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  1. opal6779

    Drexel Online RN to BSN

    Hi! Just wondering if there is anyone in or who has been through the RN-BSN online program through Drexel university? Looking for reviews! TIA, Jenn
  2. opal6779

    So Excited

    Thank you both and congrats to you and good luck in your new specialty as well RNin'08!
  3. opal6779

    So Excited

    After 6 months in med-surg which I've known is not where I wanted to stay long term in my career, my husband, son and I are relocating to near Rochester NY and I just got offered a position at a hospital there in their Birth unit!! I am soooo psyched. This is always the area of nursing I have wanted to be in! I start next month and have 12 weeks of orientation! It's very exciting. Any words of wisdom/encouragement - tips that I should know - from those of you who have been in this area for a while would be appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer :spin:
  4. opal6779

    Relocating to Canandaigua/Rochester area

    Hi, I have another question.....the hospitals in Rochester, do they normally do D/E/N rotating shifts? So everyone rotates through all of those shifts? That's what I have heard. If so how does that work? Thanks, Jennifer
  5. opal6779

    Relocating to Canandaigua/Rochester area

    Just wanted to thank everyone again. I am going to start making some calls and get my resume out there. I will look into the smaller local hospitals too, but I am used to a 40 minute commute as I did this to go to school 4 days a week, not ideal, but do-able. I just hope I can get a job somewhere without too much difficultly!!! Thank you!
  6. opal6779

    Relocating to Canandaigua/Rochester area

    Thanks for the reply! Do you know roughly the commute time from Canandaigua to Rochester? Maybe I will contact Thompson and see what they have to say. Alot of the jobs posted say they want you to have a years experience and I haven't got that yet.......even if I have to take med-surg again, although my heart isn't in it, I can move to OB later?? I am really interested in Strong, but worried I will get sick of the commute as we need to live somewhere between Rochester and Penn Yann. Thank you again for taking the time to reply!! Jennifer
  7. opal6779

    Relocating to Canandaigua/Rochester area

    No one live in the Rochester area? I've been looking at Strong Memorial Hospital.....any experiences there? Sorry to bug ya'll again. Jennifer
  8. Hi. I will be relocating to the Canandaigua or Rochester area at the beginning of October. I will have 7 months experience as a med surg nurse by then and am just looking for some input on area hospitals up there. Any good/bad experiences, what the job market is like, will I have a hard time getting a job with only 7 months experience? What is the pay like in that area? Anything you're willing to share with me really? I would love to go into OB, it's what I got into nursing to do, but in MA where I am now you need at least a years Med surg before they will let you work in OB in most places so that's what I was working towards. Thanks in advance for any responces.
  9. opal6779

    GN starting rate?

    Western MA - I make $24.66 base pay and then $5.00 differential for working overnights.
  10. opal6779

    how many hours do you work a week?

    I work 4 shifts a week 11p - 7:30 am (not that I ever get out at 7:30) It's considered a 32 hour full time position where I work......but they do both 12 hour and 8 hour shifts there.
  11. opal6779

    What age were you when you went to nursing school?

    I graduated last May at age 26 (6 months pregnant with my first baby then too!) :spin:
  12. Hi, I just started my first job as an RN - It's on a med/surg floor - and I was just wondering what you have found to be the most comfortable shoe/sneaker to wear. The sneakers I have are killing me after a shift of being on my feet the whole day, have you found anything that helps with some of the discomfort? Thanks, Jennifer
  13. opal6779

    Ncsbn Review... Helpful Or Not??

    I took it and wouldn't really recommend it. Although I did pass the NCLEX the first time I found that the content review was really really tedious to get through, then the questions at the end of each review section didn't even pertain to the content I had reviewed, so what was the point?? I didn't end up going through all the review content but I did do the random questions at the end (all of them) and although they aren't like the NCLEX questions - they are more content based - that was the only good part of the review.....I got anywhere from 50-90 on them but mostly 65-75. Hope that helps.
  14. opal6779

    The Best $7.98 I ever spent!!

  15. opal6779

    2nd time failed.......

    I'm really sorry to hear your news Elfchen, hang in there, I can only imagine how upset you are, but please don't give up!! You'll get there. :flowersfo
  16. opal6779

    Anybody with familiar feelings?

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that my questions were all over the place too. I had 75 questions - alot of them were priority, but they were randomly spaced out and I had a couple questions on the same disease as well, which makes you think you answered it wrong the first time, so you are unsure how to answer it again.....I freaked out after my test too and even looked up a few questions when I got home which you really shouldn't do.....but I did pass and I got I told you so's from everybody cause I freaked for nothing, I am sure it will be the same for you, it's just difficult to wait, I know!