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gianphilippines has 2 years experience as a LPN, LVN.

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  1. gianphilippines

    Graduate International Nurse needed for correspondence

    Just message me, I am a nurse here in the Philippines and now working at a tertiary, government hospital as a staff nurse
  2. gianphilippines

    Failed 5 times...losing confidence in myself

    practice questions over and over again and pay attention to the rationales.. goodluck and pray and believe in yourself
  3. gianphilippines

    Passed 2nd Attempt!!!!! Yea!!!!

    cheers.. congrats.. :)
  4. I'm a nurse, working in a tertiary government hospital. Maybe I could help you out, just send me PM. Thanks.
  5. gianphilippines

    help! should i switch?

    Try to work in the province if you have a place to stay there. Turn overs on the province is very high..
  6. gianphilippines

    Drugs and the NCLEX

    know the side effects of the drugs and the nursing implications, know that by heart...
  7. gianphilippines

    I have a few questions about the NCLEX

    1. Regarding ATI, I cant say because I didn't review in ATI. 2. I have 1 pedia question but was given an abnoral lab value and ask what will you do on the child, that's all... its not very detailed though... 3. YOu should know the infectious control of diseases and what instrument or equipment will you use... goodluck
  8. A bill has been filed in the lower house of congress seeking to prohibit the collection of fees by hospitals from nurses who apply for training or volunteer work in their institutions. House Bill 5985, introduced by Laguna 4th District Representative Edgar San Luis, also proposes a penalty of imprisonment of not more than one year and a fine of not more than P100,000 to those found guilty of exploiting nurse trainees/volunteers. The proposed legislation further mandates hospitals to pay nurse trainees monthly salaries for services already rendered. Any fees previously collected must also be refunded, in full, to the nurse with 6% annual interest. In a statement published at the House of Representatives' website, Rep. Edgar San Luis said, "No matter how the hospital administrators call the pernicious practice—training, skills building, volunteer work or whatever—what they are doing is plain and simple exploitation." ----------------------------- What's our take on this? DO you think this will be passed on the lower house?
  9. gianphilippines

    265 or take my time

    wish you all the best
  10. gianphilippines

    If You were Me, What Will You Choose?

    Sorry, title should be, "if you were me,...."
  11. gianphilippines

    If You were Me, What Will You Choose?

    I have this dilemma right now, currently, I'm currently employed in a secondary hospital and since it's a secondary hospital, I do work 6 days a week and I only have a one day off. During my days off, I just stay at home, rest the whole day and watch tv. Working 6 days is kinda tiring for me because our schedule is one week NIGHT-then one week PM-then one AM-then NIGHT again... Our hospital is also not complete, we don't have CT Scan, MRI and the machines in the ICU are outdated. The good thing about this hospital is the toxicity is low to medium and the pay is kinda good. 2 days ago, I received a text message from a better hospital, way way better from this secondary hospital and it's a government hospital, i was told that I need to comply the pre-employment requirements and attend the orientation next week. There are many advantages being in a government hospital like being able to practice your nursing skills such as IV insertion, dealing with unusual medical cases and the l ikes.. though I know chances of being regular is only 1%, chances are, I would learn a lot from this government hospital and it's a tertiary hospital. If you were me, what will you do, are you going to stick to a secondary hospital or transfer to tertiary hospital? Thanks for the reply
  12. gianphilippines

    to all NCLEX passers; whats your NLE scores?

    Nle - 76.89 nclex - 75 cgfns - 476
  13. gianphilippines

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    Took my exam last Aug. 6, 2008. 2-3 days after, quick results is already available. I availed the quick result and found out that I pass. Computer shut down at number 75, I had more than 10 select all that applies. Prayers really work for me. I prayed the rosary everyday and visited many churches asking for God's guidance. I always recite the prayer of St. Joseph of Cupertino everyday. To God be the glory.