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My girlfriends and I are in our last semester, graduating in will take at least 6 to 8 weeks after graduation before taking the NCLEX. Most of them want to take the Kaplan review course. I... Read More

  1. by   RN BSN 2009
    get an nclex book
  2. by   BeccaznRN
    I didn't bother with Kaplan either. The Kaplan representative actually came to our class one day and did a sales pitch - our instructor told us to bring our checkbooks and encouraged everyone to sign up. To me, it just seemed like a big marketing scam. I was a poor college student and couldn't afford the extra $350 (which was the "bargain" price my class was offered if we signed up within one week).

    I know others may not share my opinion, and I'm sure Kaplan has its place with nursing students out there (particularly if they are poor test takers). However, I did practice questions from NCLEX review books, came to this site to gather tips from other test takers, and passed on the first try in 75 questions.
  3. by   RNsRWe
    I noticed that some of the best students in my class were sitting with me during the Kaplan review course we'd all registered for.

    Did we learn everything we needed to know for the NCLEX in school? Well, coursework, sure. Content we all had down just fine. But when it came to deciding which of the two correct answers was the more correct answer, none of us wanted to screw around with guessing. We wanted to be as prepared as possible, and I can't TELL you how glad I am that I did that course!

    I always did better on written assignments and clinicals than tests in school. B's on tests and high A's on everything else. Did I want to take a chance that the NCLEX would also be a "B" for me, and passing? NO WAY. Neither did the classmates who thought the same thing.

    If you feel you did well enough on your school exams to not need the review course, then I wish you the best and perhaps you are 100% correct....and you'll save the money. But I am pretty sure that if you talk someone out of the course and they fail, they won't look back on that decision kindly.

    Honestly, I didn't see Kaplan as a REVIEW course: the instructor assumed we already knew the material, or we wouldn't be in that room. Instead, it was really a test-taking course, and one that I felt prepared me well. Actually, the classroom time wasn't important to me in the least, but the online tests were absolutely priceless. Ok, LOL, they cost $299., but were worth far more imho

    No one can settle this argument for you at all. If you take the test and pass without the Kaplan course, you can say "see, it was unnecessary". Of course you have no way of knowing that, except to know yourself and your test-taking habits and skills very well.

    A classmate of mine took a different review course (not Kaplan). I don't remember why; maybe it was cheaper, or shorter, or something. She didn't pass. But she was a very poor test taker in the first place. She tried again, second time with Kaplan, and passed. Who knows what all the variables were, but there it is.
  4. by   TigerGalLE
    Well i was the only one out of my 43 classmates that DID NOT take Kaplan... I passed NCLEX after only 75 questions. I was like you.. I just didn't want to spend the money and I agreed that I should of learned what I needed to pass in school.

    I did however get a review book. (Saunders) And I did every question in that book..

    Tip: Just make sure you read the questions a few times to figure out what they are askings.. They can be tricky
  5. by   steelcityrn
    If at all possible, I feel you should take the review. Even if it helps to refresh your memory, its worth the money when you pass the test the first time.
  6. by   crb613
    I used Saunders from day one in school, & did a lot of questions. I also had a Kaplan CD that I used to see how I was doing. I did not take the review. I was scared after all the stories I had heard about the NCLEX.....but to tell you the truth it was just not that hard. Others may disagree but the HESI & tests I took in school were much more difficult. I was in & out in < than an hour w/75 questions. I wouldn't tell anyone not to do a review if they feel it would help them.....if nothing else for a confidence booster. I think this is a very individual decision....if you feel you are ready then go for it!
  7. by   nurse4theplanet
    I think a nclex review book would suffice. My hospital paid for my NCLEX review course, but I don't feel it prepared me any more than I was already prepared.

    Books and programs to help students prepare for the NCLEX is a huge business. Many of your nursing school questions probably came from NCLEX review books and courses, I know ours did. You are probably more prepared for the test than you realize.

    Suzanne, one of our members, offers a complete review for free (or the cost of the book/cd...whatever she recommends). I read posts all the time from students who are repeat Nclex testers who rave about how thorough her review was for them to help them pass after they had tried other review methods. Perhaps check that out as a cheaper alternative.
  8. by   CritterLover
    i think it depends on how confident you are in your test-taking skills.

    i didn't take any review class, and i passed the nclex on my first try without any trouble.

    however, i am also a very good test-taker. i don't have any problem figuring out what they are asking, and what they want.

    my advice would be this: if you are good at taking tests, skip the expensive review. if you have trouble taking tests, then take the review, as they will give you valuable test-taking strategies.
  9. by   labrador4122
    Quote from kcalohagirl
    I took the Kaplan class along with my two best friends from nursing school. They were both straight A students, I was an A/B student. Although we dedn't enjoy the class, and thought portions of it were not helpful, we learned some really valuable things in the class.

    1. Things are not the same in "NCLEX-land" as in the real world. When you are taking the NCLEX, you will always have enough staff, the right orders, etc.

    2. "Call the Doctor" is almost never (empahsize ALMOST) the right answer.

    3. When doing prioritization questions, look at the answers and ask yourself, "What is the ONE thing I could do and then leave and go home?"

    4. It also showed how to read the question to get to the point of what it is really asking about. Sometimes what at first looks to be a question on meds is really a question on prioritization.

    I know there were others as well, however since I passed, I have conveniently forgotten most of the strategies. . . .

    I didn't learn new knowledge, but the little "tricks" made it possible for me to deal with questions when I had a limited amount of knowledge about the condition, medication, procedure involved in the question.

    75 Questions
    40 minutes
    $26.75/hr job after passing
    $375 well spent

    I would say take the class. Better to feel you have done everything you did in order to pass the test than to flunk it, not be able to work, and wish you had done something different.

    Good luck!

    I agree with you. I passed 75Q and felt the kaplan review amazing. I studied hard day and night, now I have a $28.50/hr job after passing. and believe that the money was totally well spent.
  10. by   GrumpyRN63
    I didn't find the review class helpful , the NCLEX questions were pretty straightforward, the review course was not, answers were multiples of multiples rather than a),b),C) or d). I studied on my own, the book I think was a Lippincott review, I do remember it was orange ( 20 yrs ago, ha!ha!), I just reviewed section by section, took the tests as I went along, and the cumulative at the end. I found this was an EXCELLENT review book, questions were set up just like the NCLEX. I had to sit through 2 days of testing-- no computers back then!!! I did fine, also you can learn how to pace yourself, I don't know if there is a time limit anymore, I had friends who ran out of time, left a lot blank, were hysterical messes (but still passed!) Lots of luck!! , Grumpy