Finally.......I got the news I passed!!!

  1. After 2 weeks and 1 day I found out this morning that I passed the boards. I am an RN! It is such a good feeling!

    For those of you who keep checking the CA BON and your name isn't on it, try not to get discouraged it may be that your file isn't complete! After several days I finally called the board and come to find out they had not received my transcripts from my school. My test stopped at 75 questions, after 3 days when my name wasn't on the website I thought for sure I must of failed. Needless to say I was glad that perhaps it was only because my transcripts that my name was not posted. Now I do know that was the reason!! My license appeared today!!

    Good luck everyone!!
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    Congrats and thanks for confirming what we have said, not seeing name on site doesn't always mean you have failed
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    KUDOS to you
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