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  1. JaimeeG

    Taking aanp FNP???

    You don't get any documentation after you test. At the end of the test, a screen will come up telling you if you passed or not, and that's pretty much it until you get your stuff in the mail. I read my results and it said something like "You have passed..." I left and got all panicked and said to my husband, "What if it really said 'You have NOT passed' and I just missed the NOT???" Jaimee
  2. JaimeeG

    Taking aanp FNP???

    I took the AANP boards in January and had very few peds questions (thankfully!!). As a couple of others have mentioned here, I used Amelie Hollier's review. I found her review to be MUCH better than Fitzgerald's. Amelie says what needs to be said and then moves on, where Fitzgerald goes on and on and on. Sure, it's good info, but I felt like I was listening to a review of my entire FNP program. I got more out of the "just the facts, ma'am" that Amelie uses! Good luck to all getting ready to take boards. They really aren't that bad...they just seem that way Jaimee
  3. JaimeeG

    Thoughts on working at a minute clinic for your first job?

    I work in a retail clinic, and I have been out of school since December 2008. I started in a horribly hectic rural health clinic, where I saw everything and anything. I left each and every day feeling stressed beyond belief. In the retail clinic, I feel very relaxed and much more at ease. Granted, I am not seeing much challenging stuff, but that's okay for the time being. I do have a collaborating physician always available by phone so I feel very comfortable in what I do here. I probably wouldn't have guessed I would be in a retail clinic so soon after graduating, but I think it's a good place for me at this point in my career. Someone mentioned the things that are "lost" in the retail clinic setting, such as doing labs, follow-up, etc. While we don't do blood draws, we still have to think critically and know when a patient is appropriate for us to treat here and which patients need to be sent on. It's probably not for everyone, but it's great for me for now! Jaimee
  4. JaimeeG

    DNP at Chatham ?

    I know someone going there now. We were just talking about the school a few days ago, and she said she is "marginally satisfied." There was apparently some faculty changes, and things seem to be smoothing out now. I have applied for the spring start there. Jaimee
  5. JaimeeG

    NPs doing median nerve blocks??

    Are there any NPs floating around here who do median nerve blocks? I have been talking to a local chiropractor about a position, but I am just not entirely sure about the legality and other issues. I would have a collaborating physician, but he/she would not be on-site. The collaborating doc is going to be hired by the chiropractor to be the official "chart signer" and not much more than that. I know there are NPs working in pain management who do median nerve blocks, but I wondered about being the only person in the office able to do them, with no on-site backup. The chiropractor is doing a one million dollar office add-on, with three OR rooms and fluoroscopy, and I think the potential is there for a really cool job, if it were all legit. Any ideas/thoughts/comments? Jaimee G
  6. JaimeeG

    Certification Review Class

    I just took the AANP FNP exam yesterday..and passed! I didn't attend any live review courses, but I did purchase the CDs from Fitzgerald's and Amelie Hollier. I personally liked Amelie's CDs better because she didn't ramble on and on and on about little meaningless things. I also did the Mosby's online review and found it to be quite the waste of money. I think what helped me the most was doing hundreds and hundreds of practice questions. During the exam yesterday, I had several questions that were nearly word-for-word out of the review books. Good luck! Jaimee
  7. JaimeeG

    CRNAs Looking Down on NPs

    I just celebrated being done with FNP school by getting a new Corvette!
  8. JaimeeG

    Springfield/Branson area

    The pay in Springfield is not necessarily better than Branson. I actually made more at Skaggs in Branson than at St. John's in Springfield. If you are relocating here from out of the area, be prepared for a huge drop in pay. It is insulting what they pay nurses in this area. We moved here from California 1-1/2 years ago but almost changed our minds when we found out what the pay was like. Granted, I came from one of the highest paying states, but there is just no justification for the low wages in SW MO. Natives of the area try to argue the "cost of living" issue, but that is pretty much a mute point now. The cost of living is only different in property values now, with most everything else being fairly comparable to what we paid in California. I would take a long look at the area and what is available for jobs before you decide to move. I am now in an FNP program and will most likely leave the area when I am done with school. There doesn't seem to be any motivation to change here, and I would really like to make more than $24-$30/hr as an FNP! With all the negatives, I have mentioned, I guess I should throw in a positive or two! The area is beautiful, and there is a lot to do here. You are only a days' drive from Nashville, parts of Kentucky, etc. There are many fun fall festivals, and the holiday season brings some really pretty decorations in Branson. Jaimee
  9. JaimeeG

    BSN online

    I did my RN-BSN through Oklahoma Panhandle State University. I found this school after hours and hours of research, looking for an accredited, reputable, and somewhat inexpensive option! I believe I was paying $285/ch for my courses, and everything was online. There were some clinical components that you had to complete locally, but they were no big deal. The only course I was not happy with was Advanced Assessment. I don't recommend doing an assessment course online. When I started in the FNP program, I felt pretty clueless about assessment. One of the really nice things about OPSU is that the director will review your transcripts and work with you on setting up a schedule that works for you. There were no fees for reviewing the transcripts. I found all of my instructors very helpful and knowledgable. The website is http://www.opsu.edu Jaimee
  10. JaimeeG

    IPN status if you fail the NCLEX

    Good morning Does anyone know what happens to your IPN status if you fail the NCLEX?? Is it immediately revoked? I am in California so it more than likely is something totally different than every other state! I was just wondering about this as I am still waiting for my results. If the BRN knew someone failed, it seems odd that they would allow them to continue to practice as an IPN. Jaimee
  11. JaimeeG

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    The 70% thing came from the ATI printout that you get at the end of the test. They give you a personalized printout that shows where you placed with regard to all others who have taken the test. It also shows your predicted probability of passing, which is where the 70% came from. I thought the ATI that I took was MUCH easier than the NCLEX. Jaimee
  12. JaimeeG

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    The transcripts to be sent? The records department at our school said it could be up to 10 weeks. They are now only open Monday through Thursday for summer. It would be nice if I could comprehend why this is such a huge undertaking, but nobody in the records office can explain. There were only 48 of us who graduated, the final grades were submitted by the nursing dept. to records on May 23rd, and everything is computerized. I hope that is what you were asking about! Jaimee
  13. JaimeeG

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    That would pretty much suck I guess I think I need to fly to Hawaii and stay there until someone notifies me that my test results are available. We got REALLY spoiled in school by having our test scores up before the end of the day that we took the test. This waiting game is the pits!! Jaimee
  14. JaimeeG

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    Okay..someone help me out here. I am having a hard time understanding how one can fail the NCLEX with only 60 questions (75 minus the 15 pilot questions). What is the point of having 265 questions if you can fail in 60?? I hope my question is making sense here. It just doesn't compute in my overworked brain how one could possibly fail after the lowest number of questions. I know that the computer chooses questions based on your answers and then readjusts the level, etc. But that still doesn't help me understand. Anyone have a good explanation? I am thinking that one would have to miss nearly all the questions to fail in 60. Jaimee
  15. JaimeeG

    NCLEX Number of Questions and Clarification

    I did the ATI at my school also. Our instructors said it was a very good, accurate indicator of how well you will do on the NCLEX. When you get the printout at the end, it is quite surprising to see the numbers! If you get anything over a 70% on the ATI, you have a 99% predicted probability of passing the NCLEX. I got an 83.5 on the ATI so I went into the NCLEX feeling pretty good. Let's hope my feelings are right when I finally get my results!!! Jaimee
  16. JaimeeG

    Salary for new nurse in St. Louis

    I am so anxious and happy to be getting out of California that I am willing to take the cut in pay. We were able to purchase our home outright so we won't have a house payment, which will help tremendously. It will be interesting to see if the salaries start creeping up over the coming years. My friend has been a nurse here in CA for about 8 years, and she started at just over $15 per hour but is now making almost $30. Jaimee