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  1. labrador4122

    Think I will have to pass this up

    I think you need to use common sense! if 3 days orientation is all they offer-- then make sure you follow all LTC policies and procedures according to protocol & you should be fine! I would get that job & get my experience until i found something better-- but that's just me. you won't lose your license as long as you follow your guidelines as stated per institution. If you see something shady then you have to report it. it's hard to get a job these days. that is what I would do if I were in a situation similar to yours! best of luck!
  2. labrador4122

    RN tattoo

    This is such a nice tat!
  3. labrador4122

    RN tattoo

    That is so cute!
  4. labrador4122

    My friend was fired - Was she wrong?

    Technically only the RN is supposed to handle medication administration to a patient no matter what type of medication it is--- (obviously the patient's rights followed) and the Respiratory Tech is supposed to give medications in regards to their practice.... In my opinion, that is really strict that someone would fire the respiratory tech for that. I would of probably just have given a warning or a write up. But the RN who handed the medication to the RT should be reprimanded for that as well since he/she is not supposed to hand meds to an RT to give---- Definitely the RT should have said "no" to the RN. Fireable offense? well-- depends on the facility. Her facility obviously has a very strict policy on med administration. I remember once I walked into a room doing vital signs as a student and the RN told me to give a pill to a patient. and I said "oh, I am not supposed to give medications that I don't look up or I am not supposed to give that without my teacher's approval" I think that when you follow the rules you won't be in trouble. I am sorry that something like that had to happen to your RT friend. It is sad when things like that happen. Hopefully a lesson was learned from this.
  5. labrador4122

    University of Miami Traditional BSN

    Hey Ya'll back when I was a pre-RN student I went to 2 information sessions on UM nursing school and I highly recommend those for anyone who is trying to get in to UM. Go to the UM website and you will see the dates when they offer information sessions. They are very cool & even give you sandwiches, chips & drinks. I remember that they said they accepted all students as long as ALL the requirements were met.
  6. labrador4122

    Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    that's actually pretty good! Other schools have only 4 candidates and 2 of them fail!
  7. labrador4122

    "You cannot have BSN or MSN on your nametag?"

    At my hospital only RN goes on your badge. I wouldn't mind of nurses with BSN's had BSN on their badge. the new ID badges will be distributed soon and the level on the badge is going on there. and the levels only mean that if you are part of commetee's & extra activities, so level 1 is basic without extra "activities" and it goes up until level 4 I think that it is worse putting the levels because eventhough I have 5 years experience, I did not do anything extra, so I am still a level one. and the brand new nurses who have been there only one or 2 years are already at level 2 or 3......
  8. oh yes take them now since the material is fresh in your mind! I took a year after I finished my ASN program to start FIU. honestly, I studied one weekend for maternity/peds, for medsurg I studied 4 days and only did 500Q (I am so bad). and for this psych test, I did all the questions in my reviews and rationales because saunders only has 200Q in it... I take the test tomorrow (God willing I will pass) I am a little nervous about this one because I hear that this one Psych is the hardest. they are very strict about these tests. I kept putting them off because of the nerves, but then I have all this time to study and I don't! I am too lazy. but God willing I will start school again next week. FIU is very strict with these test, if you don't pass you dont take the last 12 credits of the program
  9. labrador4122

    Do you still use your old nursing school textbooks??

    I actually use my reviews and rationales books because I took the excelsior college exams and needed them to study. And sometimes my friends ask me medical questions about a disease and if I do not know-- I just look it up in my good old med/surg textbook
  10. labrador4122

    Should I apply to McFatter LPN Program ?

    Personally, I would stick with BC. I know that it takes a while but it is totally worth it. IF you become an RN, you could make up to $30/hr if you work at night, or even $25-27/hr during the day depending where you work. LPN program you are there 5 days a week from 7-3 or 6-10. As a former BC student, I can tell you that it is so worth it. Yes there are times that are difficult, but what other school isn't? McFatter is a vocational school, so you do not need an AA in nursing or graduate with an associate's degree to go there. and just a little tip for you: there are not many guys in the nursing program, so teachers love guys in their classes. oh and another thing. LPN licensing test costs you exactly the same as RN licensing test. I love the fact that BC nursing school (at least in south campus) you attend school only 3x per week. PM me if you have any other types of questions!
  11. lol in a way I am taking NCLEX-RN again through my school!! funny story, in my RN-BSN program you have to take 3 exelsior college exams that are based on parts of the nclex. therefore, I study nclex-rn books in those subjects. 1st exam: maternity/newborn + peds= passed 2nd exam: Med/surg= passed 3rd exam: Psych nursing= pending so far I have done well, hopefully God willing I will pass my 3rd exam so I can say that I would pass the nclex again if I had to take it. but willingly I would not take it by choice.
  12. labrador4122

    PALS go by age or weight or what?

    it's by weight. and if you do not know the weight of the child, there is this ruler type thing, I forgot the name, that you put on the patient and measure their length and you estimate their weight based on where the color square they fall on.
  13. labrador4122

    5 months in the ED but want a closer job.

    I would apply for the sister hospital anyway. I have quite a few co-workers here in miami who travel also about 26 miles from home== and I asked them several times that if they ever thought about working closer to their home and they state that "they love this hospital" good for them, but I certainly would not do it. I like working close to home.
  14. labrador4122

    Fake nursing school to close, pay cheated students

    That's why I never applied to Keiser College (back in the day it was not called university yet) because they said they were "provisional accredited" and I did not like that. I only applied to accredited schools that I found through myflorida.com
  15. labrador4122

    Quick results not there!!! Its been over 48 hrs!!

    Congrats!! crh2010!!!
  16. labrador4122

    Keiser opinions? Please help.

    Keiser University has come a long way. The website has gotten very informative in regards to what classes are offered, and the pre-requisites for the nursing ASN program. Before you would just go to the site and look for info but had to put all your information so they (the school) contacted you by phone and home address and when they called you at home you had to make an appointment and go to the school to get the information. Back when I was looking at schools in 2003-2004 Keiser was just starting out and they had not graduated a class..... so I never bothered to apply. but these people who graduate from there seem to be getting jobs everywhere, because I have met a few keiser grads at my job-- which is a good thing for keiser students that you are able to actually get jobs-- Its expensive but for education that gets you an RN next to your name and an RN pay, you can always pay back the loans little by little. A quote that I really enjoy now and I go by is "what works for some people does not work for others"