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CCM and RN-BC, MSN Healthcare System Management 2014: Loyola University New Orleans. BSN 2011: Chamberlain University ASN 2009: Excelsior College LPN 2003: Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

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  1. exnavygirl-RN

    Shiprock NM

    A. Keams, I just came across your post and see it is from a year ago. Are you now working in Shiprock? I worked at Fort Defiance a few years ago. I loved it. I've applied for a position at Shiprcock recently.
  2. exnavygirl-RN

    OMG My CCM exam results just came in!

    I was happy they were available early! I passed, too! While I was waiting I registered to take ANCC's CM exam and also passed that one. Congratulations!
  3. exnavygirl-RN

    CCMC Exam - no result!

    I took the CCM August 31st. When I realized I wouldn't get results until October I was pretty frustrated. I looked through my emails and didn't find one from CCMC stating there would be a wait. Oh well. I will be taking the ANCC case management exam...
  4. exnavygirl-RN

    UMC Jackson, MS

    Hello all, I just posted an inquiry under the Mississippi Board about UMC, Jackson. I am currently enrolled in post-grad PMHNP program and taking Physical Examination and Health Assessment. We are assigned Shadow Health modules which count as 30...
  5. exnavygirl-RN

    UMC Jackson PMHNP program

    I'm curious to know if anyone here is attending or has graduated from UMC Jackson's PMHNP program or any of their NP programs. This is my first semester. Currently taking advanced Examination and Assessment.
  6. exnavygirl-RN

    MSN to Post Masters NP

    I completed MSN in Health Care System Management online through Loyola University New Orleans. Will be starting post masters in Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at UMMC Jackson, MS in the fall. Good luck to you!
  7. exnavygirl-RN

    ANCC PMHNP Board Exam

    Thank you! I'm starting PMNP program this fall.
  8. exnavygirl-RN

    Kotzebue or Barrow...

    I have RN friends that have worked in both locations and LOVED it. They both agreed that one or two years is the max they can handle since it is so isolated, etc. It's on my bucket list to work in one of those locations sometime in the future.
  9. exnavygirl-RN

    Just passed Microbiology with an A!!

    Goalseeker, I just got your PM and was not able to reply. I haven't been on this site in awhile. So sorry I missed it. Congrats on the "A"!! To answer your question..I still have the site.
  10. exnavygirl-RN

    Public Health in St. Louis Area

    Have you checked your state's employment site? Office of Administration | State of Missouri Job Opportunities
  11. exnavygirl-RN

    difference between home health and public health nurse?

    Some public health nurses do home visits depending on the area they are working in. Our TB nurse and high risk maternity/infant nurse do home visits. I work in child health and occasionaly have to make a home visit. The paperwork, to me, is nothin...
  12. exnavygirl-RN

    Passed CPNE at Grady on 05/04/2012!!

  13. exnavygirl-RN

    Public Health Nurse

    Love my job, too.:redbeathe
  14. exnavygirl-RN

    Public Health Nurse

    I have a BSN as well.
  15. exnavygirl-RN

    Ever get the urge to release a horde of flying monkeys?

    :yeah:Great thread. I'm having a good week so far. [[knock on wood]]
  16. exnavygirl-RN

    One month as a PHN....

    I work for my state's health Department. Search your state's personnel website for job openings. For example: "Mississippi State Personnel Board" to find state jobs.