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GrumpyRN63 is a ADN, RN and specializes in Gyn Onc, OB, L&D, HH/Hospice/Palliative.

married 3 kids, Not grumpy in the real world, grumpy over changes in nursing throughout the years..

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  1. GrumpyRN63

    Things that make me grumpy

    And yet another itchy eye visit after sweating in gym ! Teacher sent kid down because he was tired.. okaaay. Kid hops into office on one foot from gym after tripping over book bag, states he twisted ankle, looks fine, threw away ice pack after 5 minutes and ran back to gym for push-up challenge...
  2. GrumpyRN63

    Things that make me grumpy

    Itchy eye, after sweating in gym.. Ya think?? 4 itchy eye visits in the last 2 weeks... Puleaze. My kids know, you go to the nurse if you have a bone sticking out, aren't breathing, or are bleeding out.
  3. GrumpyRN63

    Things that make me grumpy

    The whole job.
  4. GrumpyRN63

    Feeling inadequate, what about you??

    I'm new and feel the same way. I think I made a huge mistake. Not liking it at all, to put it mildly.
  5. GrumpyRN63

    Unpaid RN orientation

    I got full pay for orientation. I would not touch a pt, documentation, or computer without full compensation. You are not shadowing, you are on orientation. I shadowed a nurse once prior to accepting a position, ie: followed and observed only. Did not expect pay, was for my benefit. Would never touch a pt if not hired.. are they covering you for malpractice if you are 'shadowing'- very shady..IMO
  6. GrumpyRN63

    IV Skills for Hospice?

    Never blood draws or peripheral IV's. Accessing POC's, PICC's and SQ's for pain pumps.
  7. GrumpyRN63

    New job-SOC nurse-NEED INFO

    At my agency 3 SOC is a 12 hr position. Generally they are working additional hrs charting, and burn out fairly quickly.
  8. GrumpyRN63

    Turning a hospice patient in severe pain?

    I am A Hospice nurse, and yes you did the right thing. Comfort is the goal. We would all like to practice the standard for turning and repositioning but sometimes it isn't worth the discomfort for the pt. I would have done the same, only if needed to clean him. The longterm goal of preventing PU's really isn't the point when comfort is paramount and death is imminent. Good call :)
  9. GrumpyRN63

    Have you ever witnessed this situation?

    Wow. I am shocked by two things. First the Pharmacist, I agree, unprofessional and violation of HIPAA, I would def report and/or speak to him directly. PT CONFIDENTIALITY!!! Especially in a small community in front of other customers!! One thing if you were alone, and he was discreet... Second, I'm rather stunned about the number of people responding that think it's no big deal.
  10. GrumpyRN63

    A Comforting Analogy

    and BTW, I use to feel G-d was in a spiritual place such as a church or temple, but now I don't think so. I believe G-D is everywhere, any time I see something in nature I feel G-d's presence, flowers, trees, wind, clouds, etc. I believe that science and G-d are possible together, life is a miracle and it was sparked by SOMETHING
  11. GrumpyRN63

    A Comforting Analogy

    I don't force or express my faith on anyone either, I can tell you I've questioned it, I'm sure as many others have... Working in Hospice for the last 4 yrs has really proven to me there is SOMETHING there after this life. way too many pt.s have been visited by people/family that have passed before them and sometimes they wait for someone else! it's not possible to believe unless you witness it... all faiths, all denominations, there are those who are there at the time of death. Unless you witness it, it's hard for others to understand. I have seen it MANY times. I know many people are Atheists, and I respect that non-belief as well. To each his own. I for one would rather have faith and have nothing to lose, then have no faith and find out I was wrong. I believe it doesn't matter in the end... we will have what is there, no matter what faith, as long as we are decent people, G-D didn't invent religion, but he will be there for all of us, what do you have to lose, if there is nothing........ we won't even be aware of it. :)
  12. GrumpyRN63

    Denied employment at agency due to ordered prescriptions

    Good for you and good luck!! :yelclap:
  13. GrumpyRN63

    Did you have to brush your classmates teeth?

    Wow, wearing a Colostomy bag, that's pretty extreme, but quite a learning experience I imagine! sounds like you had an excellent instructor !
  14. GrumpyRN63

    Did you have to brush your classmates teeth?

    We did not have to brush each other's teeth, but we did have to give each other bed baths. It was awkward, but you REALLY strived to maintain privacy and dignity!! We also gave each other an injection. That was back in the 80's
  15. GrumpyRN63

    Has anyone coded a co-worker? Dealing with the grief...

    I have coded a fellow coworker. The outcome was less favorable than yours. She died on the unit. She coded as she came on to the change of shift ( 11 PM). It was horrendous and chaotic. I don't think it could have gone any other way. This is one of your own. You try to keep focused on what's going on, but inevitably your emotions are enmeshed in the whole situation. Staff from our neighbor units came, as well as administrators. This was 24 yrs ago before there were code teams. We were the code team. We did have anesthesia and resp up as well as other residents. She couldn't have coded in a better place. If she arrested 5 minutes before in the parking garage, she wouldn't have even had any chance. We did everything there was to do, and probably more so, as she was family. All the patients knew what was happening as it was a very small unit and the code happened in the middle of the floor. The next morning our ADNS came in. Just about every patient was discharged. Administration basically closed the unit down for a few days so we could debrief and regroup. Everyone in the hospital was very supportive to our staff and unit. By the way, this is a very big, well-known teaching hospital. I think our small tight-knit unit did well to recover. It did take some time. I don't think it would have been appreciated if an outsider took the initiative to organize a post-code meeting/critique/review of the situation. A critique on 'room for improvement' really isn't appropriate at this time, and it's really not your place. The best thing you can do is just to be there for those who are having a difficult time getting through it. Let the staff be. Healing needs to occur.
  16. GrumpyRN63

    RN moms - I need help!

    I have been thru all types of schedules, nites when the first one was little allowed me to be there after school, dinner, bedtime routine etc. The second one came and things got more complicated. My husband began to travel at a moment's notice ( not good with ever-changing schedule). I then began a "normal" job at the hospital based clinic. Sounded great, M-R 8:30 -4, reality, not seeing them in the am and getting home 6 or 6:30. The kids hated it since I wasn't there after school although 3 day weekends were nice. I lasted about a year. Went perdiem, ( # 3 came along) but eventually (dh is self-employed) needed a job with benies for health insur. Went to 2 12's (PM's). I thought it would be great, kids hated it, I left @ 6pm and came home after they left for school. Even though it was only 2x's/wk they felt they never saw me, plus stress of husband never around, still always changing schedule. Decided one of us needed a fixed (normal?) schedule. Went to baylor weekend for 2 yrs now. work every weekend, 10 hrs home hospice. Get the full benies, PTO, etc. Kids are happy. I get to sleep at night, am home m-f for the sick days, field trips, 1/2 days, school delays and early dismissals, vaca days/weeks, entire summer etc. If they need to get somewhere, it's easier to arrange rides on the weekend . I would prefer not to work every weekend, but right now the positives outway the negatives. When I had the 'normal schedule' it was very stressful, home, 2nd shift would begin until exhausted, rinse and repeat next day. Things work well for me now, with this schedule. What works for me, may not work for you, and what works now, may not work in a year or two. Sometimes you have to change/adjust as your life evolves.