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  1. HeartsOpenWide

    Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide.

    Not everyone gets paid like you...me? No triple holiday pay, no large shift differentials, no large extra shift differentials, any over time is state mandated, we get $4/hr to be on call with no extra pay for when me get "called in", after over three years I still DONT make more than 60k/yr (try less than $50k BEFORE taxes, I see a lot less) and I live in California in an area that has a high cost of living. People working at Costco only make a few dollars less an hour than me; and they don't have 4yr degrees with multiple specialty certifications working with people's lives. I accept it because I love my job, but I do not make a lot of money. We live well because we live VERY modestly and my husband works. He had a slip disk and has just returned to work after almost a month (self employed so no disability pay). Paying bills with MY nursing income is going to require using savings...
  2. HeartsOpenWide

    No Nursing Shortage At The Present Time

  3. HeartsOpenWide

    No Nursing Shortage At The Present Time

    I emailed this woman: Kim, You should really interview new nursing grads, not people advertising for their schools... There is NO Nursing Shortage! Only a shortage of experienced nurses willing to work. When I graduated in 09', over half my class was without jobs. Only three years prior, when entering our BSN program, nursing students were having to decided between multiple job offers before even graduating. Since the economic downturn in 08' things continue to get worse. New Grad Programs have nearly all been shut down. There are very few "New Grad" positions. Hundreds of thousands of new grad nurses are without jobs, many for over a year. They begin to loose their skills they learned in school, and as the next graduating class appears they have even more competition. The only new grads getting jobs are the absolute "cream of the crop" and even many of those aren't getting jobs. I have an RN new grad working in my department as a Nurses Aid because she still can not get a job, and her resume is remarkable: graduated with honors, worked a summer in Haiti during nursing school giving nursing care, extra nursing courses, and the list goes on. I encourage you to looks deeper on this and not rely in sources that are making money off of false advertising. (My Name) RN-C, BSN, PHN
  4. HeartsOpenWide

    Nursing Research Topics! Any Ideas?

    Research papers are hard, a lot of work if you do it right. My research paper was over 20 pages; do it on something you are interested in or it is going to be h*ll
  5. HeartsOpenWide

    Reasons For Burn Out

    I think nurses that work in departments they do not like burn out a lot quicker. I work in OB, have for almost two years now; and I still love my job. If I was working on a M/S floor I am would be close to burn out right now. I have my friends on M/S and they occasionally call in sick because they just can not handle a third shift.
  6. HeartsOpenWide

    What are my Chances?

    I think most managers know that M/S is a starting point for many people and know that many plan to move on.
  7. HeartsOpenWide

    How old were you when you finished nursing school?

    BSN 28, worked as a medical assistant until I could afford to go back to school.
  8. I never used any of this stuff, but for one semester after I got a C on a test I freaked out and started studying late until like 10 an then setting my alarm for like 2-3 am and studying more. I did end up with a B in the class, but the next semesters I just made sure I got a lot of sleep the night before a test and found I did much better.
  9. I work in L&D. We have ZERO aids, not even a unit secretary. The RNs do it all. I will often take out the trash or linen. We even have to clean our triage rooms ourselves; sometimes several times a day. When I was working the night shift I even cleaned rooms, full on mop and everything. House keeping goes home at 2300 and we need to do our best to keep at least one labor room ready if they are not being used by laboring patients. I do not worry about injuring myself, and if I do; it is covered under workman's comp. And no, I would not refuse--or it would be my job...
  10. HeartsOpenWide

    Nurse Called Police/CPS on Parents over Jaundice

    Slightly elevated levels does not warrent Kernicterus...and many babies have slightly elevated jaundice at day 3...its physiological and does not need treatment other than breastfeeding, sunshine, and careful observation. In my experience, a baby is placed on hold by CWS. Was this baby placed on hold or was the nurse just refusing to let the parents take the baby home? If that is the case that is imprisonment. Regardless, this story is fishy,
  11. HeartsOpenWide

    Ob to icu?

    I am currently an LDRP nurse. I graduated in 2009 and went straight into OB. MY hospital is currently offering cross training to ICU. The more I think about it the more interested I get. My only concern is that my only experience that I have had is working LDRP. I talked with a friend who works in ICUm=, is older and very experienced. SHe thinks I could do just fine and offered to train me if I can work it out with HR/DON. I am really thinking about calling the nursing recruiter in the morning and telling her that I am interested. ICU nurses, what do you think? Do you think a fairly new nurse from OB could make it in the ICU?
  12. HeartsOpenWide

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Blue. Ironically the baby came out blue and needed PPV.
  13. Do you work at my hospital? Incompetent is a requirement to work in management or HR...people with no floor experience, or have not worked on the floor have no clue!
  14. HeartsOpenWide

    And you thought a thong beneath whites was bad...

    To each there own. I do not think piercings such as nose or eyebrow rings should be prohibited or forced to be covered; they are on the face. But a piercing on a body part that should not be seen anyways? NO excuse for why that should be seen. Uncalled for!
  15. HeartsOpenWide

    should I confess? 12-month full time then part-time for the rest

    I would not bother mentioning it. But part time is 24 hours; not 20.