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  1. RosesrReder

    Got An Offer For Dayshift But Was Asked To Work Nightshift

    I would be more concerned about the 6 week delay due to being short-staffed and not having preceptors. That in itself if a HUGE warning sign. Then to bait and switch? RUN!
  2. RosesrReder

    Judgmental rant about time off

    I suspect that somewhere down the line you will figure out the real truth and that what was told to you was hogwash. Move on. Jobs are abundant. Keep it moving and who cares what the real reason is. You-don't-have-a-job-there-anymore. Good...
  3. RosesrReder

    When You Realize You Are Replaceable

    I don’t care about your vaccine status. There are many jobs out there that the vaccine is not mandated. My employer is one of them and you just comply with the PPE and weekly testing. although there are very few running around unvaccinated, kno...
  4. RosesrReder

    Double Time Pay

    You agreed to take the 2 hour break. No one made you so it’s hard to argue. I personally would not have.
  5. RosesrReder

    Calculating Gov RN Pay Scale

    You are not on the GS pay scale. Nurses are title 38 employees. The onboarding and promotion process is very subjective. You won’t know where you fall until you apply and submit a proficiency to the NPSB. ADNs can come in as a level 2 nurse but would...
  6. RosesrReder

    Fear of Floating | Life of a Nurse

    I too joined the float pool. I floated between adults and kiddos in all 3 campuses. I made it the best I could and learned so much that it molded me in the nurse I am today. I am the one who usually volunteers to float these days. I am very asser...
  7. I doubt they care much about that job experience and opens up the possibility of unfair judgement etc. I would tone that super down and beef up the current nursing job. If possible, don't discuss the bartending job. Don't share much about your...
  8. RosesrReder

    Increase in hr/$pay for Bilingual

    I've been a medical interpreter in most of my jobs as a nurse and have never gotten any incentive other than putting it in my resume and yearly evaluation. It is also a pain in the behind getting pulled to translate every shift by multiple disciplin...
  9. RosesrReder


    I just took mine in September. Honestly I would not go by practice test scores. The real exam is so much different. You know the material. Study the AORN guidelines and breakdown the question. I passed. It was not that difficult in my opinion. ...
  10. RosesrReder

    Blacklisted from HCA

    Respectfully, I read your original post and it did not state you paid off the 10k; therefore, it would make perfect sense to be black listed. It is hard to even formulate advice when we don't have the contract on hand and all the terms such as if yo...
  11. RosesrReder

    Hard of hearing OR nurses

    Hi there! We have several coworkers with hearing aids; however, they do struggle. It is not impossible but very it is very important to know that even without a hearing impairment the OR is such a different environment. Everyone wears a mask, you ...
  12. RosesrReder

    VA hiring process 2020

    Thanks, I am very excited. Been applying for 15 years, no joke LOL Much luck to you too, I think once you have your foot in the door you will be permanent. I can’t think of a reason why they would invest all that time and money not to.
  13. RosesrReder

    VA hiring process 2020

    I was offered permanent. I was not offered the step 2 step 12 or any of those incentives. I was also offered a relocation incentive though. I start in a week.
  14. RosesrReder

    VA hiring process 2020

    I was not offered anywhere near that and have 15+ years experience and an MSN. The pay is all over the place from what I read and hear. How are they going to re-evaluate the pay? That’s kinda crazy if you take a job then your pay is drastically po...
  15. That is amazing! Hope other organizations follow with the same soon.