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it's hot in phoenix

it's hot in phoenix

oncology, med surg & corrections
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it's hot in phoenix specializes in oncology, med surg & corrections.

married, have 4 rescue dogs and 2 cats. 3 kids are independent-yeah!!

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  1. it's hot in phoenix

    Hey there MSN in leadership and management

    Congrats to you Indyrn00!!! I hope to start on April fools day:) how long did you average on each class?
  2. it's hot in phoenix

    Western Governors University Competency Based MSN Program

    I'm in the process of getting into the same degree path at WGU- my question is how long has it taken you? At first was a little bummed that they wouldn't accept my credits from another school, but being given the option to take the final, when I'm ready- sounds excellent! Do you believe this type of learning provides you with a degree that employers are looking for? Thank you so much for your reply and CONGRATS to you on your accomplishment!!!
  3. it's hot in phoenix

    Pay Rate

    I spent 7 yrs there- PM when you get a chance:)
  4. it's hot in phoenix

    Have you worked for Wexford?

    We just heard their presentation a few days ago - not sure what to think yet - alot that was said, didnt go over too well. We are suppose to get the offer letters, by the end of next week - so I guess we will all have to wait and see- goodluck 2 U!!!!
  5. it's hot in phoenix

    Have you worked for Wexford?

    By chance - do u live in az?
  6. it's hot in phoenix

    New to Hem/Onc, HELP!

    I have had a similiar situation, I have had 3 nursing directors and 3 cno's in a year, along with 2 ceo's. At first, I was a little freaked out and then I took a step back and realized it was not about me and I love my patients. There are days, that I just go into work, take care of my patients and go home. I pray for strength everyday in the parking lot, before going upstairs and after a year, a positive change is beginning. Just remember- our problems can never be bigger than our patient's:yeah::yeah:
  7. it's hot in phoenix

    New RN graduate, just offered a job on an Oncology unit!

    I have worked a majority of my career with oncology patients. I feel it to be a privilege to care for someone during their journey of the biggest fight of their life:yeah::yeah: People often ask me, how can I deal with it everyday and I explain that I will work as hard as I can to help my patients to live another day, but if the time comes and they are ready to graduate to heaven, I will work just as hard, to assure comfort and dignity!!! You are going to love it:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat
  8. it's hot in phoenix

    power ports

    We use only power ports and love them, no heparin though and I use to use the 3/4 inch needle and would have an issue sometimes with blood retrn, but when I changed to the 1 inch needle, problem has been solved.
  9. it's hot in phoenix

    Just checking

    Is anybody out there starting the 2yr. program with Chamberlin for a MBA/MSN dual degree??? :yeah:for any reply!
  10. it's hot in phoenix

    Please enlighten me;is the cna allowed to insert urinary catherer in any state?

    In AZ they can insert catheters, in fact they are usually better at it, then the floor nurses. Ironically, at a hospital I worked at, would allow them to place foley's but determined they are unable to do an accu check, because it "involved" critical thinking - Really??? :lol2: This is a result of an educator, that does not come out from behind her desk.
  11. it's hot in phoenix

    Pros and Cons

    I have worked with Oncology patients for over 13 years, along with other areas, such as L&D, ER, med-surg, corrections and I would never do anything else besides Oncology. My view is, I feel it is a privledge to be allowed to care form someone in their hardest battles of their life and if it turns out , they are not going to make it, I will be there to their end, doing whatever possible to keep them comfortable. You can learn so much medically, for these patients can be extremely high acuity along with their chemo treatments. I agree with other comment, to just precept or spend time on an Oncology floor, you will figure out at that time, if it's for you. Nurses generally, love it or hate it. Good luck to you!!!!
  12. it's hot in phoenix

    Excelsior college in arizona ...

    Hello, I have done excelsior here in AZ and it worked great. Do not go through college network, there is no need and it will cost u a fortune. U can buy any study guides from ebay for cheap and it is the same books. There is a ton of resources to get u through the program, including this site, ebay and youtube. what type of job do you currnetly have? if you plan on staying with them through school, i highly reccommend u talk to them about your plan, because there is preceptor hours you have to do now and this way u can just do it with them. The only negative about the program, which actually has changed recently, is if you want to go toCali, you have to write the nursing board to ask for permission to get ur license there. It is on a case by case basis, but it is possible. Let me know if you have any questions, I would of have never been able to do that program if it wasn't for this website
  13. it's hot in phoenix

    Jail or Prison

    Hello, I'm an RN and currently work in a female prison, looking at going to a large county jail system. Just checking what everyone prefers, jail or prison and if u can just tell me why. Thank you:yeah::yeah: in advance for any reply's!!!
  14. it's hot in phoenix

    Exp. RN looking to move

    If you come to the West side, my son/wife bought a brand new 4 bedroom for 99,000 and daugh/husband bought a 2 story for 104,000 brand new. Acroos the street from me is a 4bed/3bath sante fe on 1 1/2 horse property for only 189,000. Oh yeah- the town i live in is Goodyear. There are alot of good deals out there and the west side is next to the freeway and on dayshift I can get downtown in 40 min. Goodluck to you:yeah::yeah:
  15. it's hot in phoenix

    What is the best RN to BSN online school?

    I go to GCU- grand canyon university. It's 410$credit/hr and a different class every 5 weeks. You have a group project every class and papers to do every week. I really like it :)
  16. it's hot in phoenix

    Passing KOP's

    What state are you working in? Ours use to do KOP's the same way. but it was only 1 LPN and an the officer would be at the yard when she got there, but she was alone on the trip to each yard. They changed to everyone (except I 5's) to come to medical and it was so much more time effecient. I work in a right to work state, but in the DOC we have 2 unions and they are extremely helpful for issues such as yours. Good luck to you and please be safe:bow::bow: