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  1. TigerGalLE

    What do you do when you're a pt?

    Haha. When I went to my ER with broken ribs last winter I wrote on the complaint form that I had pleuritic pain. Well I was walking all hunched over when I took it up to the triage nurse.... She looked at the paper.. looked at me... and said "don't you mean pelvic pain honey?" I said no I mean pleuritic pain, as in my chest!! I think she knew right then I was a nurse. Then I started crying when my BP was 150/98. She asked why I was crying and I said "because I'm hypertensive!!" (sob sob) She looked at me... and said well you should know better than anyone that you are just making it worse! Lol.... tough love... but she was correct!!! That was a bad day....
  2. TigerGalLE

    Why can't I leave work at work?

    I love to read... which I don't do anymore. I'm sure a good book will get my mind off of work!! You guys are so smart. Between working overtime and getting caught up on housework it is hard to sit down and find time for yourself. Obviously I need to do that though. Because it is wearing me down.
  3. TigerGalLE

    Why can't I leave work at work?

    I've been a nurse for 4 years. Been in ICU for 1 year. When I worked on the floor before moving to ICU it was easier to leave everything at work. I think because I didn't really get to know my patients like I do now. I think y'all are right.... I need a hobby
  4. TigerGalLE

    Why can't I leave work at work?

    I work in the ICU. And I love what I do, as stressful as it is. On my days off though I worry about my patients. I wonder what is happening in the unit. I wonder who died, who transferred out, who is getting sicker, better... ect.... What is wrong with me?? Why can't I leave it all there and be free and clear on my days off???? Tiger
  5. TigerGalLE

    Lost my cool

    I ended up taking care of the patient again yesterday. She was much sicker and I was very busy with her. Her daughter was still somewhat difficult but she listened to me and did what I asked her to do. Which included a lot of sitting down in the corner of the room and allowing the patient to rest. I didn't apologize. I enforced the rules of the unit. I only allowed 2 visitors at a time and made them leave when visiting hours were over. They did so without argument. The daughter didn't seem to be any more angry with me than she was with anyone else involved in her mothers care. So... I think all is well.
  6. TigerGalLE

    What do you know about pushing bicarb?

    Has anyone noticed patients becoming hypotensive shortly after pushing bicarb? I know that bicarb is supposed to help acidotic patient's utilize pressors better and therefore show an increase in BP after administration... but I seem the notice a drop in the BP immediately after pushing bicarb and then later I will see a steady climb (sometimes)..... Any thoughts?
  7. TigerGalLE

    Lost my cool

    So everyone knows what is like to deal with that hyper-vigilant, overbearing family member right? Oh it is soo hard to be patient. I took care of an elderly patient yesterday in ICU. She was in ICU because she had a reaction to a medication. Did fine overnight and was sent back out to the floor. Then today she was doing poorly on the floor and was transferred back down to ICU. (Unrelated to the med reaction). The daughter has been so nit picky about everything since the reaction. Angry that the doctor ordered the med, angry we didn't know the patient would react that way, angry about everything. So angry she fired the doctor... then demanded for him to come back when the patient got sicker. So as soon as the patient arrived to ICU she was demanding to come back to see the patient... snuck in.... then was in the room nit picking while I was trying to stabilize the patient. I then sent the patient for a procedure. As soon as I got the patient back and was trying to recover her she was demanding to come back in again. It was now after visiting hours and she was making such a stink I said fine send her back here.... Did just she come back?? Noooo about 6 family members came. She was demanding things... saying her mom needed this, wanted that.....Raise her bed... give her a pillow... she needs a drink... there is a new red spot on her face, what is that? mark it! measure it! chart it!!!! Mom is lying FLAT for a reason!!! Mom was unresponsive and I was trying my best to stabilize her. She got so upset that I would give mom another blanket that I finally went off on her.. Well... I didn't go off.. but I lost my cool... I told her that mom did not need a blanket. She had a temp of 103 and there is a reason I took her blanket off. She said she sensed I was frustrated with her and I said "Yes I am frustrated. You are demanding things that are absurd at the moment. I'm trying to prioritize your mother's care in order to stabilize her at this moment. We can get to your other requests at a later time." I can't remember what else I said but I know my frustration and aggravation was obvious. I'm kinda mad at myself for letting her get to me..... sheesh Should I apologize to her tomorrow?
  8. TigerGalLE

    Blood products question

    Do NICUs and PICUs routinely transfuse blood products via 24g IVs or must the patient have some type of central line? They say you must have a 20g IV or larger to transfuse blood products at my hospital. I work with adults in an MICU. I am just curious what gauge IVs are used for all the little patients out there receiving blood products. Any ideas?
  9. TigerGalLE

    You shouldn't be visiting this ICU patient if . . .

    .............If you are the patient's girlfriend and the wife is at the bedside...
  10. TigerGalLE

    First code situation...any suggestions?

    10mg of oxycodone could have been enough to cause mild respiratory depression, leading to hypercapnia, leading to the need to be intubated. If she was already severely hypercapneic the narcan wouldn't help much. I'd love to see her ABG. You did great by the way!
  11. TigerGalLE

    How long did you stay?!

    I worked medsurg for 3 years and then transferred to ICU in the same hospital. I'd never have it any other way. Learned a ton on medsurg, but happy to be gone. I'm very thankful for my experiences there and they got me where I am today.
  12. TigerGalLE

    When to call in sick to the SICU

    Yea if you are sick.. just stay home... I made the mistake of not calling in on Christmas Eve... I had a cold.. Nothing too serious but real snotty, sneezing, coughing, sinus head ache.... I had plans to wear a mask when in patients room... OF COURSE I got an admit from the ER that was severely neutropenic dying of septic shock. I was in his room for 7 straight hours with a mask on my face..... TALK ABOUT MISERABLE.... He didn't make it... so i guess in hindsight i didn't need the mask. But I didn't want to compromise my already compromised patient. Whew.. I won't do that again..... Tiger
  13. TigerGalLE

    Snow Days....

    Ok... smack me now... But this is why I love where I work so much. I swear I work for the best hospital in the world. Luckily for me I was not scheduled to work during this snow storm. My town got 6-8 inches followed by a glaze of ice. My hospital called employees before the storm to tell them hey... you gotta get here... we have patients..... But they also said we have beds and hot meals waiting for you. Most everyone I work with went in the night before the storm and spent the night. The storm hit in the early hours Monday morning. The 3rd shifters who couldn't get home were fed and put to bed. And the 1st shifters were already there. Now for the people that couldn't spend the night because of kids/elderly parents/ect... there were crews hired to go out and pick them up. And they did. They drove around and picked people up and took them to work and then took them home. My hospital had a disaster plan. They forked out the necessary cost to house the employees during the storm. They even gave the employees free hot meals for every meal. They did this ultimately for the patients and because they care about the safety of the staff... It just doesn't get any better than that! So I guess no one had an excuse not to work. I even called yesterday to see if they needed extra staff for today. I was willing to drive in yesterday before the roads froze and spend the night and work today. No I don't need a medal.. I just have cabin fever and all my friends were at the hospital anyway. They didn't need me.. And that is because everyone made it to work!!! That is some awesome teamwork right there!!! Rock on!!!! :rckn:
  14. TigerGalLE

    I work in a good place....

    That is awesome!! I just want to add that I love where I work too. I worked in one unit for the first 3 years of my nursing career. Everyone had a bad attitude, we were overworked and understaffed, we weren't supported by our director. I was depressed and worn down. I was on allnurses everyday complaining and venting about my life and job..... Last February I moved to a different unit in the same hospital. What a difference it has made in my life. My coworkers are awesome. We work as a team and are supported by our director. I'm being intellectually challenged and I love it. I'm even closer with the doctors now being in ICU. It is amazing how much the attitude amongst your coworkers can change your life!!! LOVE MY NEW JOB!! :) Tiger
  15. Not if you walk in and say.. Hello, my name is _____ and I will be your nurse today.... :)