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thinking of doing an FNP program in the states (here now) in case I'd like to work as an NP in Ontario later. I'm Canadian and concerned that my education won't translate unless I do an FNP as opposed to any of the other specialities. My primary interest is adult care or psych care but if I can't find a job in the states, I don't want to be stuck! Thanks so much for your help.

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This was recently discussed in the NP forum. Basically, the Canadian equivalent of the US FNP is the Primary Care NP. There are no ANP or Psych NP equivalencies in Canada at this time so being educated in those tracks will not help you get a job there. There seems to be more opportunities for Primary Care NP's in Canada but I'm not an expert on this as I don't live in Canada but I also know that there are Acute Care NP's in there as well (there's an ACNP program at University of Toronto).

As far as the US, there is so much variability in job markets across different areas of the states. As an ACNP, I've never had problems looking for a job but I've mainly lived in metro areas that are close to big cities where ACNP's seem to be more in demand. I did not have to sacrifice my interest in adult critical care by going for the broad education of an FNP just so I have more job options. Rural areas typically have more openings for primary care-trained NP's specifically FNP's. You should re-examine your situation and figure out what the hiring trends in the area where you live look like.

Thank you so much for such a thorough response. I really appreciate it.

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