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  1. Find another job, go back to school to get your RN and find a job in which you are not stuck in nursing homes with those horrendous ratios! If those other nurses were permitted to make mistakes and you were slapped on the hand, then I have no doubt in my mind that if something even worse happend, you'd be thrown under the bus. Be happy your license is no longer at stake! Good luck Jamie
  2. RN BSN 2009

    Help i need patient education handouts

    is it general medsurg peds or a peds specialty?
  3. RN BSN 2009

    racism in theatre

    What type of behaviors have been going on that leads you to believe that they are being bigots?
  4. RN BSN 2009

    Should I quit?

    New grad as a pool nurse? something doesn't smell right
  5. RN BSN 2009

    The hard to reach on-call doctor, and its effects on patient care

    Thank goodness our hospital has a rapid response team.
  6. RN BSN 2009

    Thoughts on ATI: Assessment Technologies Institute

    The fundamentals book is wickedly huge... Our school never counted the ATI as a part of you grade, it was a pass/fail. But you were to bring your scores to your advisor and make a plan of action on areas of weaknesses.
  7. RN BSN 2009

    Can a RN work as a nursing aide/assistant

    What hospitals have you applied to? Where do you live?
  8. RN BSN 2009

    Questions About Detroit Medical Center

    Which hospital in the DMC system are you trying to get into? Receiving and Childrens have magnet status..... At Receiving, it's practically impossible to get a recruiter on the phone... and don't really know where the office is.
  9. RN BSN 2009

    At what point is it not worth it?

    does your employer offer EAP ? this may help..........
  10. Yes I got that one too. Do you have kids or plan on having any soon ???????? WTH!
  11. RN BSN 2009

    Cheap scubs, in Belleville

    Look up life uniform in ann arbor decent prices, good selection
  12. RN BSN 2009

    new grad jobs?

    I finally landed a job! Woohoo!
  13. RN BSN 2009

    What is Considered "Recent" Experience?

    Have you tried Oakwood or the DMC?
  14. RN BSN 2009

    Best way to get in to a nursing school

    An associates degree would be the faster route to start working, but the BSN would be great in the long run. Many hospitals like DMC are making BSN the preferred. It's really going to depend on how much you want to invest into your education. You can also always go the RN to BSN route. Are you in Windsor?
  15. RN BSN 2009

    Dear preceptor

    I guess sometimes there are preceptors who need a break but nurse managers don't let them have any free time
  16. How long was your orientation? Who oriented you? Obviously you cannot be the most senior nurse there.....