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  1. Stacy2009

    Add me to the list of nervous people taking NCLEX!

    Dont worry about the PN, I took it on July 17 and I knew at about question 50 that I would pass. When I left I knew I had passed. The test stopped at 85 and it wasnt that hard. I did study about 2000 questions the 3 weeks before. My advice to anyone, I think I worried too much, so dont worry, you went to school and made it through, you have the info in your head and you can pass. Good luck too you! :nuke:
  2. Stacy2009

    OBN question

    Congrats, I took my Nclex PN on the 17th and found out on Sat about 530 am, I love the obn and my school.
  3. Stacy2009

    Got my Results

  4. Stacy2009

    I Passed!

  5. Hey when did you all find out results? Anyone before 48 hours or is it exactly 48 hours from the time your test ended? The wait is killing me. I am constantly checking and its only been about 24 hours and to wait through the weekend would be very hard. Thanks Stacy
  6. Stacy2009

    11 SATA questions

    You know that is just what I am doing second guessing myself and looking up answers and it is torcher. I will take your advice and Let it Go...... Thanks for your responses, I was so very confident at first and now am not so much especially when I found that one question was wrong that they gave me again and guessed wrong again, that makes me worried. It seems to give you the ones you get wrong again it happen to me twice.
  7. Stacy2009

    When can you practice?

    Once you see your license on the Boards website can you technically get a job? Or do you have to wait for them to sent in the mail?
  8. Stacy2009

    11 SATA questions

    Is that a good thing that I got 11 SATA questions? I am thinking it is but not sure if I remember correctly that it is. I am starting to look up questions and see what ones I thought I had right I actually got wrong.......Monday will be a long wait.
  9. Stacy2009

    Taking NCLEX PN today

    Well I finished with 85 questions. I had 11 SATA and 3 math and I felt when I was in the 50's very confident that I had passed and to me it was pretty easy and I am so happy even though they said it would be Monday before I find out (two business days). Well I am just grateful to my RN program for preparing me enough the last year to take an equivalency for the PN and I am grateful to them because they are teaching me what I need to know. I am also very confident on passing RN next summer. I feel good all around and guess thats weird because most people walk out thinking they failed. Guess I am the lucky. Thank you Jesus. :nuke:
  10. Stacy2009

    Taking NCLEX PN today

    After studing Kaplan PN Qbank and NCSBN (PN) and Saunders RN content I hope I am ready. Right now I am trying to finish the NCSBN before my children wake up. I think the NCSBN is pretty good with test tips when you read if the answer is right or wrong. Well I guess I will see soon how good. I am tired of studing just want it to be over for a few weeks anyways go back to school Aug 18 (last year of RN program). I just want 2 or 3 weeks break. Wish me luck. Stacy
  11. Stacy2009

    Took the NCLEX-PN yesterday...uhhhh

    Sounds like you probably passed, I bet your glad its over. Let us know your results when you get them :).
  12. Stacy2009

    Qbank is really haRD..HUHUHU....

    Thanks for giving me more confidence because this qbank is hard, I am getting high 50's to mid 60's and average 61 kinda depressing especially when I am testing on Thursday. But you saying that Nclex was easier really makes me feel a little better.
  13. Stacy2009

    Just scheduled for PN NCLEX SCARED

    Hey for the math questions do they give you any scrap paper and a pencil to work it out. I Know that they have a caculator but I have to see it worked out. Also does the Kaplan PN Q bank help? I have been doing that for the last week. Anyways CONGRATS!! to you:yeah: thanks so much for answering me back. Stacy
  14. Stacy2009

    Just scheduled for PN NCLEX SCARED

    I just got my ATT and scheduled for July 17 at 2pm. I am about to have respiratory alkalosis! (hyperventilating) Anyways I hope I am doing the right thing. The other date I could have had would be on July 30 but I dont think I will be anymore prepared. I might buy NCSBN tommorro and do that but please God help me, I am half way through my RN program and in Oklahoma they let you test for LPN if you want and I just hope I am doing the right thing. I am so scared. Any advice or suggestions I just hope I made the right choice. Anyone who is out there and has taken the PN Nclex tell me is it really really that bad. To me these study questions seem like they are pretty hard. I am doing Kaplan PN and getting 63's on average and I am doing Sauders RN content because thats the book I have from my RN program. Well any advise or anything to ease my mind will help. Thanks Stacy
  15. Stacy2009

    I think I just FLUNKED the NCLEX PN

    You are scaring me too death at how hard this PN test will be. But from all the post I have read when it stops at 85 I think thats a good thing? Dont most people pass at 85? Well you shall soon find out and you probably did pass. My prayers are with you.
  16. Stacy2009

    Kaplan Qbank for PN

    Anyone who has used this do you think this will be a good choice for someone who will be taking the PN?