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  1. RosesrReder

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    My best friend recently made a career move from her well-paid, well-respected, cushy profession. She said she felt unfulfilled. I personally think she was just bored however she transitioned into nursing. The first month into it, she is miserable and upset all the time. Still wants to do nursing but now is going to use all her advanced degrees to transition away from the bedside. Possible future manager. Lover her to death but this scenario happens daily and then they become the leaders of those who have a gazzilion years at the bedside and continue to struggle.
  2. RosesrReder

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    Nursing clearly isn’t what it used to but neither are the person going into nursing. So many are getting non nursing graduate degrees and then getting that RN just to add to the collection. No bedside will ever happen or is desired. classic example of the new hybrid leadership of the mega hospitals I have worked for. Nursing is mission impossible these days. You can’t even be guaranteed get your hours at work. Everyday you risk being cancelled, sent home early or told how business is not well despite CEO making millions. its devastating. I don’t think we will ever get our profession back. We need to nurse in other ways and the hospital is not it unfortunately.
  3. RosesrReder

    Pay in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater?

    Extremely low. I was offered $23-26 with 10+ hospital experience. Cost of living is actually cheaper where I was moving from than Fl and the pay was $12/hr less. I couldn't do it. Good luck.
  4. RosesrReder

    To Unionize or Not to Unionize: That is the Question

    I have always worked in right to work states. Without a union you can be fired for anything. Employers have no incentive to staff safely, pay you fairly, keep changing our benefits for the worse, practice very unilateral decisions and corrupt to no end. My union has been nothing but positive. Increased fair compensation, guaranteed representation when possible disciplinary action could occur, better insurance coverage that costs less to the employee and many more positives. I find that the people who complain and fear monger (in our hospital), are those who had so much to lose because they were part of the problem, had unilateral management protection (friends), paid way more than the rest of us, performed less job duties, had free reign of the schedule and we allowed to bully and run rampant within the hospital being toxic. The union are the nurses and it is up to them to negotiate a fair contract and instill positive changes within their institutions.
  5. RosesrReder

    Thinking of being a circulator?...Think twice.

    You keep talking about the CRNA over and over. Not all places hire them. My OR only uses board certified anesthesiologists since the beginning of time. No CRNAs ever. Moot point.
  6. "I move at the speed of safety", when we are told told in a roundabout way to cut corners to squeeze in more tasks/patients/etc. Also, where is nurse's week celebrated in the country? All the places I have worked for at least in the last decade only celebrate and acknowledge hospital week or healthcare week. At my current place, nurse's aren't allowed to even mention the word nurse's week because it's not including of everyone in the building who works in healthcare. In case you're wondering, yes, they do celebrate Doctor's week in a very lavish way. Also, bosses day and etc.
  7. RosesrReder

    Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    In my state currently teachers walked out since last Thursday and now got an email that school will continue to be closed due to inadequate staffing. The difference? They voted for this and planned it. We walk out and we are abandoning our patients. We request time off for a planned walk out and use our PTO and only 2-3 people will be granted the time if that. In a nutshell, they ave us by the galls.
  8. RosesrReder

    The Wrong Dose - A True Story of Medication Error

    Great story and very eye opening. I wish my every place was supportive. I for one, have witnessed them drive nurses to shame, guilty and insanity. Placed in front of risk management, interview after interview to tell the same thing. In front of boss, boss with more people, boss with clinical leads, boss with risk management and ultimately a panel of other nurses to shame and condemn instead. Lastly, the nurse has to make a huge poster and present it to his/her peers and its a never ending saga. Being short-staffed to dangerous levels, overwhelmed and asked to perform mission impossible is never going to be something they accept. It's always the nurse and shame on him/her! Eventually, low self esteem and confidence take a nose dive and people leave the area, or nursing. I have seen it many times in my career.
  9. RosesrReder

    Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    I am pretty sure anyone with 2 brain cells could put them together and figure it out. What is the other option? Not show up to a mandatory meeting? Quit and hope the next place isn't of the same mentality and with the same agenda? I suppose but there wouldn't be any gainfully employed nurses anywhere. What exactly does asking oneself what the read agenda is solving?
  10. RosesrReder

    No BSN required if 20 yrs or more experience!

    Everyone and their mother is getting their BSN. Some are waiting to pass NCLEX with their ADN to enroll into the BSN+ because they want to run away from bedside. All these nurses I precept don't want to invest anything, are not motivated to learn because they have made it clear they want to pursue higher education to be managers or work away from bedside. Seems like we have lots of chiefs and not enough Indians. Our current managers have hardly any clinical experience because they went to school to be "managers". Then there are the rest of us who would never want to be one, are happy at the bedside and want to be left the heck alone about pursuing further education. I-don't-want-to. I don't care what you think or want for me. If I am phased out due to my ADN then it will be time to find a different career or job. I am not going to turn into a super nurse because you think a BSN is going to turn me into one. I am happy where I am at and just want to be left alone. If I choose to go back it will probably be in an unrelated field to have a back up but not to be a manager! Leave me alone.
  11. RosesrReder

    Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    Every year, at my facility we have to attend mandatory 'pep-rallies' at work. Year in and year out they go over how we need to be more giving, work short to save $$, excuses why we're so poor and can't get a raise, why we can't get acceptable equipment that works, how we need to smile more and give more etc. At the end they provide statistics of nurse turnovers and go around the room asking what we could do to "support our baby nurses (new grads) to stay because statistically X% don't make it past a year and X% are gone before year 2. Every year we tell them it's getting scarier and scarier to work on the floor. Patient's are sicker and sicker and the expectations/demands greater and greater. We have broken equipment, always short staffed and when we are even barely staffed appropriately, they quickly send people home because were "over staffed"! No one gets an uninterrupted, away from pt care area lunch, ever. When someone requests time off for a vacation they deny it for whatever reason, they have no incentives and no merit pay. They did away with retirement plan, benefits are poor and expensive, they did away with shift differentials and there is no weekend pay differential either. They blink a few times then turn it around and say the senior nurses just need to be nicer, more patient and supportive of them. That we all have a job to do and they probably are leaving because the senior staff are just not being nice, supportive and ensuring they stay. I wish this was a joke but it is not.
  12. RosesrReder

    Seems Patient Safety not a consideration

    Unless you have worked everywhere, you can't really be sure. Some places are way better than others. I can tell you that from experience. Nothing would make me stay in such an unsafe or miserable situation. Life is too short but this is about your happiness, not mine. Good luck to you!
  13. RosesrReder

    Seems Patient Safety not a consideration

    I know I offer no sound advice other than find another job. Sounds like you enamorous work to employee relationship has expired. Welcome to the new healthcare way. The business way.
  14. RosesrReder

    Staff Retention Policies

    I wish I could like this a million times over. This has made my entire week. It's such a relief to read someone with common sense and actually gets it! I want to just e-hugs you. Thanks for this.
  15. RosesrReder

    Staff Retention Policies

    Everyone has good input but as an outsider, if I was new to your unit/facility and you have 'incentives' such as no floating or holidays after 10-15 years I would look at it like punishment. More like I know I am going to be royaly screwed for the next 10-15 years if I stay! No thanks