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Took my NCLEX test few days ago here in California. California does not provide the quick result service. So waiting for the result is killing me. I keep checking the BRN wesbite hoping to see my... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Woo Hoo!!! Awesome!!! I can relate. I had to wait six weeks back in the old days when they mailed it to you. It was torture. Best wishes in your career from now on!
  2. by   Qatrn
    Congatulations Ashi, RN!!!!
  3. by   JaimeeG
    yeah ashi!!!!

    you must be walking on clouds today!! i hope i am able to feel that way soon. this is the most gosh-awful feeling to know that the brn has my results but is, in essence, holding them hostage. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

    have a great day ashi..you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hatparty:

  4. by   chipay2brn
    Congratulations AshiRN:hatparty:

    Can you share some pointers?

  5. by   Ashi
    Thank you guys!!! Thank you all so much!!!!
  6. by   mauser
    Great Job! I kept checking back to see how you made out.

    I just love happy endings!! (and beginnings)
  7. by   newgrad2005

    First off, congrats! Second, I am surprised the CA BRN gave you your ATT before receiving your final transcript. I am currently waiting for my ATT and I know the CA BRN received my application about a moth ago (my check to them was cashed on April 19th!) I have tried to call them to check on the status of my application, but I always get a busy signal. Any tips for me???


  8. by   Jessy_RN
    Quote from Ashi
    I PASSED!!!!! :hatparty: :hatparty:
    Finally saw my name up on the BRN website. Phewww!!!

    IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT THEN! CONGRATTTTTSSSSSS!!!!:hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  9. by   BabyRN2Be
    hey ashi!! great job!!!

    i'd send you balloons, but i did already!!! i had a good feeling about this, and i'm glad i checked back for the happy ending. you must be walking on air now! i'm sorry that you had to wait for so long though!

    congratulations, ashi, rn.

    by the way, you all were referring to the "big envelope." what does that mean? i guess i had it in my mind that it was a good thing left over from college admission. if you got the thin envelope, you were not accepted, if you got the big one, you were accepted. so, what does the "big envelope" mean?

    thanks, and once again great job... i do wish you many years of great service. i pray that things go well for you from here!

  10. by   Nurselisa2005
    I live in california and when i took the nclex the first time it took them 6 weeks to send my results to me. Good luck if you haven't already heard.
  11. by   Nurselisa2005
    Just wanted to let you know that i live in Ca and the first time that i took the nclex it took them 7 weeks to send me my results. I had to call the board of ca a couple of times before they sent it to me.