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  1. SHOES: Are Dansko comfortable?

    Danskos are the best I've found.
  2. Did I Make a Big Mistake?

    Hi Lauren, I could have written your post. I am in the same situation, working nights and hating it. Something's gotta give, I know that...just not sure what yet. I love my job and the hospital I work at and don't want to work on another unit, but...
  3. skin prep for c-section

    I did a search for this question, but didn't come up with anything. Here's my situation: I am a new L&D nurse and I have spent three days (with three different preceptors) in the OR circlulating c-sections. Each of them did the skin prep differ...
  4. Let's introduce ourselves...

    Hello, All ... so excited to see this new forum. I graduated from nursing school in late April 2005, took boards on May 26th, found out I passed with 75 questions on May 31st, and started a 4-month orientation in L&D on Friday, July 1st. My pre...
  5. When is everybody starting work and what unit?

    I start June 27th on Labor and Delivery (3 mo. orientation).
  6. male labor and delivery nurses

    It's not like women don't expect a strange man to see their cootchies at some point during a pregnancy. Hee, hee. But honestly, I don't expect strange men to see my cootchie during pregnancy!!! I will either have a woman OB or midwife. Just my pre...
  7. The waiting game STINKS

    Congratulations, Jaimee, R.N.!!!!
  8. The waiting game STINKS

    Hang in there Jaimee. When were your transcripts sent?
  9. How long after graduation did it take to get your ATT?

    It only took 5 days to issue my license (only 2 business days)!!! Yep, I PASSED!!!
  10. NCLEX results

    I passed!!! My license was issued yesterday 5/31/05!!! I am a CA RN!!!
  11. What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    I PASSED with 75 questions!!!
  12. Any non-night people accept a night position?

    SC RN~ I am working L&D nights 3-12's, too! Maybe we will be co-workers! I PM'd you :)
  13. When should NCLEX review start?

    It came out Dec. 2004. We started studying for NCLEX using Sauders in January before our April graduation. Our school had a mandatory 1 day a week review class. It was great!
  14. Please HELP, 2 days til NCLEX!!!

    If you normally didn't study for exams in school and still did well, then you should be ok. Good luck.
  15. ? about delegation questions

    I did not have any delegation questions on NCLEX. But I'm sure they would be very general and not state-specific if they were to ask.