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  1. time4meRN

    Magnet theme song...

    How about, " it's a lie". As they say, numbers don't lie but they make numbers.
  2. time4meRN

    What does an RN REALLY do?

    It always amazes me how many people I see start a career and have no idea what is involved. Most nurses are bed side nurses. If you look up the definition of nursing or look up the history. You will see what nurses have done and are doing to this day. If you don't like it find something else. I've been a nurse for 33 years. Seems the influx of new nurses that come in the the ICU an ED can't wait to leave is increasing . It's like they are astonished at the responsibility, the hours, the work load and the general life of a nurse. What the heck are they learning is school. Seems evidence based nursing need to teach a little about real life.
  3. time4meRN

    It's here: BSN only hiring in hospitals

    Where's this hospital at. I want to be sure I don't go there. Magnet .....schmagnat. I's all corporate BS. I want to know the nurse has hands on experience. I don't care about magnet status. The hospitals I've worked at that are magnet,,, are Hell to work in. I want to take good care of pt's , catch a pnemo or mI or dead gut. The " door to floor time" and canned phrases are meaningless to me. Door to floor wouldn't be so difficult on pt's if they did not have to lay on uncomfortable carts and short staffed ED's that RN's feel lucky if they go home at the end of the day and still have there nursing license. And the canned phrases are an insult to our pt's. Words from the heart mean more. How about ceo's care about the pt instead of how " good they look". And how they will look good so they can go to their next job and make millions. I have my BSN, but I have trained my share of AD and yes Diploma RN's . The latter 2 are the best by far. Clinical time in school means everything. I don't want to be a pt in a magnet hospital !!!!!!!!
  4. time4meRN

    Night shift and Sleeping

    I just started night shift. The best thing I have found it card board up at the windows so that no light gets in. We used masking tape around the card board to keep it tight to the window. The key is to make it light proof , so you would swear it is night time. Keep the room cool, leave a fan on to divert noise. Don't drink caffein for 6 hours before you sleep, eat a small meal with some sort or protein in it before you go to bed so your body doesn't think its time to eat about 1200. So far, most days that has worked for me. I wake up well rested.
  5. time4meRN

    RNs tell your hospitals to hire new grads

    Always like new grads, but don't get too smart with those that are experienced. Remember , eventually you will get a job in a hospital. Then you will be reliant upon those of us who have experience. I've seen my share of " deer in the head light new grads". There are good things and bad things about hiring new grads. Hospitals are very short staffed, that means most of us don't have time to teach basics once an rn is on their own . Believe me, if you are a new grad you have a lot to learn !!!! I guess to make a long story short, I want everyone to have a job , but the more new grads they hire, the more difficult my job is. Love to work with a few on the unit but not too many. Experience is the key on a busy short staffed unit. Hospitals know this.
  6. time4meRN

    New Grad, don't want to work in hospital

    May want to re think hospitals. Many different hours are available. However, being a new grad may make options narrow no matter where you go. Dr's offices are good for day jobs but, usually Dr's use CMA's or LPN's. If a physician has an RN , the RN is usually very experienced with their particular field. (dr's want rn's that are their right hand, don't want to have to train them in the basics, usually the rn's are well advanced in experience). Not saying can't be done but may be difficult and take a long time to do. Even RN's that are new grads are having some difficulty finding jobs. I"m like others, I wish you luck but what did you think nurses hours were when in nursing school?
  7. time4meRN

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    Reenski, good luck with that. If you worked in a franchise you were prob dealing with an industry that you could actually make things better for the complaining client. Pt's are sick, there are long waits in er's , the medical bills are high, many times there is bad news, pt's get very little sleep, procedures are painful, the pt is in pain , families are stressed , tiered and many times upset at news of their loved one, sick or waiting for bed pans, physicians and the general every day problems with an industry that is overloaded. So, a smile helps many times, most nurses use touch, smile and are kind , not because of cost service but because they care. Such things come from the heart. However, catch phrases and time spent banging your head against a wall trying to keep everyone happy in impossible situations. Take it from many nurses here, you are going to be so busy trying to get everything done (no breaks, no lunch for 12 hours day after day, night after night, holiday after holiday, families upset, dr's upset, lab upset etc etc etc) that cous service the way the administration wants it done is going to be another straw on the camels back. As a nurse you will find that you deal with almost every department in the hospital . You will most likely feel you are responsible for the entire happiness of the entire facility. I'm glad you have a positive attitude, write back in 5 years when you've experienced it. Good luck, your going to need it.
  8. time4meRN

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    Ditto: Well said. I am glad to retire in 10 years. I care for my pt's even after 31 years. But it's getting too difficult. You said it well, beat up sick of it. I applied for a critical care position, there was a 25 question test during the app process, i expected critical care question, you know , could i recognize an mi, critical thinking etc..... Nope , all cous service. And those caned phrases, omg, i don't like them when i go to a store . I would much rather a waitress say something from the heart. When they say canned phrases it makes me think , do the owners think the public is stupid, they really don't mean it they just have to say it. I think ceo's are confusing hospitals with mcdonalds. We are supposed to say, " i'm ______, i will take very good care or you. In reality, i will not take very good care of them i will take excellent care of them. It seems i'm telling the pt , i'm not going to do the best i can i am only going to take some what good care of you.
  9. time4meRN

    nurse says, do you want her to be in pain

    I still have complete faith in hospice, It's a job that is good for the soul if it is kept in prespective. I was just really taken back by this nurse. I've been a nurse for 30 years, ed , icu etc. and I pray I have never made a family member feel guilty in any way for their decisions about their loved one. I always try to keep in mind people are doing the best they can at any given time. family members will make decisions based on stress levels and many other factors. If I meet her again I will act as a pt advocate, and speak up in an appropriate setting. She needs to get a grip. But thanks for listening.
  10. Worked with a nurse that was admitting a pt. She was obviously burnt out. She took the pt off all of her meds, parkinson, clonidine and tylenol. The family was concerned that the women was having nerve pain and taking her off these meds may increase her pain and they also said the pt takes tylenol for pain and anything else may sedate her. The pt was complaining of leg pain at night. The family suggested kindly to her that she has had leg pain before and it is due to " charlie horses" and they give her another med for that ( gosh darn , can't think or the name". but the family said it worked wonders for her.) Any way, the admit rn insisted that the family was intent of their loved one being in pain and became very inpatient with them. She started the pt on morphine , po and valium at night.. atropine prn. They argued why they couldn't start her on vicodin first and then increase if needed from there. The rn lookied at the poor 86 year old man and said , " do you want your wife to be in pain or what". I was really taken back. The pt simply had leg pain at night. ( from neuropathy ). The pt was smiling and eating and drinking prior to the visit. To make a long story short, the pt passed, 2 days later, in worse pain. I don't get it. :redbeathe
  11. time4meRN

    Favorite "Lay Terms" for diagnoses.

    Smiling Mighty Jesus, Spinal meningitis. Sick as hell anemia dilala
  12. The reason you are waiting 3 hours to be seen by a dr in the ed is because the Dr's are spread thin. They don't want more Dr's on board because , it would mean less money for them. I 'm sick of making excuses of why a pt hasn't been seen yet. I would also like to say, you will be getting a survey , take that survey and shuv it up your,, ^**** !!!!!!!! Now get out !!!!!!! Or I have to keep you alive , but I don't have to smile or fluff your pillow id you are going to be nasty to e.
  13. time4meRN

    Compassion or reality for obese patients?

    Compassion until manipulation starts. Then like any other pt. I think I'm being very generous considering I just injured my back pushing a lady through the hall for discharge, so heavy she nearly bent the wheels on the chair and was giving me attitude at the same. time. It took 2 nurses to get the chair in motion. I think the chair is broken for good. I try to remember food is like any other addiction. I don't give narcotics willy nilly to " addicts," and I don't give food to over weight people willy nilly. I wish wallmart would get rid of the scooters or keep them for people who are over 80 or in a cast. The not good for you isles should be in the back of the store.
  14. time4meRN

    Thank you gift for a preceptor?

    Besides doing a good job, I always found nice hand lotion and soap a wonderful gift.
  15. time4meRN


    Confused why looking out for our selves in our own country is " racist". I havn't seen anything that suggest that. I think hospitals should have to own up to how many people they hire are not citizens. If we don't look out for ourselves no one else will.
  16. time4meRN

    2011 may graduate job hunt

    Congrats...... Keep an open mind. I work er and ICU. I find there are many new grads frustrated because they don't want to start working med sug night shift. Many want to go straight to a critical area. Many have goals of higher education so the critical areas are needed to continue their education. I've seen several wait 7 months for a job in ED. They work as nurse tecs until they get into the position. So in other words, there is absolutely nothing wrong with night shift med surg, it allows for organization skills, you see many different things and allows for growth of independence. I think jobs are still tight but just keep an open mind.