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A freind of mine really wanted to work for that particular facility. She was called in for an interview within a day's notice and was later told that she did not possess the skills and was not competent enough to have her work under the manager. She says she now feels incompetent to work for any facility. I feel the way they approached her was totally wrong!!! Any comments????

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Tell your friend that not every interview goes well. Sometimes the interviewee can sense when "bad chemistry" is in the air at an interview. Contrast that with an interview where you know you have made an impression and you are just so sure that you are going to get an offer of employment. Your friend should view the interview as a learning experience so on the next one she'll be ready for the kind of questions that might be coming her way.

I know it is very disappointing to get all psyched up for a potential job, especially when they call you for an interview so quickly after putting in an application, but life works out that way sometimes. Life is not always fair. But, you don't give up. This job just wasn't for her. I understand her disappointment over not getting a job at a place where she really wanted to work. However, inexperience (not possessing the skills they are looking for) doesn't mean that she is incompetent, she just wasn't a fit for what they are looking for. She can work on getting the kind of experience she was told they preferred and then at later time she can re-apply for a job again.

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