gtube from 11-7 . But today i received a call for another case from 8-4 better payrate and better schedule, what should i tell the other agency? I dont want to loose the agency but this new case works better for me, so i can continue studing, how should i tell the agencie of the 11-7 case that i cant do it anymore??
  2. 88nursinglove88

    NCSBN 5 week course review extlearning

    Im doing private duty full time... Good luck
  3. 88nursinglove88

    NCSBN 5 week course review extlearning

    Hey how are you? Im doing private duty nursing, and you??
  4. 88nursinglove88

    H E L P!!!.....

    I used pda by lacharity, pearson book & cd( which for me was the besttttt) and ncsbn
  5. hi, i did my lpn here in miami.... how long wouldthe rn bsn be?
  6. 88nursinglove88

    lpn-rn puerto rico

    im an lpn in miami, currently looking for universities in puerto rico to do my rn, i want to know if they accept credits from my lpn program, how long is the program, which universities are better, where do i stay when i have to go to puerto rico for the practice?
  7. 88nursinglove88

    Prep courses: Ncsbn, hurst, or ati?

  8. 88nursinglove88

    first patient

    Yes i posted it, thank you so much for ur help ... Being a new nurse sucks lmao !!!
  9. 88nursinglove88

    new nurse in need of help

    Hellos nurses... I have a questioms.. tomorrow i have a new patient im covering a nurse whos going on vacation for a week. Ok so this is the thing, she told me that the patient usually doesnt eat at night so she always puts lets insulin than the doctor orders , and depending on the blood sugar levels that i should evaluate how much to put, i didnt want to tell her that i was new because i can lose the patient. Please tell me what i should do, the orders are ... Morning humulin 70/30 25 units and at night humulin 70/30 15 units & lantus 70 units.... How do i evaluate? Im new at this... Ok so after following the advice of a very nice and im sure that is a great nurse. I called back and asked the nurse what she usually administer to the pt... She told me that he lives alone and that he almost never eats at night so she didnt administer humulin 70/30 ... She only administered lantus and a lower unit.... Also if you have any suggestion to a new nurse tips and tricks are all welcomed !! :)
  10. 88nursinglove88

    first patient

    I sent you a pm
  11. 88nursinglove88

    first patient

    Hahahah thank you for.your words!!! I know it couldve been worse, but im a new nurse so i see everything big now :/ .... Well yesterday i had the patient again and at least i didnt break the needle lol ... By the way tomorrow i have to admimister insulin to the DON's father lol
  12. 88nursinglove88

    first patient

    Awww thank you so much , ur so sweet. Well i dont think my nerves help much since i broke the insulin syringe and had to replace it thanks to my nervous hands... I was never this nervous in clinical rotations, i dont know what is happening , im scared of patients :/ and this nervousness and shakiness is bringin me down
  13. 88nursinglove88

    first patient

    No , im not a student anymore :) im a new graduate lpn, i had enough practice with accue check , but this was my first patient i was sooo nervous !!!! :/ thanks god she was nice.... Do you have any tips for new graduates working in home health?
  14. 88nursinglove88

    first patient

    What was your experience with your first patient ??? Today i had my first patient, i had to do an acue check and administer insulin, i was shaking the entire time, i felt so bad, but the patient told me to relax that i was doing really good, even better than the experience nurses he had in the past :/
  15. 88nursinglove88

    Failed NCLEX-PN first time

    For me pda by lacharity was the best to study from, kaplan was good but the questions are very different from nclex... Ncsbn the questions are more similar to nclex, but with maryann hogan questions and pda by lacharity you should be fine
  16. 88nursinglove88

    I PASSED..!!!!!! I PASSED...