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  1. I doubt they care much about that job experience and opens up the possibility of unfair judgement etc. I would tone that super down and beef up the current nursing job. If possible, don't discuss the bartending job. Don't share much about your personal life, and every answer should revolve around nursing. Good luck.
  2. RosesrReder

    Increase in hr/$pay for Bilingual

    I've been a medical interpreter in most of my jobs as a nurse and have never gotten any incentive other than putting it in my resume and yearly evaluation. It is also a pain in the behind getting pulled to translate every shift by multiple disciplines and getting behind with your own patients. Most of my jobs have been in border towns, so it doesn't get much-more-in-demand than that. Also, never seen any new grad negotiate as you have zero negotiation power until you bring experience/skills to the table. Maybe things are changing, either way, the best of luck to you and congratulations on the new job!
  3. RosesrReder

    Blacklisted from HCA

    Respectfully, I read your original post and it did not state you paid off the 10k; therefore, it would make perfect sense to be black listed. It is hard to even formulate advice when we don't have the contract on hand and all the terms such as if you paid on time etc; which leaves you back at square one. All legal questions should be addressed to a lawyer and how to go about maybe getting off the bad list. That would be the best bet. Lastly, there is not and has never been a nursing shortage. It's some fantasy that has been made up by pop up schools for the longest time to pump out nurses. Hence, for years, new grads have found it difficult to find jobs in many parts of the nation. There is however a shortage of nurses willing to put up with the current workforce climate. We are a dime a dozen. There are also many foreign trained nurses immigrating all the time. The supposed nursing shortage, in my opinion, has given so much false hope to those getting into nursing school or even in the workforce moving around. I am sorry you are going through this. It truly stinks and I hope you find the answers and moreover the best resolution to the issue. Good luck!
  4. RosesrReder

    VA hiring process 2020

    Thanks, I am very excited. Been applying for 15 years, no joke LOL Much luck to you too, I think once you have your foot in the door you will be permanent. I can’t think of a reason why they would invest all that time and money not to.
  5. That is amazing! Hope other organizations follow with the same soon.
  6. RosesrReder

    VA hiring process 2020

    I have a quick question. I private messaged you. Thanks
  7. RosesrReder

    VA hiring process 2020

    Anyone else going through the VA's long and tedious process? Lets connect here and support each other. Much luck to you all!
  8. RosesrReder

    Should I mention husband passing reason for relocating?

    I wouldn't bring it up. Just say you're longing to be back home closer to family. My deepest condolences and much luck to you.
  9. RosesrReder

    Are you seeing changes due to Covid?

    Same and now we play the stay home on call game with no pay, unless you have PTO banked. Tough times.
  10. RosesrReder

    I just got hired in a plastic surgery clinic. Are these red flags?

    I think your mind is pretty much set. Update us all as to how it goes. Much luck to you.
  11. RosesrReder

    I just got hired in a plastic surgery clinic. Are these red flags?

    I don't have much time to write all the wrongs with this situation. Is this man from a different country? Reason I ask, it has been the theme of new emerging plastic surgery clinics in my area. Usually a foreign doctor looking for a pretty new grad to make face and do underground shady work. Do yourself a favor and don't walk, but instead run far away. You will regret this decision for the rest of your life. You can be sued and stripped of your license if you risk this. Forget the red flags, this is a far worse deal than your current situation in the NICU. As both a previous NICU nurse and now an OR nurse, I can't even begin to entertain the fact you will be his first assist. It is a joke, and a disservice to any patient. Please don't do that. You have no idea how long and hard it takes to master that skill, not to mention all the other crap you will be expected to do as the ONLY RN in the building. I hope you are not seriously still entertaining this job. If so, I have nothing more to say other than good luck!
  12. RosesrReder

    Operating Room to Floor Nursing

    Oh but it is! 1:1 patient ratios....... 😉
  13. RosesrReder

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    I have been here 16 years and this one tops the charts for me lol.
  14. I don't work for free and neither should you. Something is seriously wrong if you are needing to donate additional time to the unit. Nursing is 24/7, you can never, and will never, "catch up". Just do not do it. Live your best life and don't worry about what others do or don't do.
  15. RosesrReder

    Classmates who cheat

    Academic dishonesty comes with severe consequences and it's like playing Russian roulette. Remember, these folks will be sitting for their boards.
  16. RosesrReder


    This is what I tell people all the time, if you are coming from California or New York then nothing, I mean nothing will be to your satisfaction because you are accustomed to making a lot more money than the rest of the country. Your decision will ultimately have to This is what I tell people all the time, if you are coming from California or New York then nothing, I mean nothing will be to your satisfaction because you are accustomed to making a lot more money than the rest of the country. those that do move and don’t resent it, find that it was necessary because of other factors such as schools, property, crime etc. if you are single or don’t have little ones, then it is a little bit different because the incentives that someone else would approve of, are not there for you. in a nutshell, it is going to be very difficult to find everything you want and not give up something for something else. It is also going to be relative to what your reasons for wanting to move are. I have worked in Texas and I personally feel I got paid adequately for the cost-of-living. There were also no state taxes taken out of my check. The traffic was not horrible. Parking was free everywhere including the hospital versus when I lived on the East Coast. Childcare was also a lot cheaper for me. I paid $25 a shift which was the going rate in an in-home daycare. everyone has a different expectation and perspective. What may work for me may not work for you. For example, I need and depend on owning a vehicle. Taking the bus or train is not an option for me or my family. Areas that are dependent on that do not work for me and my lifestyle. Believe it or not, that is a huge factor in deciding where I want to live and work.