how many hours do you work a week?


what are usual shifts like? how many hours/week?




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what are usual shifts like? how many hours/week?



Three 12's, 36-37 hours a week. Never work overtime.


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I work four 8 hour shifts a week (it's considered full time where I work). We have 8 or 12 hour shifts available.

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I also do three 12 hour shifts, from 7.15-7.45, am or pm rotation. But our working hours are counted as 34 per week, time taken off for breaks...sometimes thats a Joke!!


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Three 12 hour shifts, rotating AM/PM, every third weekend.

No bonus, though unless we work in 2 extra shifts in a 6 week period.

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3 12s a week. I work nights.

Sometimes I pick up and extra 8 or come in early for an extra 4. (I need me some serious extra shifts. I need the cash!)


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I work 4 shifts a week 11p - 7:30 am (not that I ever get out at 7:30) :uhoh3: It's considered a 32 hour full time position where I work......but they do both 12 hour and 8 hour shifts there.


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It depends...

If I need $$$$, I will work 7 days....4 days for the agency + 3 days for my regular job.

Both jobs are 12.5 hour shift....It is hard, but I need the money...

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I work 3 14's per week. We open at 5:00am and close at 7:30pm. But on occasion I have to stay until the last patient if done and gone from dialysis. I enjoy the 4 days aweek off. No nights and every Sunday off.


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There also may be an option for 4, 10 hour shifts (0700 - 1730)a week (80 hours), depending on your facility.


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I scheduled 72 hous q 2 weeks. I usually work 88 or more. Way too many as far as I'm concerned. I love the nurses I work with but the job in the ER is a killer. It's hard physicaly and stress wise. Oh well, at least it's my choice. I hear horrer stories of union nurses who have mandatory OT. (to the tune of 17 hours a pay prd)


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