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  1. Ashi

    which PDA should I buy??

    Natashaa, Thank you. I will check the ebay. Hope I get a good deal. Maggie, Would I be able to download the drugs book and medical dictionary on Dell???
  2. Ashi

    which PDA should I buy??

  3. Ashi

    NCLEX in CA, How long before results posted?

    It took me almost a month to get my result. But they are ppl who got theirs within few days!!! Good Luck!
  4. Ashi

    Not even Registered yet!

    Just the 200 dollars for the test or do you also need to file the application with the BRN?????
  5. Ashi

    Is this code for "you passed" ?

    Sounds like a CODE to me. I am hoping the best for you. The BRN took almost a month to release my liscense since they did not recieve my transcript from the school. My name was up on the website almost a week before I recieved the license and the certificate in mail. So keep checking the website. They update it every morning except weekends!! Goodluck!!!
  6. Ashi

    NCLEX California waiting game

    It took me almost three weeks to get my result. Call the BRN and make sure they have recieved all your paper works. I recieved my IP few weeks after graduating and I assumed that everything was okay once I recieve the permit to take the test and the interim permit. But I was wrong!! They had to hold my result because they did not receive my official transcript from the school. I know its hard to get the line but keep trying. Good luck!!
  7. Ashi

    Getting the last question right.

    I passed with 120 something question and the last question I answered was correct.
  8. Ashi

    Bad Interview

    A freind of mine really wanted to work for that particular facility. She was called in for an interview within a day's notice and was later told that she did not possess the skills and was not competent enough to have her work under the manager. She says she now feels incompetent to work for any facility. I feel the way they approached her was totally wrong!!! Any comments????
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  10. Ashi

    Waiting for the result is killing!!

    Thank you guys!!! Thank you all so much!!!! :)
  11. Ashi

    Waiting for the result is killing!!

    I PASSED!!!!! :balloons: :balloons: Finally saw my name up on the BRN website. Phewww!!!
  12. Ashi

    Waiting for the result is killing!!

    [quote=JaimeeG When I called the BRN recently, I asked why we were permitted to take the test without our final transcripts being there but we weren't allowed to know our results. The person helping me said "Because you guys are always in such a hurry to take the test!" Jaimee :angryfire :angryfire
  13. Ashi

    good grades=passing?

    I totally totally agree with you!!!!
  14. Ashi

    Waiting for the result is killing!!

    I am glad you called ahead of time. I waited for almost three weeks and found out that the transcripts were not in. According to my understanding I thought that all your papers were complete once you get your permit to take the test. I was wrong!! Anyways, Stay positive!!! We will soon be :balloons: :balloons:
  15. Ashi

    Waiting for the result is killing!!

    Melissa, Congratulations!!! :balloons: :balloons: What a relieve eh? Today is the 23rd days for me!!! Its just crazy to wait for the result that long.
  16. Ashi

    Waiting for the result is killing!!

    I called them a week ago and they said they needed my school transcript in order to release the result. Requested the school to send the transcript and was send on 5/3 .I called them again yesterday and asked them if the papers were complete and the lady on the phone said, it will take them atleast 7-10 bussiness days to recieve the trascript and another week to process the papers. Suzanne, is it true that they usually send the result in mail if you have FAILED even if your papers were not complete??? One of my school mate took her test few months before me and she got the big envelope in mail in five days. But I dont know for sure if her papers were complete or not. I am hoping for the best!!!