How long did you study for NCLEX RN?

  1. After you finished school, how many weeks or months did you study for boards?
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  3. by   lovebabies
    5 weeks. 3 hours a day. 150 question everyday.
  4. by   gianphilippines
    2 months, rigid review everyday
  5. by   caliotter3
    I didn't study very long or very well. I thought I was lucky to pass the test.
  6. by   exnavygirl-RN
    I studied for 4 weeks. I used Saunders and the Kaplan Strategies book. Passed the 1st time with a little over 200 questions. It is all a blurr.
  7. by   morte
    somewhere between a 1/2 hour and an hour......
  8. by   NaomieRN
    How long you study is depends on how much stuff you retained in nursing school. So far, I have a 6-week plan, but it seems that I remember quite a lot of inormation. I may test sooner than later while everything is still fresh. I plan to keep doing saunders and kaplan strategies by doing 150 questions per day.
  9. by   pinksunflower
    Yea I agree. It depends on ur nursng foundations and learnings during ur nursing school.
  10. by   annfaith
    I took the Hurst Review the last week of April and after that did between 200 and 300 questions a day. I used NCSBN, Saunders's and Mosby's. Tested on the 20 of May and plassed NCLEX-RN with 75 questions. Make sure to do analysis and application questions.
  11. by   Meems
    Graduated 8-20-09. Tested 09-24-09. Wasn't terribly focused on studying until after 09-01-09. Studied about 2 hours a day on avg and did at least 75 questions a day. Saunders, exam cram, incredibly easy, and LaCharity(prioritization/delegation) were my books. Passed with 75 questions.
  12. by   KAYBDT6
    4 WEEKS & 100Q/DAY
  13. by   prettyprettyRN
    I studied for about 6 weeks. 2-3 hours per day for 5 days a week mostly doing questions.
  14. by   Bluee
    08/27/09 graduation, test date tomorrow 09/29/09 (was the soonest possible)

    I averaged over 100Q/day. I used the Saunders 4th edition CD exclusively. We'll see how I do.