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  1. Hi there ! I am new grad LPN looking for nursing home job. Can someone help me by giving some nursing home interview questions? What kind of questions do I expect during interview? Or do you recommend any book that related to elderly for my interview. I would really appreciate for your help ? Thanks! Please reply me :angryfire
  2. erandi

    help needed for finding job

    I went through the yellow pages and internet but i didn't find any jobs related to LTC. Please help.
  3. erandi

    help needed for finding job

    I am in North Dakota state. Please help...
  4. erandi

    help needed for finding job

    hello there, i passed my nclex pn last week. i am looking for jobs but all of them wanted 1-2 years experiences .but sadly , i do not have any job experiences( (i worked as work study while i was at school).so this means it is hard for me to get jobs right ? many nurses suggested me to start working in ltc or home health . but i am having hard time finding ltc jobs and home health jobs. i would greatly appreciate if anyone help me on this matter. how can i find nursing homes, home health etc near by my area ? are nursing home and home health are same thing ? i seriously wanted to work as a nurse.
  5. erandi

    Help!!I took NCLEX yesterday.....

    I had the exact questions like yours.I had tons of meds, tons of SATA(about 10) one delegation, some prioritizations. I took mine on last monday. It was horrible. I got 91 questions and I passed. dont't think too much you will pass too. I cross my fingers for you. All the best
  6. erandi

    NCLEX quick result

    Guys, can anyone tell me how to see the quick result . Do I have to pay for it ?:angryfire
  7. erandi

    about finger prints

    Thanks for the reply.:)
  8. erandi

    about finger prints

    Hi all, I sent my finger print couple days ago but so far I didn't get that back . My Nclex is coming nearer.I will be taking in 14 days. Don't I need finger print to take exam ? Another question, do I have to print out ATT and take it with me ?Or I have to call Pearson Veu by asking them to send my ATT and finger print?? By the way I already got my ATT in my email only. Please reply me . thanks !!
  9. erandi

    I passed NCLEX-PN.

    wow! congratulations!
  10. erandi

    confusion about IM injection

    Thank you guys for your comments. Now I got it.
  11. erandi

    confusion about IM injection

    Hi all, Please solve my confusion. Best muscle to administer an IM injection in an adult is the deltoid or Vastus lateralis? In Kaplan it says = vastus lateralis In Saunder it says= deltiod. Which on you think the best answer ?
  12. erandi

    nclex pn exam with 205 questions..

    Good Luck. Crossing fingers on you .
  13. erandi

    Passed NCLEX! Study tips...

    Thanks for the tips and congratulations! for passing board.
  14. erandi

    Taking NCLEX-PN in the morning! (nervous)

    Good Luck . By the way , how did you prepare for the exam ? any tips??
  15. erandi

    Taking NCLEX this Thursday (2/12)

    Oh !! Congratulations!!
  16. erandi

    i passed!!!!wooohoooooooooooo