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  1. miko014

    Family Initiated Rapid Response Team

    We have a similar system. It's been in place for 6 mos - 1 year now. Each pt gets a pamphlet on admission and that same pamphlet is supposed to be on the bulletin board in each room. I usually tell them that there is a program in place where, if there is a serious change in your condition, and your nurse/doctor is not listening to you, and you feel it is an emergency, you can call this number. I also tell them it is for things like shortness of breath, chest pain, etc - things you would call 9-1-1 for if you were at home. Not for your pain medicine or because you are hungry. I have not heard of much about it, actually, so I assume it is not being abused. I will have to ask the response nurses about it next time I see them...
  2. miko014

    Telephone Triage RNs - help!

    Lol Magsulfate, that is too funny. I get that "in real life" all the time. People who come to the hospital for something serious get all worried about a hangnail. God bless 'em, you get the crazies everywhere lol! If it's going to be a bunch of long boring days, you're probably right, I would go nuts. I believe that the TT is just part of the job that I am interviewing for. I won't really know until I talk to them. I'm not sure when that will be, but wish me luck!!
  3. miko014

    Telephone Triage RNs - help!

    Well, I wouldn't HAVE to go, but we already have tickets and stuff, and they are non-refundable. So I would be out quite a bit of money, not to mention disappointing several people (including myself!!!). We timed the trip with some specific things we wanted to do, and we've been planning it for a long time. I know there's no use worrying about this now, especially since I will probably not get the job anyway, but I would hate for that to screw anything up for me.
  4. miko014

    Telephone Triage RNs - help!

    That's good to hear! Telephone triage was always something I had sort of considered, but I don't know anyone who has done it, nor do I have any kind of experience with it. I had been looking for a different job awhile back, and then I decided to just stick with what I have for now. It was a total surprise when I came across this opening - just a coincidence that I even saw it. I was like "eh, what the heck" and sent in my info, thinking I wouldn't get a call. Well, they did call now, and though I'm sure I probably won't get the job, I'm excited to at least know that I have a chance. I could definitely be away from the bedside - I would miss my job now, but my hands get very irritated from the gloves, and not having to wear them anymore would be paradise!! If you don't mind my asking, what kind of triage did you do? I mean, where did you work? Was it like an insurance comapny, or an office, or a clinic, or what? I really appreciate you giving me some input on this. Do you have time to run through what a typical day was like for you? Besides the weekend issue, was there anything you really hated about the job? Thanks again!!!!
  5. miko014

    Newborn Kitten Emergency- Anyone???

  6. miko014

    Telephone Triage RNs - help!

    Hi guys - any of you with experience in telephone triage - what did/do you llike about it and what did/do you not like? I have an interview that I never expected to get - but I'm very excited! I just don't know what to really expect since I don't have any experience doing anything like that. And sidenote - I have a vacation scheduled for July. I wasn't really planning on changing jobs any time soon, but then this opportunity came up, and now I'm really excited about it! But what is the appropriate time in the interview process to bring up something like that? THANK YOU ALL!!!!
  7. miko014

    Newborn Kitten Emergency- Anyone???

    Aww, I had no good advice so I didn't say anything, but I had to come back in here and make sure the little guy was doing okay! So glad that mama #3 finally gave in - hopefully she'll kkep it up! It takes a special person to invest so much time in animals like that - way to go, canoehead!
  8. miko014

    Quick! Help!!!

    That's great! The rest of my res is formatted with bullet points, but I can definitely make something like that fit. Thanks!!!
  9. miko014

    Quick! Help!!!

    Okay all, I need help. I wasn't planning on leaving my job for a while, but I came across an ad that interested me, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm updating my resume, and I need to describe my charge duties. The problem is, even though my title is "charge nurse", there's not really a job description for it. I basically do everything I did as a staff nurse, assign patients to beds, make sure all the other RNs are doing okay, deal with any issues (customer service or anything else) that may come up, and basically make sure everything is going as smoothly as possible. Anyone have any ideas of how to succinctly describe my charge responsibilities on a resume??? Thanks, you guys rock!!!
  10. miko014

    Nasty Doctor

    I would say that #1 if he thinks the nurses here are doing a bad job, then he shouldn't trust his pt's to them - perhaps he needs to move. #2, if the managers can't do anything, call security. They might not really do anything right away, but I'm sure they will have to make a report of the behavior. I absolutely would not tolerate this - I like LindaRN's ideas...hopefully someone around there has the balls to take care of the situation!!
  11. Fake seizures and psuedo-seizures are not the same thing. If she was faking, she was faking. People get those terms mixed up a lot. A pseudo-seizure is a real seizure that the person cannot control, but the cause is not neurological - usually it's psychological. There is difference between that and someone who is intentionally faking a seizure.
  12. miko014

    Grammar errors at the workplace, just for fun :)

    Great thread! I'm the queen of the grammar police (impressive title, eh??) where I work! On boards like this one and in informal stuff, I'm pretty relaxed about it. But the basic easy stuff like your/you're then/than still grates. If I am reading something professional or published (e.g., a novel) and I find errors, that is just too much for me to handle!!! Some of the ones that have been getting me lately: -Would OF / Could OF / Should OF - NO!!!!!!!!!! No no no no no! It's Would'VE! It's a contraction of WOULD and HAVE! Come on!!!!! -Everyday vs. every day. Everyday is an adjective meaning that something is ordinary or routine. Every day means that something occurs or exists on every day of the week. Same thing goes for sometimes vs. some times. -As much as incorrect pronunciation gets to me, I can't fault people misprnouncing medical terms - some are just regional or based on the person wh taught you the word. Example: malleolus. I've heard "mall-ee-OH-lus" and "mul-LAY-lus". But one girl at work says "spootum" and it cracks me up every time!!!
  13. miko014

    RN's are getting burnt out why?

    I'm not sure I understand the question. I get 12 days off TOTAL now. It comes out to about 3.7 hours per pay. That's sick leave, vacation, etc. We get 6 paid holidays. That's it. It's terrible!!!! I had no idea how bad it was until other people started talking about how much time off they get. In addition, our health insurance stinks - it's just about the worst system I have ever heard of. I'm not anti-union - I think they could do us some good. They approached my hospital awhile back but people shot them down, unfortunately. I think the real reason for my burnout days is not benefits, though they could be a heck of a ot better. It's high acuity and bad ratios and unreasonable expectations on the pt's/families part and also on the part of the management. I mean most of the time we can't even get our meds passed without them being "late" and we get an hour before and an hour after the due time to get them done. There's something wrong there. In addition they want us to go above and beyond, which I would love to do, but I just don't have the time. And then you get the surveys back that give us ones and say, "they wouldn't give me any peanut butter" when they are on a clear liquid diet! I hope all that makes sense!!!!!
  14. miko014

    RN's are getting burnt out why?

    wow, can i work with you??? i only get half that for four 8's and a 4 (36 hours/week). i thought it was a little low, but now that i'm reading this thread, i'm getting jealous!!!!! that is awesome! i've always hated that my aprrox. 12 pto days per year have to be for sick time and vacation time! i've been with the company for 7 years and that's all i get? i want what you have - i'd be able to earn up to 29 days - that's more than double what i get now!!!!!
  15. miko014

    got shouted at yesterday night

    I was referring to the situation I described - you took the part of my post about the adult I was talking about and made it about the kid. I said that a gentle reminder is often all that is necessary.
  16. miko014

    Is it a law?

    We let them walk out, but we chart that we offered a wheelchair and they refused it. Just a CYA policy for the institution, I believe.