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  1. firstyearRN

    Rush Outpatient Interview

    I have an interview this week with Rush to be a Clinical Coordinator in outpatient capacity, presumably to help run a clinic etc. Seems administrative in nature. My background is cardiac stepdown inpatient. Any tips or ideas of what they will ask? How should I approach the preparation? Thanks so much for your help in advance.
  2. firstyearRN

    New oppurtunities from the US Armed forces

    I spoke with a recruiter from the reserves and he said they are not hiring even us educated foreign nurses that are working in the states now. Is is information wrong?? If so, who do I approach exactly? thanks so much in advance!!
  3. firstyearRN

    Army Reserve Nursing

    What is conus backfill? Pardon my ignorance. What else did the recruiter say? Thanks so much in advance!
  4. firstyearRN

    Army Reserve Nursing

    Is it possible to be non deployable in the army reserves and just do stuff in your home city?? Or given we have 2 active wars, is everyone potentially deployable? What exactly does the reserve entail and how long does the commitment tend to be? Thank you so much in advance for your help!!
  5. firstyearRN

    How to Find the MAP with a VAD??

    how exactly do we use a doppler to find bp and map??? new to dopplers - please advise. Thank you.
  6. Do the travel companies sponsor green cards and provide H1bs for nurse practitioners or do they generally only cater to RNs?? Please advise. Are there any in particular that are reputable? Thank you so much for your help in advance.
  7. firstyearRN

    H1b Visa for nurses under FY 2010

    Thank you silverdragon as always for such a thoughtful response!! I'm currently on a tn and feel like I'll never move to something more permanent due to the long waiting times. How long does it take to get a green card if in the NP H1B category? Or is it still the same? Thank you!!
  8. firstyearRN

    New grad thinking about FNP school

    I would think it would depend on the area you go into? Any truth to this? I just stared NP school after almost a year on the floor and have my sights set on a minute clinic or preferably a relatively low stress environment. Do these exist? Or is it constant doubting and stress from here on out? Thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses. I too am trying to escape the constant chaos of a cardiac floor as a floor nurse.
  9. firstyearRN

    H1b Visa for nurses under FY 2010

    For those nurses who have acquired H1Bs: who has sponsored you and under what position? Have they also filed for green card sponsorship as well? Thank you so much in advance. Does anyone know approximately how long it takes for canadian nurses to get green cards once I-140s are filed?? I'm a BSN prepared nurse now attempting to prepare for the future! Not sure whether or not I should ask my american employer to file the I-140 due to the potential of never being able to leave the hospital. Thank you!!!
  10. firstyearRN

    np program in the states and canadian equivalencies

    Thank you so much for such a thorough response. I really appreciate it.
  11. thinking of doing an FNP program in the states (here now) in case I'd like to work as an NP in Ontario later. I'm Canadian and concerned that my education won't translate unless I do an FNP as opposed to any of the other specialities. My primary interest is adult care or psych care but if I can't find a job in the states, I don't want to be stuck! Thanks so much for your help.
  12. firstyearRN

    St. Joseph's College: Maine

    which courses are we supposed to take first? just applying now but it says to enroll for some courses already. Thank you!
  13. firstyearRN

    St. Joseph's College: Maine

    Is the FNP program that just started fully accredited? How long does it take to get in, etc.? Thank you so much in advance. Just wanting to know I can pass the boards and get a license with it!!
  14. firstyearRN

    full time on line fnp program???

    Thank you Cindy!!
  15. firstyearRN

    full time on line fnp program???

    do these exist? Please advise!! thank you!
  16. firstyearRN

    navy nurse - foreign citizen???

    Is the Mavni program or any other program still in existence that offers a green card in exchange for committing to nursing for the navy or other organization for a period of time? Thank you in advance!!