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Nurses who are mentally sicked
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chuck1234 specializes in Nurses who are mentally sicked.

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  1. If you want to become CRNA, you should go straight for BSN then. This option is good when you already know what you want to become. You might also need BSN if you want to become a nursing supervisor. Some "Magnet" hospitals also require you to have a BSN. In general, BSN is preferred. You still can find work with an AAS in nursing. A lot of jobs out there don't require you to have a BSN. Thirty years old is still considered to be young in nursing. The average age in nursing is in the mid 40's. You don't need a BSN to get into a specialty such as Trauma or ED or ICU or others. The only exception is when the hospital is "Magnet Recognition." In this case, BSN is required. Good luck! Google Images: Originated from http://www.tetonrockclimbs.com One step at a time, I am sure you will be there!!!!!
  2. chuck1234

    How do I know if nursing is for me? So confused!

    Google Images: http://www.children.com It is true that nursing is not for everybody! Do you enjoy of taking care of other people?
  3. chuck1234

    Shifts that new nurses work? I am worried about nights!

    Google Images: http://www.Cartoonstock.com I hate night shift inasmuch as I can't sleep in the day time!
  4. chuck1234

    preparing to be one of them????????????

    Depends on urgency! At 6PM, it is a kind of borderline! "Priority" is the word. Did you grandma get hurt as a result of those nurses so call "standing around."
  5. chuck1234

    Travel Nursing-where to begin?

    Photo: http://www.math.hawaii.edu I will start from right here! Hawaii! Very beautiful!
  6. chuck1234

    Verbal abuse from a Nursing Aide

    Not much you can do! Did you give her a nice gift during Christmas?
  7. chuck1234

    Nicknames your pt's give you

    An angel???? No wonder my patient once call me the "God."
  8. chuck1234

    new grad vs. a little experience

    There are some hospitals will put you right into where you want to be. There is no need to have a year Med-Surg experience. Good luck.
  9. chuck1234

    Verbal order

    Responding to rn/writer, I have no intention to protect that nurse; and this is the reason why I suggested bstern to report it to the Nursing Supervisor. The facility will make a decision as whether it should be reported to the BON or not. Patient's safety is always my #1 priority.
  10. chuck1234

    Verbal order

    Normally, something like this all you have to do is to report it to a Nursing Supervisor and he/she will go from there. However, you mentioned about the Dept of Ed. Actually, it is the BON. My educated guess is you have a problem with that nurse and this is the reason why I said "stepping on your toes." From my baby experience in the nursing field, unless you wanted someone to be out of work, and out of this nursing field, and out to a homeless shelter. Normally, no one will want to report it to an organization that has the power to take away your license...this is too extreme. Don't forget! Today it is her...tomorrow it might be your turn. Come around and go around.
  11. chuck1234

    Where in NYC do you buy your shoes/scrubs/scope etc.?

    Sorry, the 2nd one I mentioned is located in Manhattan. I made the mistake and not aware of it. The first one is located in Brooklyn, and there are a few of them and they are not far from Long Island University.
  12. chuck1234

    Filipino nurses

    When you are talking about African American, do you mean the ones that are from the Islands, Africa, or the ones that were born in America? I am working in New York City. The ones from the Islands, most of the time they speak French or Creole; and the ones from Jamaica speak English in a sense that is so hard to understand...Jamaican accent!!!! I don't have any problems with that. As far as I am concerning, when I talk to them, are they going to talk to me in French or Creole? The most important question you have to ask yourself...Ms. Military Spouse...when you are talking to those Filipino nurses, do they talk to you in Tagalog. Yes/No??? I guess life is still too long for some, their lives are so good and they have to create problems for themselves and others..... We even have nurses speak Polish or Russian, and they talk to themselves in Polish or Russian....and nobody has any problems with that. By the way, the Filipino talk to themselves not in English, and that is OK to me. They are nice to work with, and always offer help. Good luck with you soul searching!!!
  13. chuck1234

    LPN License

    Interesting..... Up here in New York, fingerprint is not required. I was an LPN.... After I passed the NCLEX-PN dated back to 1999, I got my license in 7 days including Sat. & Sun. We pay more $$$ to LPN's in New York City.
  14. chuck1234

    Where in NYC do you buy your shoes/scrubs/scope etc.?

    1st one Flatbush Ave and Fulton Street. 2nd one 23rd St and between 1st and 2nd Ave. If you live in Brooklyn, go to Kings Plaza then.... Good luck!!!
  15. chuck1234

    Filipino nurses

    It does sound like you are a racist. If you are black, and I say, Are there any hospitals that do not hire any black nurses? I would like to apply for a job over there. Or, if you were white, and I say, Are there any hospitals that do not hire any white nurses? I would like to send my resume over there. If I ever say the same thing you said, "Are there any facilities that do not employ any Filipino nurses? I would like to email my resume over there. Do I sound like a racist to you? I don't know what's wrong with you. Are you OK?
  16. chuck1234

    how do I resign?

    Give the letter to the Director of Nursing.