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  1. exnavygirl-RN

    Shiprock NM

    A. Keams, I just came across your post and see it is from a year ago. Are you now working in Shiprock? I worked at Fort Defiance a few years ago. I loved it. I've applied for a position at Shiprcock recently.
  2. exnavygirl-RN

    Going to work with a broken heart...

    I had a rough heart breaking week last week. I showed up to work and the first person I saw was my sweet co-worker. I burst into tears. After that I was o.k. and able to work my shift. Sometimes you have to let it out. Hugs to you.:hug:
  3. exnavygirl-RN

    Fired from my med/surg job after almost 3 years

    This seems to be happening a lot lately...and to awesome nurses. It's scary. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.
  4. exnavygirl-RN

    Finally ready to talk about my CPNE experience 3/25/2011

    Congratulations!! I had nightmares for a few weeks after I passed the CPNE. Thinking back now I don't know how I was able to drive home. I live in south MS and took the CPNE in Madison Wisconsin. This was October 2008! Can't believe it's been that long! You did it...you passed it!
  5. exnavygirl-RN

    Funeral Home Workers

    This has always been my experience. With or without family being at the bedside. The funeral home staff has always been very respectful and dignified.
  6. exnavygirl-RN

    What was your first nursing job?

    My first job as a LPN was working on a 15 bed ortho/surg floor. My first job as a RN was working on a 20 bed med/surg/peds floor in a Navajo facility. I loved both jobs. Now I work LTC and Hospice for the V.A.
  7. exnavygirl-RN

    Excelsior College MSN Degree Graduates

    Not only is it NLN accredited it is a NLN center of excellence http://www.nln.org/excellence/coe/index.htm. I always print this out when questioned http://nlnac.org/Forms/directorySearch.asp. I received my ADN from EC and I'm considering EC for my MSN. Hope this helps :)
  8. exnavygirl-RN

    Help! Need to make a decision quickly

    Tough decision. I would be a little put off that the first facility told you they would call within a week and didn't. It was over two weeks before you heard anything. Granted, I know things happen but that is just inconsiderate. That would put me off big time but i'm wacky that way. As mentioned earlier...follow your intuition.
  9. exnavygirl-RN

    Any Excelsior ADN Nursing Grads out there??

    Check out the distance learning board under "students". https://allnurses.com/distance-learning-nursing/ Several Excelsior grads there including ME
  10. exnavygirl-RN

    snack/food idea for night shift nurses?

    I work night shift and we love chips and salsa!! Sometimes I bring stuff to make sandwiches. Veggie trays are awesome:up:
  11. exnavygirl-RN

    What grosses YOU out?

    I can't believe the foods that our facility purees. ugggggg I can barely stomach it when I'm feeding my resident.
  12. exnavygirl-RN

    What grosses YOU out?

    I can handle almost everything. Walking into a patient's room and seeing water cups full of grey/green phlegm and spit sends me over the edge. :barf01:
  13. exnavygirl-RN

    The Best Advice I Never Got

    Love it! I really needed to read this today.
  14. exnavygirl-RN

    What if a hurricane hit your facility while you were there?

    I live on the MS Gulf Coast...so I've been there and done that. We have protocols we follow but we've always managed well.
  15. exnavygirl-RN

    My shift got better.....Staff Massage's

    Heaven is having a RN co-worker who is also a certified massage therapist. :redbeathe:heartbeat