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  1. steelcityrn

    The Mockery of Nursing

    Why Lord, Why?
  2. steelcityrn

    Which one is more stressful: med-surg or LTC

    I would vote med surg due its ever changing events that can take place. At least when its LTC, you are used to the patient and families.
  3. steelcityrn

    what's a 23 hour observation unit is like?

    All the above and to add it can be up to 72 hours now and called out patient care. This also is used to prevent another re-hospitalization used as a negative statistic against the hospital. Hospitals cannot bill for a diagnosis r/t previous admission if that re-hospitalization is within 30 days. There is expected to be a significant increase in 23 - 72 hour observation/ out patient care.
  4. steelcityrn

    Are nurses being replaced?

    Insurance companies are not going to pay for acute care without a licensed professional taking care of them. There may be virtual nurses used in the future, but I do not believe they will ever be used for the total care of a patient in an acute care setting.
  5. steelcityrn

    Charge nurse has it out for me...kind of a rant

    Agree with the others. Time to walk to H.R. They know how to deal with this.
  6. steelcityrn

    Will I be held responsible ?

    My point was maybe there was nothing to document, as it was not a true wandering situation. Now that your saying it was, I like the other agree you do not document on anything you did not witness or was present during the incident. Why doesn't your supervisor document the incident on the chart. She can write a late entry and sign her/his own name to it and follow up on the companies policy.
  7. steelcityrn

    Will I be held responsible ?

    I would probably want more information about a patient "attempting"to wander. Was it something as simple as walking towards an elevator?
  8. steelcityrn

    Getting Sick at Work

    Oh yes, fell in a wet floor. leople probably thought it wasn't anything big, but besides a knot on my head and a sore back, I had a very rare post traumatic cataract form immediately. If you hit your head that hard, not a good situation!
  9. steelcityrn

    Time to call a duck a duck, part II

    My point is "Its all nursing".
  10. steelcityrn

    Time to call a duck a duck, part II

    Nursing also happens behind a desk. Upon looking at pages and pages of documentation, I cannot tell you how many times I have to talk to the direct care nurse to have a patient re-evaluated for a problem, call the physician for a change dressing, medication, decline in condition , possible hospice palcement, adding a discipline , changing visits, and on and on. Bedside nursing is vital, and so are the other types of nursing.
  11. steelcityrn

    Lots of young people on disability?

    I recently met a distant relative at a funeral who is diagnosed with bi-polar. He could not sit still at his own mothers funeral. He was her only child. He was disheveled, had no one there who he could call to give him a ride to his own mothers funeral!. He told me he took 3 buses to get there, 5 hour ride. He had become so isolated. He is on disability. He had graduated from law school, only to be unable to take his boards due to his exacerbations. When you are isolated, you rely on psych case managers, social workers to see that you can get rides to your appointments and pick up you medications, buy food and clothes ect. Where he lives, ano one would want to be. He would be the type to frequent an emergency room. I fell sorry for nurses who would turn themselves so hard to be unable to see the crisis in front of them. I am sure you see some abuse, but these are people who once they leave your E.R., go back to living in their own hell on earth.
  12. steelcityrn

    Ativan...do i hold or give?

    If a medication is not ordered as a prn, you need to report the lethergy to the physician. The order may be changed to 1-2 prn qhs. Once the patient has been on fentenyl for a while, they may need the order changed again to qhs.
  13. steelcityrn

    Being a Good Nurse Saved Time and Possibly... a life!

    Yes, you did great! Maybe a strong suggestion to the team to never leave a patient with an acute onset of an undiagnosed medical condition be allowed. You have to wonder how many patients have been left alone during an episode that may have caused death. I say if it was my loved one or friend I would be so greatful to you that you stayed with this patient.
  14. steelcityrn

    Admissions and Privacy

    If that is your facilities policy to ask all of those questions, then so be it. I usually say something like " I know there are alot of questions here for you to answer, do you want family in to help, keep in mid some may be personal"? Usually this is answered " I have no secrets ", or " my life isn't exciting.....Then I plow through them. If they are too weak to answer them all, and they have no one there, its "unable to answer at this time r/t decline in condition".
  15. steelcityrn

    Disruptive co-worker

    Yup, nothing like a negative person to try and spoil the teamwork. Work even harder to over come this.
  16. steelcityrn

    Nurse not passing meds...should I report to BON?

    Continue to monitor as you are a supervisor. Continue to be aware of the need to assess her medication rounds. You as a supervisor need to make her aware that you are making sure all medications are delivered and signed off as given at the correct time. Next time you have proof of this, I would think the next step in getting her fired or reported to the B.O.N. will happen. As far as the woman who died on her shift, much proof would be needed that she had anything to do with that. I would not mention this at work, as without proof that is a slanderous statement.

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