I got my ATT email today

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Recieved my ATT email today, I too have been checking my email hourly especially since I knew the board of nursing had my transcript..... I will test on May 26, I hope I am ready I hope this is not too soon....I can always change the date, the next date available was June 1. I figure I can study all week and go for it....

When did you all figure it was the right time to test?


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Hi Stacy 2009. I studied for 2 months. I never got that "I feel ready to test" feeling. After I took the exam, I wished I would of went to test a little sooner. Just make sure you make a study plan and stick to it. Do a lot of practice questions and make sure you look over the rationals even on the ones you got right. I used and loved the Saunders book and CD. Good luck with studying and the exam. =)

hi stacy, i just received my eligibility last monday and i have not yet mailed my application in, i know i will be getting my ATT this week or the next and will be able to schedule my exam soon but i still chose to take in on the 18th of june. i have been studying since january and working sometims 32 - 40 hours week. i will be taking about 7 -8 days off befor my test date and starting next week i will only be working 24 hours a week, some even just 16 hours...i still dont feel like i am ready but sometimes there are just days when i dont wanna study anymore...but i am hoping things will be okay on june 18 and i will pass...been using saunders but mostly kaplan...

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They told me I will be getting mine within 24 hrs. So I am checking all the time too:coollook:


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Good luck on your NCLEX.


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I'm still waiting.....:yawn: good luck on the exam


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hi.. how long does it take you to receive your ATT via e-mail? because I haven't received mine for 3 days now...


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It depends on your board of nursing, once mine got my transcript it took about a week.

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